Creating Moments, Licking Ice Cream At Gelatissimo, Some Things Just Simply Make You Smile

Simple things to make you smile can be just right on the corner. With Gelatissimo guaranteed no artificial flavors and colors, you catch up and create wonderful Gelatissimoments sharing freshly made gelato in-store with your family and friends. The variety of ice cream flavors were created only with the finest ingredients in a range of old school classics to quirky flavors you would enjoy licking all day. Savor the moment and unwind with carefully selected favorites and topping combinations.


I have been wanting to eat more of Gelatissimo ice cream in Cebu had it not cost almost P200 a scoop. My creamy indulgence of its freshly churned flavor has just turned into a well budgeted taste test. I love pairing their endless choice of gelato flavors, but only when I have some extra $$s to spend for this luxury food trip.



As for yourself, you might be fine with this special treat’s price, so go ahead and indulge in these mouthwatering delights from Gelatissimo’s gallery of spectacular sundaes and delectable dessert creations. You can stack up your gelato with layers of waffles or have fun with it on a mini game board platter. However, not all stores are able to carry these amazing selections.


Gelato has long been known as the Italian ice cream. One of the main differences between gelato and the regular ice cream is that it uses whole milk while the ice cream is created with cream. This means you can have more gelato and don’t have to worry about getting extra storage of fat.



The gelato ice cream on its own, is ever so satisfying already, but when you pair it with other flavors, and add some more toppings, you just created an amazingly addictive treat you would not know how to stop. The Italian gelato ice cream starts out with a similar custard base, but has a higher proportion of milk and lower proportion of cream and eggs. Because it is churned at a slower rate, it produces a denser kind of ice cream.


Gelato is pretty much denser that the American ice cream and it contains significantly less butterfat than the ordinary ice cream. Unlike the regular ice cream, its denser consistency makes it difficult to eat at colder or deep freeze temperatures. Gelato boasts of its creamy consistency that is thick, dense, and elastic, which truly distinguishes its being a gelato ice cream from the other regular ice cream.


At a lower temp, you taste the flavor more intensely, which explains why the gelato ice cream tastes better. If you may have noticed, we love and tend to savor more on melted ice cream. The receptors in our taste buds are more sensitive when the temperature of food increases.



Another factor why a gelato tastes better than regular ice cream, is the flavor compounds that produce the aroma and the flavor is more volatile at warmer temperatures. The colder an ice cream would be, the less intense would be its flavor. With less fat present, you taste the flavors more intensely.


Now, we know why Gelatissimo ice cream tastes excellent! To make an award winning flavor, the company uses fresh chocolates, milk, fruits, and syrups. The combination is what can make you drool like crazy. The moment you look at the different ice cream flavors displayed on their glass counters, you be landing on the seventh heaven like a child.


Gelatissimo served their customers with a rotating menu of flavors for daily selections that include tried and true classics along with its signature creations in perfect temperature controls that eliminate flavor freezer burn.


They constantly add new flavor each month to make the whole list of products look more exciting and irresistible. If you want to chill with an ice cream on hand, make sure you got it all with your travel foodie selfie, because next month that flavor may not be there and may be replaced with a new flavor.


Each time I visit the store and look at their glass door display, it would always remind me of an ice cream cake. Their innovative designs and flavors created an ice cream cake flavor combination in a stunning display of colors and fresh toppings. Whether you crave for an ice cream, a yoghurt, a sundae, or a cake, you just go ahead to Gelatissimo. It practically got all the frozen treats you want.


The gelato ice cream at Gelatissimo looks so fancy and adorable, that you would find it difficult to pick the right one for you. I noticed that all their customers seem to get mesmerized looking at all their ice cream flavors.


People would pace back and forth, have a taste test, and then pace back and forth again, before they finally stand at the counter to order. Sort of, undecided which one to savor for the day. What is funny is when they order, almost all would change their mind and pick another flavor.


Photos taken July 31 2017 at Gelatissimo, SM Mabolo, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines


With their clients on the back of their mind, some products were made low in sugar and fat free to accommodate your special dietary requirements. What’s your flavor?


If you cannot have dairy, the store carries dairy free sorbets and chocolate sorbet just to cater your desires. It also carries gluten free, nut free, and 98% sugar free flavors, so you are sure to enjoy your day picking one of the flavors for a dine in or to go fun.


If you enjoy fresh sorbets made from real fruits, go ahead and ask for that freshly churned flavor at the counter. Before this, ice creams were often served in cones with taste as cold as they were, but it’s an ice cream girl, and the old times left us with not much choice anyway. Today, Gelatissimo offers a more fun way to make you drool for your cold desserts.


Gelatissimo serves their ice cream with style, as elegant and exciting desserts, crafted into fanciful flavors at presidential dinners and high society soiress. I am not joking. The company has transformed the ice cream we know before into the kind of frozen treat we know and love today, the kind of transformed basic vanilla scoops into ganache covered bombes and meringue topped, luscious gourmet caramel flavor.


I became addicted to their ice cream ever since they opened here in Cebu. No matter the level of sophistication, frozen desserts are here to stay longer than you can imagine. Seriously, you would crave for another cup and another flavor right after you have your first bite.


There is no denying frozen desserts are popular, well loved treat that may not be easy on your pocket. They are not ordinary gelato ice cream, so give some space for these valuable concoctions fully backed by higher consumer demand.


Do you prefer a gelato milkshake instead of an ice cream? You can order to have your ice cream blended to just the right thickness. This creamy drink indulgence is perfect on the go. Beat the Philippine heat with a Gelatissimo milkshake!


What a wonderful and simple dessert idea for people who value their time in utmost importance. Order and slurp! Anyone can successfully make ice cream, gelato and other frozen delights, but who wants to undergo all through the hassle when you can just order and serve unique ice cream dessert flavors for your party?


Unlike baking, preparing frozen treats offers room for lots of experimentation. You can use fresh and ripe produce, combine layers of different flavors for your cake, create milkshakes, and give your party guests some kind of legendary innovative taste totally formulated by you! Get credited when you bring in the concept and introduce the gelato ice cream to your friends.




Party packages

Party packages are amazing. The Gelatissimo delivers the cart, the gelato and one friendly staff to serve your guests. Create a different experience you guests won’t easily forget with a Gelatissimo cart. Bring in the occasion, Gelatissimo brings in the cart.


Sample package, just to give you an idea would P17,000 minimum for 100 scoops. Of course, this depends on the flavor, venue, and other add ons.



Photos taken August 3 2016 at Gelatissimo Ice Cream Cafe In Ayala, Cebu City, Cebu





Piccolo P120

Medio P170

Grande P200

Sundae Takeaway P230

Takehome Pack (1/2liters) P600

Takehome Pack (1liter) P800



Ice Cream Flavors

American Chocolate (Cioccolato Americano) – peanuts, caramel, and chocolate just like a chocolate bar


Banofee – banana + toffee


Belgian Chocolate – dark, rich and full bodied


Berry Pavlova – meringue gelato with a sauce of mixed berries


Berry Yoghurt – fruity flavored yoghurt gelato


Biscottino – cookies and cream


Burnt Caramel and Pecan – light and nutty flavor with pecan pieces


Caramelized Fig – caramelized figs in a creamy gelato


Chili Chocolate – cool chocolate gelato with the sting of chili


Choc Chip – chocolate specs and chunks rippled through a vanilla base


Choc Mint – a perfect balance of mint and chocolate


Chocolate – a timeless chocolate inspired classic


Chocolate Honeycomb – crisp, sweet honeycomb with a smooth chocolatey coating


Chocolate Sorbet – a dairy free version of chocolate


Chocolate Truffle – strong rich chocolate with lashings of cocoa powder


Coconut – creamy coconut flavored gelato


Cookies & Cream – Oreo biscuit crumbs folded through a creamy gelato base


Crème Caramel – caramel gelato made extra creamy


Espresso – nice and strong Italian style coffee gelato


Forest Berries – perfect sorbet mix of raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries


Green Apple – a sorbet of green apples


Green Tea – intense but creamy green tea flavored


Hazelnut – gelato made extra nutty with hazelnuts


Lemon – the lemony flavor of summer in a sorbet gelato


Lemon Cheesecake – a refreshing gelato based on a classic lemon cheesecake


Lime – a refreshing sorbet flavored with lime


Mango – made with real mangoes


Pannacotta – inspired by the creamy custard Pannacotta


Passionfruit – sorbet gelato made with zesty passion fruit


Peanut Butter with Caramael Fudge – a combination of peanut butter, caramel fudge and chocolate


Pistachio – gelato flavored with pistachio nuts


Raspberry – fruity sorbet gelato made with real raspberries


Rockmelon – a sweet sorbet made from melons


Rum & Raisin – an artisanal classic with raisin pieces


Salted Caramel – a unique blend of salty and creamy sweetness


Salted Macademia & Dulce De Leche – caramel fudge with salted caramel coated macademias


Strawberry – cool fresh strawberries made into a gelato


Strawberry Bubblegum – strawberry bubble gum flavor


Strawberry Cheesecake – your favorite strawberry cheesecake made as a gelato


Sugar Free Chocolate – the all time favorite chocolate made sugar free


Sugar Free Strawberry – strawberry sorbet made more special with natural sweeteners


Sugar Free Vanilla – your favorite vanilla, naturally sweetened


Tiramisu – inspired by this delicious coffee dessert


Vanilla – a rich and creamy vanilla based favorite


Veronese Chocolate – a blend of chocolate, hazelnut and crunchy wafer streaks


Very Berry Cheesecake – fruity berry cheesecake gelato


White Chocolate – smooth and silky pure with white chocolate flavor


Photo taken March 19 2017 at Gelatissimo, SM Mabolo, Cebu City, Cebu

Photo taken March 10 2017 at Gelatissimo, SM Mabolo, Cebu City, Cebu

Can I order a gelato cake for a special occasion?

Yes of course. You can even make your one layered or two layered cake. Go to the store, choose from their wide range of gelato flavors, and pick your cake finish. Make sure that you order a few days before the occasion, because they require enough time to create the gelato cake. The cakes are always available at selected stores.


You may also spoil your guest with these party flavors

  • Mango & Raspberry Cake
  • Espresso Vanilla Cake
  • Salted Caramel Cake
  • Veronese Chocolate Cake
  • Cookies & Cream Cake



Sundaes and desserts

Depending on your mood, you can have a Banana Split sundae or a Mint Explosion. Go ahead and indulge in 32 scoops of its gallery of delectable dessert creations and spectacular sundaes. Get more creative and have fun with a mini game board platter or go for a sushi gelato with layers of waffles.




Gelato Shakes

Choose 3 or 4 flavors and Gelatissimo will shake them up for you. I have tasted many of their shakes and it still made me want for me even of this writing. But, you may get to run to the rest room if you have too much of their shake. Believe me, I’ve been there!



Cakes and pastries

They offer a café experience with their display of cakes and pastries. Best paired with their signature blend coffee and taste as good as their gelato shakes. Can you imagine that?





Being the most consumed beverage across the globe, Gelatissimo offers the barista crafted coffee using their signature house blend, which start with the basic espresso to a more contemporary latte. Relax and enjoy as you order your coffee to go or for dine in.


Gelatissimo has been well received by the Philippine market. It is perfect for dine in and even for people too busy to sit and are on the go. Blended to the right thickness and flavor that will suit every shopper’s taste, you would always find yourself wanting for more each time you nearly finish one.


Get some take home tubs of your favorite flavor and surprise your family with these elegantly prepared Gelatissimo ice cream scoops. Don’t forget the toppings!


Where to find Gelatissimo in Cebu

Main Office for Contact

Affogato Corp

Warehouse 35, Mandaue North Central, Cabancalan

Mandaue City 6014, Cebu, Philippines

Telephone: 032 505 6025 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday


Branches Where You Can Eat


Garden Level, The Terraces, Ayala Center

Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines


SM Mabolo

Ctr 106, Upper Ground Level, SM City Cebu

North Reclamation Area, Mabolo

Cebu City, Cebu



Ctr 102 Lower Ground Level, SM City Cebu Northwing



Paseo Saturnino Maria Luisa Road, Banilad

Cebu City, Cebu



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