Can Lavender Oil Grow Your Breasts?

grow your breasts using lavender oil

Some researchers who attended the Endocrine Society’s 100th annual meeting in Chicago shared that lavender and tea tree oil may actually act like estrogens and block androgens like testosterones in ways that could give boys bigger breasts. The chemical constituents of lavender oil could lead to gynecomastia, known as the enlargement of the male breast tissue in boys before they reach puberty. The study reported the boys developed larger breasts after using products that contained lavender or tea tree oils. Their gynecomastia went away after they discontinued using the products.


Because having bigger breasts make you look like you have an hour glass figure while looking ultra-feminine, I would consider it an asset! For women, having round and firm large breasts get more male attention and compliments, which definitely sounds sexy and blessed.


Large breasts bring some nice attention, but may also bring unwanted jealousy from women. Just in case you haven’t done it yet, breast enlargement is trending anywhere.


Grow your breast using lavender oil. You can massage the oil to increase blood circulation and stretch out tissues so they appear big and firm. Rub inwards in a circular motion for about 15 minutes. Do this 2 times a day.


Lavender oil stimulates breast tissue development and increases its overall size, thus suggesting possible breast growth and natural breast enlargement. In the laboratory tests, scientists found the lavender oil and tea tree oil can mimic the action of the female hormone estrogen as well as block the male hormones that control masculine characteristics as well as inhibit the growth of breast tissue.



The tests showed that lavender and tea tree oils may boost estrogen, which is a sex hormone that promotes female characteristics and is linked to breast development and also hamper androgens, which is a sex hormone that promote male characteristics and inhibit breast growth.


Women are usually conscious about the size of their breasts, because it is one way to attain a great looking body. At least, your goal to get fluffy and bigger breasts is very possible with the lavender oil.


The tests made were only with pre-puberty boys and not with women. Don’t expect too much, because this needs further research and tests.

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