Using Only Social Media Cannot Grow Your Business

You cannot grow your business using only social media, but your social media network can help you drive traffic to your blog. When you share short updates, either a picture or a video, you build a following, but that excitement would only last a day or two. You have to make more social media updates to drive even one sale. Writing short blog posts or tweets are not long lasting, because they cover content that do not bring long term impact. The shared tweets are so short it cannot bring much traffic. Besides, you would be lucky to make it last even three days, because other members of the community would be posting their own short content too.


What I am trying to say is that it would be easier to make consistent income if you have consistent traffic to your website or blog. Even if after 20 years, someone somehow would still stumble and visit an article in your blog. If you want to create a consistent income without having to manually stimulate the interest or crack your head thinking what to post each time on your social media network, you have to create a blog as a depository of your high quality content.



Blogging profits in a laptop lifestyle? Your website content should be informative enough to help people who need some solutions in some areas of their blogging life or whatever issues they have at the moment. You can definitely grow your business blogging what they need.


Kickstart your own blogging career and grow your business by creating a profitable blog. Don’t you know that blogs are good for getting a heavier load of organic search engine traffic?



Blogs influence people’s thoughts and desires, and can be your profitable outlet for creativity. It can connect you with other people, spread your ideas, and foster friendships.


Through blogs, you get paid to connect with people when you monetize your blog and implement methods of making money from the content you produced on your website. Build your business and asset online.


Create a blog that is specifically designed to sell products and services. You should learn how to connect, engage, and nurture relationships through your blog with people who really care about your work.


Your blog must have focus tied to the main subject of your blog and meet the needs of your target audience. Even if you have limited technical ability, you can publish your ideas online when you set up a personal blog.


With so much relevant, fresh content you publish any time of the day, your blog can become popular and help drive traffic you can monetize later. Search engines, like Google, reward websites that publish valuable content on a consistent basis.


Don’t you know that blogging is a conversation in itself? It gives you the tool to create a very natural conversation, because blogs when written the right way, are considered trusted sources of information. This is the right platform you can build a business from.


A great proportion of your visitors can be funneled into a mechanism that creates revenue, such as an affiliate link, subscribing an email list that sells a product or a service, or just simply clicking Adsense ads.


When you write a content and publish a content, you attract attention that you can sell to advertisers for a fee or use it to profit from your own product or service. Catching your visitor’s attention gives you the potential to make money from blogging.


The foundation of a profitable blog that creates attention is a good content. It would be easier to find paying customers in a content focused blog and then, market the content so people discover your work through your social media network.


Create a niche focused high quality blog, even if you have only a small engaged audience. Find the slice, the segment within the pie you can own. Go after hungry audiences with a unique solution that only you can provide.


To grow your business, you should start writing a blog! If you are not blogging, you would get left behind the competition. A blog connects and shares timely and relevant information, while acting as your direct communication channel that you can make money online.

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