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The Harvard University International Graduate Students have a number of programs for international students from the Philippines planning to study at the Harvard graduate and professional schools. The Ayala Scholarship Fund and the Eugenio Lopez Scholarship Fund fellowships support citizens of the Philippines who are enrolling in graduate degree programs. Candidates must have financial need as determined by the Harvard school on which they plan to enroll.


Candidates may not apply directly to the CGS for this support, as they must be nominated for consideration by the Harvard school in which they plan to enroll. Students should make their eligibility known to their financial aid office, which will be part of your financial aid application to the school.


CGS and its sub-committees meet regularly throughout the year to review applications and determine scholarship and fellowship awards. Specific deadlines and timelines are posted within the guidelines of our individual programs.


Scholarship awards are based upon several factors, including the scale of the scholarship program, the amount of funds available each year, and the number of students deemed eligible for each scholarship. Many scholarships also consider the financial need of each eligible candidate. A CGS scholarship rarely covers a student’s full costs for an entire academic year.



Read the supplemental financial aid application instructions here, https://cdn1.sph.harvard.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/1904/2016/01/2016.17-HSPH-Supp-Instructions-International.pdf

Or see the PDF below




Ayala Scholarship Fund

The Ayala Scholarship Fund, awarded since 1996, is an annual scholarship given to one student who is a citizen of the Philippines. If no student is eligible, the scholarship is awarded to an American student of Filipino descent or a student studying Filipino or Asian history, language or culture.


Applicants must provide documentation, such as a passport, to verify their ancestry. This minority scholarship from Harvard university is intended to provide full tuition for a few students who are planning on attending Harvard and are of Philippine descent.


First preference is given to students of Philippine heritage, while second preference is given to other Asian nationals. Preference is also given to students of any race who choose to study Asian history or languages and major in this subject. Here is the foundation’s contact information in the Philippines

Telephone: 02 717 5800

Email: info@ayalafoundation.org



Eugenio Lopez Scholarship Fund

The same applies to the Eugenio Lopez Scholarship Fund in Harvard. The Eugenio Lopez Foundation was established in honor of the Don Eugenio Lopez Sr., a patron of Philippine Arts and Culture, to ensure his legacy shall continue through generations. Here is the foundations contact information in the Philippines

Telephone: 02 632 7916 or 02 631 6465

Email: lgfi@lopezgroup.org




Contact information

Harvard University

Committee on General Scholarships

14 Story Street, 3rd Floor

Cambridge, MA 02138, United States of America

Telephone: +1 617 496 9367

Email: cgs@fas.harvard.edu



Read more, https://scholarships.harvard.edu/international-students/philippines

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