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How do you start a blog and make money online while you sleep? Let’s face it, setting up a travel blog can be fun, exciting, but pretty exhausting too. However, getting paid to blog and making money while you sleep is motivation enough to make you work for more travel photography ideas and content so you can earn money from your blog. The problem with being an independent blogger is that you work longer hours and sometimes go beyond your comfort zone, because maintaining a travel blog niche is such a wild ride.


Definitely, you can make money with almost anything, either directly or indirectly, when you follow your passion and build a following around your travel blog. It is important that you get your foundation in place first, such as creating your brand message and offering a unique selling proposition. It can be difficult and certainly not possible to earn immediately after you post one article.


The mere thought of having a moneymaker while you are sleeping can be a very interesting idea, but this type of things does not happen overnight. There are many variables at play when you become a solo travel blogger. Grow to the point that you have a lot of value to exchange.


The key to being a successful blogger is to build your value and build your community. The best way to make money travel blogging is to bring value to the table – publish useful information! It is totally up to you and the audience you conquer by heart. Some travel bloggers make a few hundred dollars, while some make a thousand or more.


Work for the lifestyle you want and hit financial independence. No matter where you live, you can earn money from your blog and achieve a full time income. Help other people live their own dreams and give them what they need to do it too.




Unlike other nationalities, usually Americans, Canadian, British or Australian bloggers, Filipinos may not be able to travel as much as they want outside the Philippines due to visa limitations. Visa free privilege for Filipinos is limited to 58 countries for now and mostly are in Asia.


A Philippine passport can’t take you that far without a visa. If you want to be a travel blogger, you have to consider your visa limitations. The limit can range from 14 days to a month. Just ask your travel agency about your intended place of destination visa restrictions.




Free blog and hosting

The most popular free blog platforms are the Blogspot and WordPress. If you want to start a Philippine travel blog as a way to fund your travel lifestyle, then you really have to think of it as a serious business from the beginning. If you are ambitious and goal driven, you should consider setting up a blog that you can monetize later. There are many professional travel bloggers earning a good living through full time blogging.


All you need to do is to find out how they make money blogging online and how they do their travel photography and selfies. If you do not have friends and relatives willing to sponsor your travel gear, then just make sure you buy a mobile phone with a good lens camera. Yes, you need to invest something to make out of something!


What are the tasks you love to do most? Is it photography, social media live posting, writing or creating videos? I do it all, which is one reason images and videos may not be that great looking at the start. Do not worry, you will learn as you go.


BlogSpot. Set up a BlogSpot account using your Gmail. You can get a free hosting + free domain extension of BlogSpot. What I like with this platform is that it is easier to manage and monetize. Also, later when you want to buy your own domain, but still enjoy a free hosting, you can simply buy the domain right from your BlogSpot account.


Create a personal or professional blog. Select from their blog themes. It gives your blog a unique look and feel. Don’t worry, you can change the theme and the layout later if you feel it is not enough to encourage engagement and more following. Start sharing your ideas.



WordPress. The free WordPress publishing platform is limited. It does not allow you to monetize your blog. However, if you use the WordPress on a paid hosting, you are free to do anything as you wish to earn money from your blog. Your blog gets terminated if you insist putting an ad without their knowledge. Once found, they automatically terminate the blog account.


While you are still on the stage of really trying to find the right niche for your passion, I would advise you to simply enjoy the free, customizable blogging platforms first, before buying a domain. You do not have to spend anything while you are still testing the water, especially if you are still undecided about your niche.


Start your own stunning blog and dream of becoming famous someday. Everything you need to create and manage your blog is already there. It is up to you to start the first move. Sign up and create your new website for free. If you want to put ads on your test blog, then I advise you use BlogSpot.



Selecting the name of the blog

A blog is a website. There is no doubt about that. If you choose the free blog site, you won’t pay for the domain and the hosting. That is why you should be compliant with their terms and conditions.


The name of your blog is not the domain name. There is a difference between the two. The name of the blog is the title of your blog. The domain name is the URL or sometimes referred to as the link of your blog. It is commonly referred to as the home address.


You should think of a blog name that matches the topic you really love to talk about, find yourself comfortable writing about it for long term, and I would say, love to die writing for. Actually, the key is being passionate about what you write.


After you pick your niche or topic to blog about, you should pick the perfect blog name that can fully represent about the topic. It is easy to name a blog, but picking a name that truly represents you can be more challenging.


You won’t have a problem if you change your mind about the name of the blog later, because the free blogging platforms are user friendly enough to let you edit and change the name of the blog by yourself.


It doesn’t matter if the name of the blog does not contain any keywords. You will learn how to find and use the keywords for your advantage later. This goes the same with the domain name.


Choose the name of the blog and then choose the domain name. Just blog, and then, tweak and edit later. I would suggest making it short, simple, and easy to remember.



Choosing a domain name

Blog comes from weblog. It is a website dedicated to publishing information. Your domain name must appropriately represent your topic.


One technique in choosing a domain name is using the perfect keywords or search terms that people looking for topics similar to what you write are typing in the Google search box. You can test type at Google search and see the predictive names that come out.


Try it and if you are lucky, that domain name may still be available. However, if you are familiar with the GoDaddy and Google, they are not keywords. They just built their brands and associate what you do with the brand.


For example, instead of saying search it on the internet, anyone would say Google it. It means you search it on Google.


Unlike before, getting a domain name is pretty easy and quick. Today, with millions of websites and blogs out there in the cyber world, the process can be long and frustrating. I suggest you focus first on getting a 4 or 5 letter word.


Getting a one word domain like the, is to make the brand easier to remember and speak. The also wholly represents what the content of this blog is all about. People would find it easier to associate your content, activity, and social media advertising with a 4 or 5 letter word domain and brand.


It is not necessary to get a keyword for your domain name. Think about it and don’t be confident you can just change it later, because changing a domain name works like you just set up a new blog. You get your followers confused, which may result in more efforts to get brand awareness and less following during the transition.


Another technique in choosing a domain is to try visiting websites that published the same content as you have in mind. Try to make your domain name as short and as simple as it can be. Keep in mind to choose a domain name your readers will easily remember.


You may try searching for some keywords. The rule really is to use keywords for domain names and blog titles. However, there are blogs that use keywords but are not coming out of the SERPS.


Because this is your first blog, you may not follow it and create your blog without being too complex. After all, a hobby does not need to be that complicated right?


Give it a few days and a few Google searches to make sure your domain name is highly searchable and can be remembered easily. The technique is association.


Make it easier for your audience to associate your blog or brand with something. Here is the tip. What comes to mind when you speak of your chosen domain name?


Just to let you know, having a highly searchable domain that is also a keyword can make your organic search engine optimization task a bit easier. With the right SEO techniques, this may happen.


I am just giving you a quick grasp of what may happen ahead. The idea of making money blogging online may not be as easy as it sounds. It comes after a bit of hard work. It is not gift wrapped in a golden platter.


The search term is the word or phrases most people would prefer to type in Google search to find a product, service, or topic that is very much related to your topic of interest. Like what I said, just choose a short one and build your brand later if in case you decide “This is it, my domain”.




Creating your first post

Blogging is an art. To have a large following, you need to write a good content with useful information for the consumption of your readers. In my first few years of blogging, I really tried to connect with other bloggers, but prove that this is wrong. You should try connecting with your audience by providing information they can use.


The content is posted on the weblog. It may give you a little comfort that blogging online does not require a skill in writing your first content. Of course, it requires your time and dedication, which include eye for the right background for your travel photography.


I would suggest you publish what you feel writing. Never worry about English proficiency and grammar. You will improve later and just edit everything strategically. After all, practice makes perfect right?


People are adapting to diversity now, so it really doesn’t matter if you speak and write good English. Just go on writing and express yourself! Just make sure your content is something they want to read and definitely, can help them.


I am sure you will improve over time, including your writing style. Oftentimes, the first blog would be some kind of introduction and setting up of expectations, so your readers would know what to expect from your content.




How to create your content?

The content of a blog post may contain a text, an image, video, audio or other types of files. It is important that the topic should be something that would motivate you to write more on a regular basis.


Blogging requires a little bit of research. If you are not passionate about your work, then you may be at risk of abandoning it after a few months. How can you earn from your blog if you abandon it after a few weeks or months?


Writing a blog may not need skills, but sure requires interest, and lots of it. Most successful writers work from home. If you want to enjoy a laptop lifestyle, then you need to find your way to touch the hearts of your readers.


Optimizing your content

The best way to optimize your content is to put some keywords on your title. Make sure it still makes sense and not look spammy. You also put the keywords once in the first paragraph of your article. Focus on writing good content and be contented on optimizing your first few blog posts with one long tail and short tail keywords.


I am just trying to teach you how you can position your blog and let it be indexed by the search engines without issues. Blogging is not easy. I tell you this from experience. It would take years to make it to the top of the SERPS.



Comment moderation

Over time you will notice that advertisers and the people doing the link building for them may spam your blog. Configure the settings of your blog to prevent yourself from consuming too much bandwidth because of these unrelated comments. Besides, if those comments get published, you may find yourself in trouble with Google and the other major search engines.


Try to do something right for the first time. To get you motivated, try reading tourism boards. They actually can give you an allowance for attending the trip, or if you are lucky, pay you a daily rate, aside from the cost of the flights, accommodations, and excursions. Try to get an agent who can help you land paid destinations marketing projects and other campaign contracts. The thought of making money blogging online and also get paid to travel is a click away, make sure you know how to create effective campaigns and $$s can be on its way.

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