How Do You Get The Right Visitors To Visit Your Blog?

Traffic acquisition strategy is critical to business growth. You can earn money from your blog only, when and only when, you are getting traffic. You may have the most amazing blog or a web storefront theme, but if you are not getting any visitors, your business will fall flat and you won’t make money blogging online. Learn where to acquire the most common free traffic at first to test your blog, and at least know what type of visitors are being attracted to your content. Just what type of visitors’ persona are being powerfully magnetized by your content?


You need to invest time in building free and paid traffic as well as developing an online marketing strategy for driving sales. Bring visitors to your blog and learn how to convert these visitors into leads, and later, for these visitors to become paying or clicking customers. You may have the most expensive theme, but without traffic, nobody will know your business or blog even exists.



Get people to visit your site. Regardless how slick your blog looks, but if no one visits, that would be totally useless. As much as you want to gain that exposure, and you want to say hello to the internet world, it just doesn’t exist. Yes, I know your tasks are getting more challenging and overwhelming, but after spending a long time creating your content strategy, you need to spend another few hours to build your traffic.


Building the content alone does not get you the right amount of visitors you need to make money blogging online. You have to determine where your traffic is hanging out on the internet, and connect with them. Focus on connecting with the right audience, without spending more dollars than you can afford.



Traffic acquisition is the single most important online marketing strategy, that may go beyond Google Adwords. Understand which web traffic is right for your business and your content. How do you understand your customer acquisition goals?


You might think that sharing your blog post with a larger audience can be just right for you, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media networks. Your audience may not be there yet, but if you blog consistently and post on your social channels regularly, over time, your readers will come and the right traffic will click to read more on your website itself.



What about content syndication?

For example, if you syndicate your content with Business 2Community, which is a website with an established audience of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and company leaders, your content also gets syndicated to the Yahoo Small Business. The Business 2Community syndicates its content with the Yahoo Small Business.


The trick? You can try publishing your content in one place, and then let that content gets amplified through content distribution. The goal is to find audiences that are much bigger than yours, and then make the connection substantive.


One way to do this is to share and advertise on social media platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Another method is to share your branded content with a larger publisher, just like the Business2Community.


Content syndication brings us one important point you should be aware of and that is, distribution! To bring people back to your website, you need to put your brand out there.


The key difference between traffic acquisition and simple traditional distribution is you need to be more on places where your prospective customers are likely to be! Join where they hang out and try to bring them back to your blog, and put some efforts to make them repeatedly come back for more content.



Free traffic

Free traffic is your most popular free organic traffic. They arrive at your blog by clicking on your social media posts, word of mouth referrals, viral videos and news outlets. There are several ways you can leverage on free traffic drivers


  • Connect and build relationships with other bloggers and media journalist, so you gain visibility in media channels. You can contribute content or do some guest posting.


  • Search engine optimization (SEO) can help you improve your website visibility. You may want to learn more about search terms or long tail keywords.


  • Social media includes websites like the Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Quora. Focus on the social media networks that best position your brand to reach target audience.


  • Blogging is creating highly searchable, valuable content designed to help your target customers find solutions to their problems.


  • Video marketing gives information, entertainment, as well as helps tell your story about your brand.


  • Content syndication, more on works like housing the content on your blog, and then distribute it through a website, publication, or video channel with a larger audience base.


  • Email marketing, or building an email list, can help you bring visitors to your blog repeatedly.


  • Forums and discussion groups, the content you shared here will lead free traffic back to your blog.



You should develop a content strategy to oversee the editorial direction, while you build syndication relationships with other websites. One way to bring down marketing costs is to leverage on your own skillset, if you are just starting to blog.


You have to step out of your comfort zone and actively seek out the audience you need to earn money from your blog. Remember, going viral is not an accident. It is hard work! Hollywood success stories are few and far, but mostly comes from careful planning, dedication, and hard work.


Think of a relatively low cost marketing and distribution strategy. Create content that can later be translated into high quality, unique piece of viral content, such as ebooks, images, or videos.



Paid traffic

Paid traffic is what comes out of Google Adwords or any sponsored placements or paid advertising media. If you are familiar with Adsense, banner advertising, and sponsored posts, this is the kind of traffic you get.


Paid traffic brings awareness around your brand, which includes bringing the right prospects to your site.


Carefully consider the end results, before you drop an ad budget. There are literally many range of options available on the internet that you can align with your price points. When executed properly, this is a solid revenue driver!



Inbound marketing

Are you familiar with HubSpot? They use the content of their blog to position their company as a thought leader and a valuable resource of information. And yes, they are very popular now.


The critical ingredient here is quality. Nobody would want to read and share a content that sucks. So, Google is right, content is king. Focus on creating value, and not gimmicks.


Focus on delivering high quality content on your blog. When you consistently deliver awesome stuffs, and build it, for sure they will come.


Web traffic does not just happen. You have to connect with the right audience, with the right content.


If you are not seeing quantifiable returns on your online marketing, they maybe you are doing it wrong. Once it gains momentum, so does your ROI.

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