Remove Stubborn Visceral Fat Around Your Waist Using Infrared Light therapy

remove stubborn fat

The red and near infrared light therapy helps you to lose weight effectively as well as slow down ageing, relieve pain and inflammation, reduce hair loss, combat fatigue, and improve your overall energy levels. Enjoy optimum good health with little or no spending using this technique. The red light and near infrared therapies have been proven effective in wound healing, alleviating chronic pains and the bio-activation of neurotransmitters that includes the enhancement of endorphin levels.


Let us focus on that sagging belly of yours. I must tell you that the infrared light therapy weight loss program is quite expensive, but it can effectively remove the stubborn fat around the stomach. Claims about this weight lost led device include its ability to stimulate collagen in the skin and promote cell repair.


Unlike other forms of conventional heat sources, the red light therapy penetrates into the tissue and heat it up. Actually, this healing technique is meant to help people with chronic pain issues, such as arthritis where it can penetrate the tissue resulting in a localized circulation.


Nowadays, a synergy of red and infrared light therapy is usually recommended by experts as a dual approach in the reduction of arthritis symptoms using a device that cost lower than few hundred dollars. But, what about losing visceral fat?


Researchers found the slow metabolism of the body highly contributes to the fat accumulation, especially the visceral fat around the waist. First off, dealing with those fat cells around the waist can be highly disappointing.



Red light within the spectrum of 600 to 900nm easily penetrates the tissues and trigger beneficial metabolic activities such as release ATP and increase the body’s energy levels, production of new blood vessels, activation of the body’s lymphatic system, enhance localized blood circulation, increase formation of the fibroblast and collagen, stimulation of RNA and DNA synthesis, promotes cellular clean up, lower oxidative stress associated with aging, and restore damaged connective tissues.


Red light has the power to help you lose weight, heal your body and optimize your health. If this sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Light therapy may possibly reduce fat in the short term. However, studies are small and only follow patients for a few weeks or months. So, maybe you can do some great weight loss program that includes it and be happy!


The mechanism for weight loss is quite simple. It increases the metabolic rate. It stimulates the mitochondria and increases glucose oxidation.


The 600nm and 1000nm range can stimulate the key copper enzyme in our cells, which results in more ATP. The more glucose burned means developing a stronger metabolic rate, which would eventually get you to lose fat.


infrared light and radio frequency for weight loss



Understanding VelaShape

I made this research because I am interested about what VelaShape can do for my stubborn stomach fat. It has been years but my visceral fat still is my best friend sagging tummy. Humor me – it never leaves me. That’s what we call as it is always there!


If you already know me a little through my writings here, I do not just spend and waste dollars paying for anything without some knowledge about its benefits and consequences. Just thinking out loud, what can red light do for me?


The bipolar radio frequency and infrared energies used in the Velashape deliver enough heat to trick the fat cells into using up stored energy. Do fat cells and tissues die or transform when subjected to the Velashape’s infrared light and radio frequency?


The Velasmooth is a technology that combines infrared light and bi-polar radio frequency to help smooth dimpled areas. The radio frequency heats the adipose tissue while the infrared light heats the subcutaneous fat.


This results in the cell being smaller in size without destroying the fat cell or doing any damage to the cell. The heat also causes new collagen to develop, which often results in a nice skin tightening and body shaping including promoting skin elasticity.


Research about the effects of this weight loss technique have shown a reduction of the subcutaneous adipose tissue volume and an intensification of the dermal matrix intensity. There was a noted increase of the fat cell metabolism as well as softening of the fibrous cords that cause cellulite.


The infrared light has been perceived as the best nonsurgical fat loss therapy to help you achieve a smaller waist. One study examined the effects of the combination of an infrared light emitting diode and a low endurance exercise on obesity and the abdominal fat. The beneficial effects of the NIR-LED in both clinical and therapeutic settings have been associated with its strong bio-stimulatory effects on the biological tissues, which trigger an increase of the body’s metabolism.


In addition to reducing the formation and appearance of cellulite, the infrared therapy can increase the metabolism and also in the process, burn calories. Previous studies claimed the NIR-LED radiation works under thermal and biochemical mechanisms, which made it possible to reduce the fat beneath the skin.



How it works?

The NIR radiation penetrates deeply under the skin and targets fat tissues. It increases the body temperature, which results in a liquefied fat tissue and an increased metabolism.


The NIR-LED radiation is associated with the excitation of the cytochrome coxidase (CCO) and the complex IV enzyme activity, which activity results in an accelerated mitochondrial energy metabolism.


To achieve optimal results, the therapy should be combined with exercise in reducing the local body fat. The application of the NIR-LED belt offers unique beneficial effects and is an immensely useful tool in burning the abdominal fat.


The findings of the study specifically revealed the synergistic effects between the NIR-LED and the low intensity endurance exercise in association with the augmented metabolism of the fatty tissues.


shrink your fat cells fast



Shrink your fat cells fast

The results are measurable. The infrared light is highly effective when it comes to weight loss, anti aging cellular detoxification, pain management, and physical therapy. The heat activates the functions of the enzymes and metabolism.


You burn calories enough to let you lose inches immediately. Body reshaping and flawless skin is possible using the infrared light.


The infrared light is a winning strategy to help you shed unwanted belly fat. Exercise alone is not the answer. You need to change your eating habits, lifestyle, sleep duration, and of course, increase your physical activity.


Here’s how it works: The infrared light penetrates an inch under the skin to directly target the fat cells. The heat removes the fat and squashed it out of the cell.


It sounds like squeezing the juice out of the lemon. The body then uses the fat for energy. While maintaining your ideal weight is crucial for the overall health, it is equally important that the weight loss method you adopt is safe and has no side effects.


Doctors recommend having some cardio exercises at least within 4 hours after the treatment to use up the released fat from the therapy. If the fat is not used, it will find another place to settle down again. Over the course of 8 sessions, a patient may see 1 to 3 inches reduction.


Cardio is essential to the success of your therapy. The radio signals target and destroy the fat cells even without touching the body and no risk of damage to the skin.


Once the fat cells are destroyed, the body’s natural metabolism flushes them out of the body. No cardio, no fat out!



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Being overweight with a sagging stomach is a big no for ladies. You can use the red light therapy for weight loss. It stimulates the mitochondria in the nucleus of the fat cell resulting in fat loss. Obviously, the target of this therapy is weight loss.


The light therapy is a non-invasive technology known to produce no side effects. It works to drain and shrink the fat cells. Experts claim it can deliver great results in fat reduction and weight loss. However, this works best when accompanied by regular exercise and a healthy diet plan. The light therapy is one weight loss technique that you can trust.

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