Emotional Listening Support For The Elderly Or Seniors

Emotional Listening Support is a helpline designed to help anyone in distress or a senior who could be feeling lonely, isolated, unhappy, frightened, worried, or just looking for someone to talk to. Service is provided by someone who can offer emotional empathy and can fully understand and sympathize your situation. Emotional support is provided through phone only to people who are not at a high risk situation, and who simply need to be listened.


The volunteers who would be taking your calls are not professionally trained in giving advice, but are highly trained in active listening. Calls last about 15 to 30 minutes, but you may call back, just in case you want an additional listening support.



It would be gratifying and heaven sent to listen the woes of any senior in despair, especially those who are already 70 above. Finding someone to listen on the phone is rare, without having to go through the frustrating computer automated response menus over the phone.


Many seniors suffer from loneliness. Loneliness is a state of mind, and more than being physically alone. Have you even wondered how anyone can feel lonely in a crowded room? Loneliness is a kind of being disconnected from the people around you, when you would really want to be emotionally connected to them.



No one would want a heart wrenching disconnection that comes with a deep loss of sense of belongingness. Listening Support is a safe place to reach out and connect, just to talk about the weather, problems on the job, your fears, your feelings of loneliness and isolation.


Expressing emotions of fear, sadness and just anything that has disconnected you from the people around you is part of day to day exchanges. Faced with diverse forms of issues, most seniors remain powerless. Their emotional intelligence and age related decline may put them in a difficult situation that would likely influence their relationships with others.


Being able to manage your frustrations may require a certain level of openness. Receiving sympathy through emphatic listening can lead to trust and healing. Emotions definitely put on some weight on the seniors’ physical and mental health.



The active listening emotional support does not offer any forms of intervention, but just purely active listening to soothe your discomforts. Depression is very common, and somehow, there would be a point in your life that you feel miserable, lonely, and unhappy!


It is a sign of strength to face or call someone and ask for active listening support. Recognize that you find it difficult to connect and want to find ways to cope up this stage of life. General feelings of unhappiness that won’t go away, may result in having no interest in life.


Spending a lot of time on your own and not wanting to go out or mix with people may result in losing your self-confidence. This makes you impatient, irritable, and develop a very negative perception about life.


If you are depressed, don’t fight it. Find someone you can talk to and end the general feeling of being miserable and having no interest in life. Remember, life is short, don’t waste it on negativity.


Prevent using unhealthy coping strategies, just call and talk. Volunteers are just a call away to listen about your difficulties. Talking to others can help pull yourself out of the state of depression.


Start taking control of your life and emotions. Feel stronger and learn how to cope more easily with life. Cut yourself from misery and try connecting with active listeners. Don’t wait for depression to get more severe.


Stop thinking in a negative way and start being proactive. Talk to an active listener, and trust you get out of your dilemma soon. You will not always feel like this. It could become severe if you do not start to act now and try to come out of it.





Listening Support covers the kind of telephone support services you need. It is not an advice or information line. Listening Support offers purely an active listening service so you can start talking and ultimately stop being disconnected.


Listening Support is a lonely and depressed Seniors hotline. It offers emotional and mental help. Takes you back to the living and stops you from gradually losing yourself. If you are a lonely senior, you can call and chat with a volunteer at Listening Support.


All calls are confidential and you can talk all your problems and get out of your isolating condition with less help. Bring back some control in your life and let some comfortable active listening take you there.

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