High Salt Diet Causes Hair Fall

high salt diet causes falling hair

When the look and feel of your hair seems limp and lifeless, the first thing you may want to do is find the best shampoo and conditioner that can give it an extra boost, but actually the culprit can be just a poor diet. In fact, when the hair is fast becoming dry and dull, many times diet and lifestyle are to blame! High salt diets increase blood pressure and cause hair fall.


Do you know the reason why you are experiencing thinner hair? A hint for you. Too much salt on fast food menu can be your just around the corner answer. Over time, you may notice your hair becoming thin, brittle and lifeless.


Salt is important for the nerves and muscles normal functioning, but too much consumption may lead to an increase in blood pressure, increase risk for heart disease and apparently, potential hair loss.


Although, too little may lead to cramps, it is best not to tolerate excessive consumption because the kidneys cannot excrete the excess. A high salt diet makes your urine more concentrated and gives it a stronger scent. In addition, some studies linked it to dehydration, stomach ulcers and infections.


Falling hair is normal, but when it results in thinning hair, something must be causing it. One study says that high levels of salt can be toxic to your hair. Eating too much salt causes sodium deposits build up around the hair follicles and tends to prevent important nutrients from entering and nourishing the hair.



Hair loss is not all about shampoos and conditioners at all. You may be taking too much salt. You can start reviewing the dietary recommendation of sodium, which is to consume less than 2,300 mg a day. What about yours?


However, if you are over 50 years old, you are recommended to consume a max of 1,500 mg a day only. If you have pre-existing conditions like hypertension, diabetes and kidney disease, you should consider getting strict with your salt consumption.


Discipline and information are key in maintaining better quality of life. Indeed, several studies found that Americans have the greatest incidence of baldness because of their high fat, high protein diets. Pizza, hashbrowns, tacos… you name it! Yup, we can all agree. Without salt, food can seem tasteless.


Although we are all aware how salty snacks affect our waistlines and hairlines, the average person still eats around 33% more salt than the recommended standard. Sodium intake is associated with fluid retention and bloating that causes weight gain!


 high salt diet hair loss solutions


Doctors have been telling us to stay away from salty fries and fast food salty menu. High salt diets increase blood pressure as does smoking not to mention hair loss! Think of the deadly comparison.


We all are aware that the present landscape of the city is not that supportive. Anywhere you look near you are the fast foods and restaurants with considerable salty dishes to offer. All the delicious greasy food we get our hands on when the time is tight may have a lot of salt on it.


Too much salt raises the acidity levels of the blood as well as causes kidney damage and hair fall. Salt should never be added to food but who wants to eat a food without taste?


Whether you are starting to see strands of hair at the bottom of your shower or are just worried your thick head won’t last forever, fingers crossed you can prevent hair loss by reducing daily salt intake. Potato chips, French fries and even movie popcorn are salty foods!


Studies have also linked the common table salt to hair loss. What I really mean to say… is that before you dig into hair products and treatments, examine first what’s on your plate. Additional studies are required to establish the direct associations between sodium intake and hair loss.

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