How To Get Your Postal ID

A postal ID is also known as the postal card. A postal ID card is the most widely accepted means of identification in postal transactions worldwide. Generally, banks and other financial institutions honor the postal ID as proof of identity in their transactions. In the Philippines, a postal ID is a government-issued ID that is one of the easiest and fastest to obtain.


The postal ID card is a primary form of identification for many Filipinos, without any requirement such as driving skills for Drivers License, travel abroad for Passport, passing a licensure exam for PRC ID, or employment for SSS and GSIS ID. People use it to show as a valid proof of identity and address. Therefore, the postal ID can give them access to a range of public services.



The basic difference with other Philippine government IDs is ANYONE can apply for it. It is socially inclusive. All Filipinos living in the Philippines and living abroad, but were in the Philippines at the time of application are eligible to get an improved PID. Foreign residents living in the country for at least 6 months may also apply.


The improved postal ID has additional physical security features that can be identified using just the naked eye, making ID verification simpler and more reliable. A biometrics based uniqueness test was implemented to fully guarantee an individual’s identity.



The improved PID shall be valid for 3 years for Filipinos and for foreign residents with Special Retiree’s Resident Visa (SRRV). For the rest of the foreign residents, it will be valid for 1 year.




Main security features of the improved postal ID

On-site digital capture of fingerprints, photo, signature and personal details.


Centralized ID printing and database to guarantee that the cards are authentic.


An encrypted QR (quick response) code printed on the card can verify the identity of ID holder using a downloadable smart phone application.


Overlaid with a hologram that can be viewed only at certain angles.


Has a ghost image and UV ink that illuminates in UV light.


Applicant uniqueness check via the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). It compares the fingerprint collected with the fingerprint database records to ensure the applicant’s identity.


You may apply and submit the required documents below to any post office. After your documents are screened, you will go to the nearest ID capture station to be photographed and fingerprinted. There are 260 postal ID capture stations nationwide.




  • 2 copies of duly accomplished PID application form.


  • Proof of identity


  • Proof of address


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Applications are available in your nearest post office or can be downloaded from the PHLPost website. A PHLPost mail carrier will deliver the Postal ID to your doorstep approximately within 30 working days.


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