Start Your Freelance Writing Career Today, Get Some Funds For Travel

The best way finding extra dollars to fund your travel outside the Philippines is to search for freelance writing gigs online. Get paid to write as a blogger, academic writer, news writer, editor, creative writer, ghostwriter, resume writer, or copywriter. Find freelance writing jobs that allow telecommuting or agrees you work from home only on websites you can trust and won’t let you pay to apply a job.


Decline offers from people or websites that make you pay fees and monthly dues to become a member. There are websites out there that makes you pay a couple of dollars each month just to gain access to their membership panel so you can search for work. Keep in mind that you are looking for a work that would send dollars your way and not vice versa.


So, what kind of writing jobs can you find online and which website should you apply? Simply find free legitimate sites that offer well-paying, reputable work from home writing jobs for freelancers like you.


The BloggingPro Job Board has a listing of copywriting and article writing jobs in just about any topic and niche. The Job Board is updated with paid blogging jobs by businesses and companies that are looking for individuals who best suits their needs and writing style. You can visit for more information.


LinkedIn is a professional networking site that links you with the other professionals and businesses, which includes finding the right job for you. Check out the job section and read their job email alerts. They are great resources to find permanent long term jobs online. You can visit




The Writers Labs hires writers who acquired English as their native language and have great writing skills and also hires people who learned English as a second language but had acquired great writing proficiency. Registration is free, on time payments, constant flow of orders, highest wages (they say), and flexible working hours. This is good for those who have day jobs, but would like to augment income stream with a few more dollars. You can visit


The Academia Research caters to academic writers, but this can be more about bidding a writing task. If you cannot meet the writing task by its set deadline date, you will pay a penalty. If you have good research skills, you can apply here


The Essay Writers also works with academic writers. This website works the same with other essay writing sites. You have to bid for the writing task and if you cannot meet the deadline, you are going to pay a $$s penalty. You can visit the site here


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Finding writing or blogging jobs can be tough. If you go to Craigslist, make sure you confirm and evaluate the advertiser first before you give your credentials and other important personal information. Get paid to write, but find sites that offer better paying blogging and writing opportunities.


The WhoPaysWriter publishes sites that pay writers. It is not a job board, but it can definitely give you an idea where to apply for a writing job. If you are a blogger, looking for all sorts of blogging jobs, you can search the directory for “blog”. You can visit


You can also search for blogging jobs in Twitter. You simply type “blogging job” or “write for us” or “wanted blogger” in the search box and then check the several blogging opportunities that may pop out.


The MyNATour is always looking for travel writers and bloggers who are interested in eco tourism, travel, conservational, and environmental issues. The topics they are looking to covers are responsible tourism, rural tourism, local travel, ecotourism news and destinations, clean transport technology, and green living related to the tourism industry. You can visit

The GhostBlogWriters offers you the chance to work from home writing for blogs that cover the topics you love. Make extra money doing something you love telecommuting. You get guaranteed payment each month and you do not have to wait for clients to pay, because they send the payments on the first of each month for posts delivered the previous month via Paypal. You can visit


The BlogMutt is also looking for writers to write for companies that have blogs but don’t have the time, resources, or the expertise to write the posts themselves. You can visit


The Blog is looking for writers and contributors to post new stories and content to the website. The articles do not have to be long, even short articles can get some great comments and feedback. If you want to try, you can visit


The Healthy Place is looking for mental health bloggers to write about anxiety, binge eating disorder, bipolar and young adults, building self-esteem, coping with depression, schizophrenia, addiction, depression and young adults, dissociative identity disorder, getting through tough times, living a blissful life, mental health and youth, eating disorders, verbal abuse in relationships plus more. You can visit


Showcase your talent on your blog and share examples of your work. In short, build a portfolio and ensure you have a clear and compelling call to action that makes it easier for clients to get in touch with you. I usually use Twitter for messaging because it is convenient for me than Facebook.


Why do you blog? Blogging is a way of expressing yourself and sharing people your interests, but the blog can be your most important portfolio in life.


Becoming a professional blogger and achieving recognition in the blogosphere takes time. If you want to make a difference in the way you do career pathing, then change the landscape a bit and learn how to best connect with likeminded individuals and companies who are looking for talents like yours.

The best part is that, blogging allows you to refine your writing skills. The more write, the better you become at it. When you write on a regular basis, you proofread and improve your writing constantly.


Start with a blog, share your passion, learn the do’s and don’t’s, and eventually learn how to earn money from your blog. A blog is actually an asset that may generate money for you in the future.


Blogging helps you earn more exposure, promote your brand or blogger name, and beyond it, generate residual leads and revenue. Over time, you become an authority in your industry in a relevant way. Owning a blog can ultimately help you build your career!

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