Harvard University International Scholarships

Harvard University International Scholarships

Harvard University has a number of programs for international students planning to study at Harvard graduate and professional schools. If you are from the Philippines, you can apply for either the Ayala Scholarship Fund or the Eugenio Lopes Scholarship Fund. These fellowships support the citizens of the Philippines who intend to enroll in graduate degree programs.


Candidates must have the financial need as determined by the Harvard school in which they plan to enroll. Candidates may not apply directly to CGS for this support, as they must be nominated for consideration by the Harvard school in which they plan to enroll.


Students should make their eligibility known to their financial aid office, which will be part of your financial aid application to the school. Prospective graduate students should contact the Admissions and Financial Aid Office of the particular Harvard graduate or professional school of interest to them.


The CGS and its sub-committees meet regularly throughout the year to review applications and determine scholarship and fellowship awards. Specific deadlines and timelines are posted within the guidelines of individual programs.


The scholarship awards are based upon several factors, including the scale of the scholarship program, the amount of funds available each year, and the number of students deemed eligible for each scholarship. Many scholarships also consider the financial need of each eligible candidate.



A CGS scholarship rarely covers a student’s full costs for an entire academic year. The students do not submit documentation directly to the Committee on General Scholarships. Documentation should be submitted to the Financial Aid Office of the school in which you plan to enroll, according to that office’s policy and procedures.



US education

Do you think you have what it takes to make it to Harvard? If you do, go for it then and send in your application before the year ends. Don’t worry about the cost. It offers an option to help you finance your education.


Standardized Achievement Test (SAT) or American College Testing (ACT) scores, while required, would not really affect your chances of getting into any of the three universities.


The high school records and good performance are more likely to boost your chances of getting into Harvard regardless of where you come from. They look at your experience within the context of your high school.


A waiver of the application fees may also be requested. The guidance counselor of applicant may use an official form or write a short letter asking Harvard to waive the fee.



To inspire you

Read this story, https://www.townandcountry.ph/people/inspiration/how-this-farmer-s-son-from-bulacan-made-it-to-harvard-a00181-20170807-lfrm


Harvard is one of the few US universities that has a need-blind admission policy. The university does not consider the applicant’s ability to pay when it decides to offer him or her a place in the university. And when admitted to Harvard, an international student may get equal access to financial aid as an American.


At this school, more than 70% of the students receive some form of financial aid, 20% of the students pay nothing and 100% graduate debt free.


Parents with an income of less than $65,000 (P3.04 million) were not expected to pay for their child’s education, while those with incomes between $65,000 and $150,000 (P3.04-7.02 million) pay 0 to 10% of their income.


Harvard creates an individualized aid package to meet a student’s need. The package may include scholarships, outside rewards, loans and jobs in university institutions, including libraries, museums and cafeterias. Two-thirds of the students work during the academic year.


Further reading, https://scholarships.harvard.edu/international-students/philippines


Submit your Application to

Harvard University

Committee on General Scholarships

14 Story Street, 3rd Floor

Cambridge, MA 01238

Telephone: +1 614 496 9367

Email: cgs@fas.harvard.edu

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