How To Get NBI Clearance In Philippines?

NBI clearance is a very basic requirement for employment either here locally or abroad. There are various types of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance you may want to know first before you apply, such as job application, visa, and for travel abroad. Starting October 2017, the bureau has decided to provide only one type of NBI clearance, which you can use for any transaction that may require it. This is called the Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance that you pay for P115 a copy and is valid for one year.


The president has recently instructed the government agencies to simplify the transactions. The Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance was the so far the best and fastest response of the bureau for this directive. You only have to renew one. The processing is smooth, better, and organized.


The bureau has also modernized and improved its system for ease of applying online and to prevent delays during processing, which includes efficient elimination of longer waiting times and crowded rooms. This spared the applicants from a lot of difficulties.



Online Service

You can now apply online for your Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance here,




The online portal NBI Clearance eServices serve to

  • Help you for an NBI Clearance Online Verification, check NBI Clearance authenticity and validity
  • If you come out with hit, and have no time to go back to NBI to pick up your NBI Clearance, you can request for the NBI Delivery Service and get it delivered door-to-door
  • If your NBI Clearance expired or is expiring, you can opt for the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal, renew it and get it delivered



NBI Clearance Portal Tutorial

NBI Clearance can be easily done online and skip a few steps of the old manual way. It also eliminates the manual filling out of application forms since it can be done online. No more long queue lines. No more wasted time waiting for your turn. The NBI clearance online application eliminates 3 steps of the process, namely: Data Verification, Payment to the Cashier and Filling out the Application Form!


The only disadvantage or draw back from the new system is it delays you for a day because of the Scheduling Task as to when to visit your selected NBI Clearance Outlet where you process your NBI Clearance online application. Here is how you are going to apply for your NBI Clearance



Register an account

The first step is to go their website, 


Assuming you do not have an account yet, sign up and register for an account first. Make sure you have an email address or email account ready, such as or and many more.


A small window at the right will ask you “Do you have an old NBI clearance?”


Answer Yes, if you have gotten your old NBI clearance starting 2014

Answer No, if you have a very old NBI clearance. You have to register to the new system again.


Fill out the form and then, Click Proceed.



Before you can proceed to the application page, you have to accept the terms and conditions first by clicking the “I Accept Terms Of Service” or “Agree” button.


Proceed and continue filling out your NBI Clearance Application.


After you completed everything, please take a moment to review your application. I would like to make a special mention of the Family Background section, where you were asked to fill out your spouse info. If you are single, leave this blank. For the Father and Mother’s name, that would be your Father and Mother’s details, and not your spouse, if you are married.


Click Save Information.


Click Apply for Clearance.


This page will ask you what type of ID you are going to present. You may give only one of the following

  • Valid passport
  • Voter’s ID
  • Driver’s License
  • SSS ID
  • PRC ID
  • Postal ID
  • School ID
  • TIN ID
  • Philhealth ID
  • Authenticated Birth Certificate
  • Alien Certificate of Registration
  • Senior Citizen
  • Previous Copy of NBI Clearance



Valid ID must:

  • Be issued by a governmental organization or the school which you currently attend to.
  • Be an original document — photocopied documents are not acceptable.
  • Be valid and current — expired documents (bearing expiration dates that have passed) are not acceptable, no matter how recent the expiration may be.
  • Bear the applicant’s full name.
  • Bear a recent recognizable photograph that clearly matches the test-taker.
  • Be in good condition, with clearly legible text and a clearly visible photograph.


Click I agree.


Below the ID section is the Appointment Schedule. Select the NBI Clearance Branch where you want to process your NBI Clearance. For your convenience, just select from the drop down list.


Select your preferred date and time. Just click the date at the calendar and click either the AM or PM on that date. Schedule your NBI Clearance pick up by simply clicking on the blue boxes corresponding the date you want to go to the branch.



On the right side of the box, you may select the purpose of your NBI Clearance. There are only two choices, Local or Abroad.


Select the purpose detail. You will see the Multi-Purpose NBI Clearance as the only option in the drop down list for the Local. Click it.


Check the summary of your NBI Clearance Application. It is pretty simple. Check the amount and the date. Please note that there is an additional fee of P25 for the e-payment service. This would reflect the total cost of P140 in your application summary.


Click on the payment method you prefer. For this scenario, for your convenience and avoid lining up on Bayad Centers and Over The Counters, it is best to pay your NBI Clearance using the Banks Online or Online Banking.


Don’t be confused on the service fee and your NBI Clearance fee. The final amount will be shown to you together with the NBI Clearance Payment Reference Number that you will present when you pay your NBI Clearance Application Online.


You will receive your Payment Instructions to your email. You will also see this page Payment Instructions while you are applying for the NBI Clearance.


Pay your NBI Clearance fee online. In case you need more information, please click the link they will provide according to your chosen Payment Mode.




Please read the payment instruction carefully. On Step 2 is Validate. After you completed the payment, take note of your fund transfer Reference Number. Logout from your bank portal.


Click on the Validation Link provided on your Payment Instructions. Please see Step 2.


Your payment will be validated and properly confirmed by the system. Payments are processed in about 5 minutes time. You will receive a confirmation email about the successful payment and also, you can click on the Transactions located at the left of your Application page. The status there will change from Pending to Paid.


Congratulations. You are done. Pick up your NBI Clearance on the designated date or Schedule of Pick up you selected.




Payments can be done through

  • Over the Counter – Banks
  • Online Banking
  • Mobile GCash payment
  • Bayad Centers



For Over the Counter Payment in Banks – you need to go to accredited banks such as BDO, Metrobank and BPI to pay your NBI Clearance. In this type of Payment method for NBI Clearance, a service fee will be charged to your NBI Clearance. For BDO transactions, they charge an additional P25 for over the counter payment while P50 are charged when you pay through BPI.


For Bank Online Payment – you can pay online using your Online Banking app such as BDO Internet Banking, BPI Express Online, Chinabank Online, Metrobank Direct, RCBC Access one, Unionbank EON/Internet Banking & UCPB Connect. Just like over the counter payment, a service fee will be charged to your NBI Clearance. The amount varies from P40 to P100 depending on the Bank where you are transacting.


Mobile Payment – you can also pay using your GCASH. A service fee will be charged accordingly.


Bayad Centers – you can proceed and pay to various BAYAD CENTER outlets or to their partners like Cebuana Lhullier, SM Savemore, LBC, Robinsons, eBiz, Petnet, Landmark, Waltermart, Isetann, Sta. Lucia East Mall, USSC and selected branches of Villarica Pawnshop, Palawan Pawnshop, Prime Asia Pawnshop, 2go Express, Tambunting Pawnshop, Raquel Pawnshop, DIrect Agent 5, CVM Pawnshop, Sinag Pawnshop, San Roque Supermarket, Luzon Development Bank, Citystate Bank, Go Beyond Expectation Remittance Ci., and more. Just like the others, a service fee will be charged accordingly.



What to bring during the pick up date or Schedule of Appointment?

At the right side there is a “Details” button. Click the “Details”.


Print or list down your Reference Number in a sheet of paper. If it would be more convenient for you to simply capture the image on the computer using your mobile phone, that is also acceptable. There is no need to print the whole NBI Clearance Application form.



What to do at the NBI branch?

When you arrive in the gate of NBI Main, or any of its satellite offices, don’t waste your time. Ask an NBI Personnel currently stationed to assist the NBI Clearance Applicants right away. Ask them that you are an NBI Clearance ONLINE applicant. He or she will give you some directions where to proceed so listen carefully.


Have your picture taken then the Biometrics will be the next step.


The last step would be the issuance of your NBI Clearance. This is where you go to the printing facilities of NBI Clearance and receive your fresh-from-the-printer NBI Clearance

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