Influencer Marketing, Make It Work Girl!

influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is on the rise! Indeed, many internet marketers and brands are competing and blowing their brains out trying to build a large following in almost all of their social media channels. However, finding the best internet marketing strategy to attract and sustain the enthusiasm of your followers are truly overwhelming. How do you become an influencer and make influencer marketing work for your small business blog?


When it comes to buying specific products, people don’t just trust celebrity endorsements anymore. They often search for product reviews, testimonials and recommendations from those who had literally used the product or are knowledgeable about the product.


So, how do you become an influencer in your own field? Nowadays, ordinary people and regular bloggers are already earning a substantial income from their vlog and blog online sharing useful information.


It is not surprising then to see more and more bloggers giving out much effort to become social media influencers. Here is the thing. If you want to become one, you have to choose a specific niche where you want to be known.


Although most bloggers started out posting content and sharing them, what sets them apart is actually becoming an expert on a particular niche within the industry they are passionate about. Identify the challenges and needs of the target readers and then, slowly position yourself as an online help for those challenges.



To do this, you need to discover and determine your target audience by simply attracting them with your unique persona, which can be a semi-fictional representation of your ideal reader. This can be time consuming, but it can definitely lower the cost of small business marketing.


Being one of the social media personalities who can talk about a specific niche or industry gives you the most vied opportunity to review and give feedback about a certain product or service. Talk and be heard!


Creating a holistic persona of your ideal audience is crucial, because it impacts the type of content you create and also, affects selection of the social media channel that would best suit the content strategy that you need to develop in the long run.


Part of developing an effective content strategy is giving your audience the right balance of information content, shared content and personal content. No matter how great your content is, if you are not getting people to see it and engage with it, it’s not exactly useful.


Confuse? Stick to one theme per social media channel. This gives a more holistic picture of who you are. And while you are doing this, please be patient and do not get disappointed if you have a low following at the start.


position yourself as social media influencer


Not defining a goal for each post or choosing the wrong model may fail capturing the attention of the target readers and the more prominent influencers in your niche. Evaluate how you were doing using the insights provided by the social media channel you use, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.


Deliver quality content on a consistent basis. If you don’t, then expect that they will eventually stop following you and also, stop paying attention to you.


Positioning yourself as a social media influencer will definitely take some time, so be patient and be consistent in writing and posting! Know that becoming a social media influencer is just the stepping stone to more significant opportunities and not your end destination.


Promote yourself without bragging. You need to guide the audience about what you can do. Share your content everywhere. Provide value, grow and draw attention to your work.


Write and shine! Remember that becoming an influencer is not dictated by you, but by your community. Create a noteworthy bio.


Start by fine tuning your different social media accounts. It should talk about your story in a way that engages people. Content management strategy is very important when it comes influencer marketing.

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