Travel Ready Masculine Haircuts For Men With Round Faces

Choosing the right hairstyle for a round face isn’t all about the latest trends or coolest cuts, but more about picking the best haircut suited for your face shape. A round face can be described as having similar features and shape of those with a square face, but less angular cuts or softer edges. A man with a round face has a smoother, but less pronounced chin. The sides of the face are rounded with the cheekbones being the widest part of the face. If this sounds like you, then we have some cool hairstyles for you in this article.


Of all the face shapes, the round shape might be one of the hardest to work with. It’s not a bad face shape by any means, but the guys with round faces have a few less styles to choose (as opposed to guys with oval or square faces).



Generally, a round face has soft features instead of prominent angles. This collection of haircuts for guys with round faces helps to add angles and dimension to the face.


The time when a men’s haircut had to be simple and modest is over. Today’s styles for guys feature dramatic contrasts of length and textures, as well as interesting styling – wet look, tousled hair, spikes, etc.



A round face is characterized by nearly equal width and height, full cheekbones, and a rounded jaw. This face shape tends to lack angular features and prominent lines. This is a common face shape and more due to genetics than being overweight.


If you have a round face, you’ll want to avoid certain stylistic elements while embracing others. The key is to add volume while avoiding bulk. Adding volume will add more dimension to your face and give it more angles to work with.


Avoid center parts and long hair that goes toward the temples, as these elements add width to the face. You’ll also want to avoid buzz cuts, since they add more roundness to your head. And if you like long hair, don’t go too long, since long hair will also add width.


Thick hair in men is a guarantee of a great hairstyle. All you need is to choose a flattering haircut that looks stylish and also meets the requirements of your lifestyle.


Most men with thick hair want a haircut and hairstyle that don’t let it get overly voluminous, but bring out the natural hair thickness and its health. You can choose a classic, sporty or avant-garde haircut, experiment with lengths and styling finishes.


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The best hairstyle for men with round faces is a cut that’s short on the back and sides (a mid or high fade) with some length on top. This haircut will allow you to style a pompadour, slick back, quiff, undercut or side part. The goal is to use your hair to elongate your face and avoid adding width.


As a man, you just don’t walk to the barber for good looks. There are great haircuts for round faces and getting one is not just that simple. By any means, it is trickier than the rest to suit to any hairstyle out there.


If you are always with one kind of a cut, there is a way you can refresh it every other time you want something different. Choosing the best haircuts for round faces isn’t just about scoping out the latest trends and picking your favorite.


In addition to being on the forefront of fashion, barbers and stylists personalize every cut to work with your hair type and flatter your face shape. Some faces are longer, wider, more angular, and rounder and there’s a cut to suit every one of them by minimizing certain features while enhancing others.


There are lots of styles that flatter guys with round faces. To balance out that width, hairstyles should add height to elongate the face. A side part adds asymmetry and angles too.


Stay away from fringe cut straight across the forehead, which add width to the face, and too short cuts, which can emphasize the shape of the head.


The latest men’s hairstyle trends, including slick hair, work for round faces. The key is a deep part that introduces angularity to otherwise soft feature. From here, you can slick hair back or across. Both work as long as you play up height.


If adding volume on top doesn’t work for your hair type or aesthetic, this is the type of men’s hairstyle that works for round faces. While straight across fringe is a major no, the side swept bangs are a yes.


This works because of the deep side part – it couldn’t be further to the side. Long hair worn across the forehead is cut and styled at an angle that contrasts wide cheeks. Last, keeping the sides short completes the elongated profile without needing additional height.


There are three simple features to the best hairstyles for men with round faces. Height, short sides or an undercut, and the side part. With even two out of the three, your profile will appear longer, leaner, and more angular.


Choosing a round face men hairstyle depends upon which features you want to highlight or hide, and hairstyles for round face men with added height can be the best ones to hide the face from looking more round.


Exhibiting the softness of the cheekbones and the jaw is the main aim of any hairstyle for men round face. Compared to hairstyles suiting other shapes of the face, there are fewer hairstyles for round face men.


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The Pompadour clearly is the hottest trend as far as men’s hairstyles are concerned and it certainly has arrived in a major way. From businessmen to celebrities, everyone has been rocking this new look recently.


A regular pompadour is worn short on either side and the hair is swept upwards and to the back, almost like an undercut hairstyle. But, with time passing by, the look has gotten far more flexible and there are now a number of ways in which you can style pompadours in order for them to suit the shape of your face, career or lifestyle.



Faux hawk

The faux hawk is a nice choice if you like more adventurous hairstyles. This gives you an incredible volume and add angles to your face. You can modify the faux hawk to be more extreme or more conservative, depending on your preference.


Faux hawks don’t explicitly require any certain lengths or types of cuts. However, you will need a medium length hair that is at least 3 to 4 inches, to get a good, noticeable faux hawk shape. The sides and back should be shorter, but the exact length is up to you.


The shorter the hair on the back and sides, the more the faux hawk will stand out. Comb it in, the comb the hair on top of your head straight up. Form the faux hawk shape by pressing the hair together. Add any spikes of other embellishments as you wish.





If you are looking for an edgy way to add volume, but don’t like the faux hawk style, try adding some spikes to your hair. It’s an attention grabbing style, but it’s definitely not for everyone. When spiking your hair, you can define the spikes however you’d like, which may result in tall spikes or more messy, tousled spikes.



Side part

The side part is perhaps one of the most flexible haircuts for guys with round faces. It gives a timeless look that complements almost all outfits and personal styles. This concept can be adjusted to your liking and is very versatile.



Flat top

This is an iconic fifties hairstyle. The style adds sharp angles to your face and helps to fill it out more. Be careful in choosing this haircut, because it doesn’t work with all round faces. If it works for you, this is quite a simple style to get.


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