Gain Weight, Eat A High Carb Diet

What makes you fat or slim is a matter of food choices and lifestyle, which may work more for you if you have a good anti aging fat loss diet meal plan in place. Your diet is not to be considered just a program. It is a choice! Have you known about high glycemic index food? If you want to gain weight instead of losing weight, a high carb diet is best for you. You gain a pound of body fat each time you consume 3,500 calories more than you expend. To gain weight at the rate of 1 pound per week, you need to consume an extra 500 calories per day.


The secret? It’s all in your breakfast! Eating breakfast can be damaging at times. You eat the wrong combo meal and it would downgrade your metabolism. A breakfast with too many carbs can raise your insulin and make you feel ravenously hungry by noon.



Take advantage of dried fruit. Fat free and high carbohydrate, a dried fruit is more calorie dense than a fresh fruit. A cup of dried apricots has 313 calories, while a cup of fresh apricots has only 74 calories. Another trick is to eat bread with any meal. Bread packs a load of carbohydrates.


Having a sluggish metabolism is a sign of some sort of insulin resistance. This means your body is having a hard time moving sugar out of your bloodstream into your cells for fuel. If this does not work right, you feel hungry even if physically you don’t!



Eating a high carb diet spikes your insulin levels that results in an increased fat absorption by your cells. How carbohydrates influence the frequency of your food intake is a matter of both psychological and physiological factors.


All that makes you fat is highly associated with the food you chose to feed your body. Carbohydrates directly impacts hormonal changes, absorption rate, and the metabolic signals.



The roles of its variety of influences are not well understood. Satiation may be one of the core problems that you need to fix by developing an everyday healthy diet meal plan.


Not eating smartly can also make you lose your muscles. Juice fast? If there is one thing about juice fasts, you do lose weight pretty quickly, but mostly are just water and muscle tissues. In the end, you gain back the weight when you start eating again.


Losing weight or gaining weight? They are all practically the same – balancing your health, your weight and your life, one luscious bite at a time. The main cause of your failure is misinformation.


High fat diets can be dangerous and put you at risk for the diseases that most Westerners die from prematurely. High protein diets can also be harmful as it leads to osteoporosis, kidney disease, and lack of energy for exercise. Obesity is actually a symptom of eating the wrong diet.



Obesity is not a quick fix

The best way is to let the person find his own right path using the correct information about nutrition and some anti aging fat loss techniques. This is the simple science behind the building of the ultimate fit body.


Challenging yourself to improve becomes its own game with a rewarding result at the end of the diet control. Dramatic improvements can be seen physically and felt mentally.


Sugar plus carbohydrates, largely contributes to obesity. The ability of the body to maintain energy and nutrient balance could be achieved by a change of food preferences and the way you expend energy.


Sustained increases in energy could lead to an increased body weight. The body weight only stabilizes when your energy expenditure declines to the level of energy intake.


This is the main reason why people should start knowing their BMIs and start reading nutrition labels. In short, count your calories!



With the absence of any behavioral adjustments, everything you eat will result in an increase of the body fat, which is highly associated with the increased levels of circulating free fatty acids that tend to elevate the body’s total fat oxidation.


By coming up with a never ending flow of new advises and new training methodologies, diet tricks and the like, you can be in for the biggest challenge of your time – You!


One thing that you should always remember – eat wrong and you will stay fat no matter how much cardio you do. Eat wrong, and you will stay skinny and weak no matter how much you struggle with weights.


The secret – eat right and you unlock the maximum potential gains of rapid, long term fat loss and muscle growth. Chances are, you may not know how to eat correctly.



Why do you keep on getting fatter?

Predicting obesity from sustained episodes of overeating is pretty easy. Altering diet composition without a change in total energy intake only results in a modest body weight and fat content.


You must realize that the diet composition largely affects the conversion of the carbohydrate to fat, which usually occurs only when there is an excess of carbohydrate intake, and not in situations where there is normal or below normal intake.


Regardless of its composition, the majority of the energy is stored when you accumulate body fat. What really makes you fat?


Failure to understand this can virtually put any diet in vain. Carbohydrates stimulate the secretion of the insulin hormone, which works to store fat in the cells of the human body.


Carbohydrates are among the macronutrients that provide energy but contribute to subsequent weight gain in excess of energy intake. Is cutting carbs the key to fat loss?


Most of the common diets can attribute the rise in obesity to the over consumption of the high glycemic carbohydrates, which includes the overproduction of insulin. Fat stimulates insulin response.


Remember, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, no matter what you are doing. The concept is a monumental transformation in how you think about food and your body.


If you want to gain weight, you can do it easily by consuming 3,500 calories more than you expend. To gain weight at the rate of 1 pound per week, you need to consume an extra 500 calories per day.

  • Take advantage on dried fruit, which is more calorie dense than fresh fruit.
  • Rely on pasta for high carbohydrates, such as spaghetti, lasagna with breadstick.
  • Eat bread with any meal.





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To gain weight, read between the lines. What you do for anti aging fat loss is the exact opposite for weight gain. There are consequences in eating a high carb diet. That would mean, eating more sugar and carbohydrates instead of the fiber form of carbohydrates. Carbs can contribute to weight gain if they cause your blood sugar levels to cycle up and down. That is the secret for weight gain. Do what you cannot do when you follow a good anti aging fat loss diet meal plan.

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