Get Paid To Review Calls From Your Home

Review calls. Get paid. Listen to a recorded phone call, answer a simple question with the click of a button, and earn real money with Humanatic. Humanatic is a software that was created to provide companies with an in-depth analysis of their phone calls. Rather than using computers to transcribe and decipher recorded phone calls, the company provide working opportunities for tens of thousands of people all over the world just like you.


Who is Humanatic? Have you ever called a company and heard the operator say, “this call is being recorded?” That is Humanatic. They help clients review their calls and then, provide them with analytical reports.


The reviewers work from home listening to recorded calls, and they provide clients the answers needed to create a meaningful analysis of their company calls. By combining human intellect with computer generated algorithms, the Humanatic is able to provide clients specific reports and statistics necessary to help them improve their business.


Working with Humanatics can be the kind of freedom you desire to have. Create your own schedule and make or earn as little or as much as you choose. They will give you easy categories that allow you to learn when you start working for them.


You do not have to make or receive phone calls



You do not have to have a live conversation


You do not need to be a third party during a live conversations


You do not have to transcribe a full conversation for every call you listen to


You are not required to review calls during certain hours. You may log in and review as little or as much as you like at times that best suit your schedule. However, call availability will vary depending on the time of day. The website’s largest volume of calls will be available during the hours of 7am to 7pm Eastern Standard Time (US).


The Humanatics have over 50K freelancers around the world just like you. Their team members are made up of people from all walks of life. There is no set schedule and their software allows you to work from your computer, tablet, or phone. You can apply for free and start earning now.


To get started, sign up here






Before you apply to Humanatic, make sure you own a verified Paypal account. Paypal is used worldwide in order to keep financial information safe.


It provides a safe and effective way to transfer money worldwide! Once you already have a verified Paypal account, you can apply to work for a Humanatic.


If you are unable to verify your Paypal account due to the absence of a credit card, the company suggest the use of PayMaya, which is a free app that provides a Virtual Visa Card so you are able to verify your Paypal account.


Humanatic requires you make a minimum of $10 before you request a payment. They process payments every Monday and Tuesday.


All payments must be requested by Monday before 12 EDT. Any payout requests made after 12 noon EDT on Mondays will not be processed until the following pay period.


What you can make largely vary depending on your skill level. They have different categories that pay different amounts for answers. They start off all reviewers with the easiest two categories.


Once you achieve a certain accuracy level, you will unlock new higher paying categories. You can make anywhere from $1 to $4.50 an hour depending on your skill and accuracy. Be patient and be consistent and you will achieve great things.


If your account was not approved, you can check their FAQ. The most common reason for a denied application is due to the employment history description presenting a conflict of interest or displaying insufficient English spelling and grammar skills.

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