Be Fabulous Over 50 Traveling With These Simple Chic, Makeup Techniques

We all know that most women over 50 are not fading gracefully into the background. As you can see with most women who throw out their stylish wardrobes in favor of what is an age appropriate wear, they became a lonely canvas of backdrop in the background of the continually emerging youth beauty. Lamenting the misery of classic branded fashion for women over 50, some women would want to contest and reimagine fashion so they could look fabulous over 50! Turning 50 does not sound good, but how can you look fabulous forever?


Do you agree with this concept? Do you still want to look sensational or be just in the backdrop forever? Bringing up the subject of wearing stiletto heels with a perfectly fitted bodycon dress may cause alarm and raise eyebrows! There are a 100 ways to look fabulous at 50 with few simple makeup tricks, that can also help you grow old gracefully and not ugly.



Should you lose your sense of style just because you are 50? I may agree that turning 50 can be quite a shock, if you think you can stay glamorous forever. Your skin starts to sag and wrinkles show up at this age. And one thing, even if you feel younger than 50, your body may look your age or worse, if you don’t have a good anti aging skin care.


Redefining what it means to be fabulous when you are over 50 can be a lot of efforts and hard work, considering that you forgot to put on any from the past years. With the physical changes that come with age, it does not really mean you are not able to make or cannot make yourself look pretty fabulous over 50.



It is crucial to reassess your wardrobe, but never ditch fashion due to age. Frumpy clothing makes you look older and clingy clothes are simply not appropriate. I do wear bodycon clingy clothes though. I am sure I still look terrific!


Turning 50 is never an excuse to exchange your colorful wardrobe into something that is uninspiring and dull. Just choose the right colors for your skin tone and look younger. Get into highlights or lowlights. Grab your scissors and find your ideal hairstyle and color.


Make each year a year to go for short or long, while still looking totally chic and remarkable. These days, there are no hairstyle rules for women over 50. Be passionate in making the best of your lives feel like heavenly sent.


There has never been a better time to be fifty. Pay attention to the style and fit, whether it be your wardrobe or your hairstyle. Be seen and be heard. Be fab after fifty and never make yourself invisible like a curtain backdrop!


You don’t need to hire a couturier or a makeup artist to reinvent yourself. In this blog, we have do-it-yourself tutorials that were organized to help you succeed in hiding your unflattering areas and at the same time, enhance or accentuate the best features you have.


Photos taken July 23 2017 at Gelatissimo, SM Mabolo, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines


Don’t live by the motto of que sera sera (whatever will be, will be). I consider that negativity. You have to work your transformation yourself. Take some subtle actions and gradually bloom again in 50.


Learn how you can approach 50 with the F factor – be fab! Remember that you can wear jeans at any age. I even still wear short shorts at my 49, nearly 50 age. I don’t have great legs, but I still look fit and thereby, sexy! Now, I am 50 and I still wear sexy cleavage dresses. Fashion never stops just because you have grown a year older.


One thing that you will learn from this blog is confidence. Either you develop it, or do nothing at all. Don’t even read this blog grrr. As far as I am concerned, you can be stylish, but age appropriate. Review your outfit and start to explore new makeup makeover tricks for women over 50.


You have to take the aging process with pride. If you are still too far from it, take care of your diet and stress for a start. If you are seeking ways to enhance your beauty, you can even get your teeth white to knock the years off.


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Here are some makeup tricks for over 50s

Get the most age defying look possible and enhance your natural beauty with a few simple tweaks. You can’t roll back the clock, so let us just develop some beauty habits and techniques that can make you look more radiant.


  1. Ditch the heavy foundation.
  2. Conceal and moisturize.
  3. Blush like a babe.
  4. Apply just enough face powder.
  5. Work with your eyes more.
  6. Always use a black mascara.
  7. Don’t forget to shape your brows.
  8. Choose a lip color that is slightly darker than your own lip color.


If you are over the age of 30, applying too much face powder can make your skin look dry, cakey, and wrinkled. Yes, it will make your skin instantly older and helps your wrinkles stand out. So, if you are used to having too much of it, it is high time to change that damaging-to-your-beauty habit.


It is a known fact that, as we age, the shape of our eyes also change. Have you seen the hooded eyelids and wrinkled laugh lines lately?


Avoid dark colors, which can make hooded eyes appear too dark and smaller. All you need is a wash of natural, light colored shadow on the eyelid and then apply an eyeliner after to make your eyes pop and look instantly younger.


Photo taken August 3 2015 at Dodiongan Falls In Iligan City

Photo taken November 29 2016 at Leona Cakes and Pastries, SM City, Consolacion, Cebu

Photo taken July 25 2017 at Greenwich, SM City, Consolacion, Cebu


Here is one trick I can share. Always apply more eyeliner to the top lash line than the bottom as this can drag the eyes down.


Another good trick is to create a full, good brow. As we age, our brows can get thinner. Recreating it can take years off any woman. Reshape and fill your eyebrows.


You can make your sparse eyebrows look full and lush in minutes. Get the brows you’ve always wanted with some tweaks of the original due to sagging skin, but you can be your best of everything.



Growing old gracefully is never a problem. It is your perception about being over 50 hammering your mind that is becoming a problem to your self-esteem. There are easy to follow tips and ways to look fabulous over 50, and you do not even have to try harder in becoming or getting the same looks of one of the smart, stylish, successful women over 50.


Learn some simple, chic makeup techniques and watch YouTube makeup tutorial contouring videos. Be fab over 50, and simply just be happy about yourself.

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