Can Eggs Grow Your Hair?

eggs grow hair

Eggs contain the right blend of proteins, essential fatty acids and vitamins that can help grow your hair. Hair and nails are made up of proteins, which makes it easier for the eggs to keep them healthy because of their high protein content. The egg proteins have the ability to rebuild damaged hair by filling in the weakened spots of the hair strand. The essential fatty acids provide nourishment to the hair follicles.


You can make a small paste by beating the egg yolk in a bowl with fresh or powdered milk. Massage and apply to the scalp, roots of the hair, and the strands of the hair. Leave for 20 minutes. Shampoo and rinse.


Eggs are powerhouses of proteins that can extensively nourish your hair, give the hair a softer feel yet strong as well as grow your hair and prevent breakage. The egg yolk is mostly made up of water and fat that makes it perfect in locking moisture into the hair strand as well as preventing damage.


The egg yolk contains Vitamin A that promotes a shiny and strong hair, while the egg white acts as an impressive skin and hair moisturizer. If you have dry hair and split ends, you can massage beaten eggs (yolk + white) on your scalp and wet hair. Shampoo as usual.


Since the 11th century, the egg yolks were used to strengthen the hair strand, especially if it is looking too dry or damaged. The fatty acids of the egg provide deep nourishment and also takes care of the scalp dryness.



Just make sure you put the mixture on both scalp and hair. The egg works as the hair’s natural conditioner and moisturizer, so it stays hydrated all the time.


Another way to do this is to mix 1 egg white with a ½ cup of plain yogurt. Beat the egg until frothy before adding to the yogurt. Let it stay for 15 minutes. Rinse well.


The egg whites are the best sources of protein, folate, and Vitamin B9 that stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. The egg yolk helps to bind the hair, so it sticks to the hair and hair follicles.


Understand that a strand of hair primarily constitutes of proteins and amino acids. This natural alternative in growing your hair is effective and inexpensive. You can buy eggs anytime at the grocery.


Hair loss and damaged or dry hair is a common problem for both men and women. As we all know, the eggs are a powerhouse of proteins, vitamins, and fatty acids that can provide extensive nourishment to the hair.


eggs grow your hair

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Eggs can be helpful for hair regrowth regardless if used alone or as part of another paste or hair mask mixture. Here is an egg hair mask recipe.


Mix a tablespoon of olive oil with a raw egg. Apply on your hair and cover with a shower cap. Rinse off after 30 minutes. Shampoo to get a soft, silky, and healthy hair. Use two to three times a month.


Another mixture you can use to condition your hair is mixing and beating the egg yolk with an avocado. Apply the mixture on your hair. Let it stay for 20 minutes. Use cool or cold water to wash/rinse your hair.




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Many people used the egg yolks to improve the appearance, look and feel of the hair. Although having a healthy and voluminous hair seems like an unattainable dream, the egg can powerfully restore the life out of your hair for you.


The biotin and the B complex vitamins, proteins, and minerals that the eggs contain can help stimulate new hair growth, add volume and thicken the hair. The protein work to strengthen the hair while the fats condition and improve the hair texture.

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