Marketing Like A Humanistic Influencer

sell your personal brand as a humanistic influencer

The humanistic influencer tries to influence the buying decisions more by the use of emotion than by logic. The marketing approach and the content, especially the copywriting strategy, should be map out according to the humanistic persona of the influencer. For people who have a humanistic point of view, they would never see buying in a transactional perspective, but totally consider it in terms of the highly valued relationships that were created between the humanistic influencer and the potential customers. This is one of the reasons humanistic individuals want to be part of a like minded community and tribe of product enthusiasts, because it makes the task a whole lot easier.


The marketing communications of the humanistic persona may involve emotions, trust and testimonials. Because these individuals are driven by emotions as they make their buying decisions, the main driver would be the validation of their value.


Individuals with a humanistic persona longs to feel valued. The best way to catch their attention is developing marketing materials that include a powerful story about how the product has helped other people overcome their specific issues, such as hair care and weight loss testimonials.


An emotional story with a logical tone and feel that makes the customers themselves as the hero can take you another step further in your sales funnel. Make the story perfectly relatable to their situation and their lives!


Tell a story that allows your audience to easily place themselves into the story as well as paint a vivid emotion drenched picture of themselves in the story. If possible, connect with them and show them as a hero in your story who is already enjoying the lifestyle your product offers.



The goal is to create emotional stories that give a strong indication about how people planning to use your product or services expect to feel. Develop case studies and marketing content directed to influence the humanistic persona.


Haven’t you known that for over 50 years the humanistic approach has been strategically used in therapeutic counselling? The humanistic approach allows a deeper understanding of who your customers and audience are.


When ineffective conversations occur, trust can be broken anytime and you lose credibility. Develop rapport skills by thinking the impact and how your post can influence the emotions of someone reading it.


Hold conversations from a position of care and understanding. Make repeatable positive experiences happen so your audience interacts with you.


You can win the battle with influence, because influence is constant, so make it happen! To truly understand the power of influence, you need to grasp the context from which it springs.


Our values are the sweet spot for intended influence. The key is to strategically point the decision making of your audience to the destination of our choice.


recreate yourself build your personal brand as marketing strategy


First, you have to analyze people and why in so many cases they resist change even if the idea or opportunity serves their interests. It is because influence is the energy that triggers the inertia and finds its way to break through the resistance. In its absence, you will be where you are right now.


Effective humanistic influencers understand the level of complexity. Funny break through can be the facial maturity and physical attractiveness of a political candidate.


The trick is not to let people and friends define who you are. Just stop listening to people around you telling about who you are, so you can become who you were meant to be!


You are more than you have become. For example, social media marketing would definitely meet a lot of negative comments because affiliate marketing is being constantly frowned upon.


You are utterly in control over what you do with that knowledge. Do not let others define you and influence your success as a micro-influencer.


The key to being seen and heard is actually consistency in storytelling. Often times, the problem is not the product, but with the way we talk to the people about the product.


The truth is, most followers usually get annoyed with the advertising promotions on their social networks. Succeeding in social media these days may actually require a humanistic approach.


Social media is a tricky business. A huge following may not necessarily mean a successful business. Attracting like minded audience may help initiate some traction.


Understand that what you post on your social pages matters a lot, because they portray your personal brand in a certain way. That is why you always have to plan your messages and think first before you post.


Humanistic marketing is actually the current trend in rethinking marketing. Advertising has changed. Usually, marketing communications use stories to connect with even more influential people, including connections that can get their personal brand name out there.


People need to be the hero in our stories and not us. You need to focus on these heroes to be able to break through the noise or stay as you are.


Strategic product placement within a narrative text or video pieces designed primarily to offer value to your audience has been proven to get some traction. You may want to try this marketing strategy.


Identify stories you can articulate that are relevant and that would likely resonate with your very best customers. Online marketing is a matter of how you make these people see where they are in your story and lead them to identify themselves as well as emotionally connect in that story.


Humanistic marketing can only come into existence if the society or your following craves for such. Clarify your messages and set clear expectations.


Nurture relationships and seek like minded people by making a conscious effort to make it happen. Hang around like minded people, you attract who and what you are.


It could be truly a pain when you try to leverage on your content and personal brand posts, but you will get there. Marketing communications is most successful when you use the humanistic influencer strategy as your marketing online tool.

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