How Interlinking And Pingbacks Drive Visitors To Your Blog?

Trackbacks and pingbacks are tools that can drive traffic to your website and help you earn money from your blog. However, they are often used interchangeably by most people. Actually, a trackback has been designed to show up the link plus a short excerpt of the post, while the pingback only shows the URL. They both were designed to alert publishers when someone links to their articles. Many blog applications support the trackback functionality without the need for extra intervention from the blogger. This way the pingback or trackback link can increase traffic to both the blogs.


Generally, a trackback is forced by a human blogger, while a pingback occurs automatically by the blogging software. Here is the thing. Trackbacks are intentional attention grabbers that give an opinion of another blogger’s work, while a pingback merely informs another blog that you are referencing their writing.


If nobody finds your site, then you are basically just spinning your wheels and wasting your time. If your blogging software has pingback, when you link to another site, the pingback then informs the owner of that other site about the link. If you are linking to a site that also has pingback, a link to your site might be automatically generated.


If there is no pingback, the owner of that site may choose to link back to your comment. This is one way to create mutual links that increase traffic for everybody.


If one of your goals is to increase revenue, then you need to plan accordingly. Whether you are a blogger looking to increase your traffic and monetize your site, interlinking and pingbacks can help you accomplish your goals.



Both can get traffic flowing to your site, but it is up to you to further learn how to convert your traffic into cash. You can take steps, such as building an opt-in email list, creating calls to action, creating landing pages, and offering coupons and discounts tailored to your website visitors.


The more fun, interesting, or useful you can make your fan’s experience, the more likely they are to connect with and buy from you. Pingbacking between your own articles is a good thing, and certainly receiving pingbacks and trackbacks tell you that many likes your post.



Measure and adjust

  • How many likes, shares, and retweets is your content getting?
  • How many comments do you receive on each post?
  • Are your trackbacks, pingbacks, and incoming links increasing?
  • Is your content resulting in an increased traffic, and is your increased traffic resulting in increased dollars?


Google ranks pages based on how many other pages link to it. That’s pages, not sites! When you link one blog entry to another, you are helping each article earn better search engine rankings, so it will continue to gain and bring in more search traffic.


But, there is a smarter way to make sure search engines find and rank every single page of your blog. If your blog is internally linked well together, then you make it easier for the search engines to index every page of your blog.



Interlinking blog posts

Simply linking your related content to your new blog post can do much for your traffic and can be very helpful over the long term. The most important thing to remember when interlinking blog posts is how you choose your anchor text.


Get your keywords right and use them as your anchor text to increase page views. This is a very good plain and simple reason to interlink your blog articles as often as you can.

Through interlinking, you created a nice pathway for the readers to navigate through your blog. Whenever you write and publish a new article, think whether it would be appropriate to link to another article. Relevance is critical in the interlinking process.


Most bloggers do not understand the role of interlinking in page ranking. If you do not interlink your new post to your old post, then you just bury your old well-written articles without even boosting their search traffic.



Benefits of interlinking posts

  • Brings you more traffic when you interlink specific pages on your own blog.


  • Ranks on desired keywords when used as anchor text.


  • Pass link juice to the old posts, which means the ability to create your own page rank.


  • Brings in more page impressions, when readers decide to link on the interlinks.


  • Makes the search engine crawl every page through your interlink navigation system, which can bring in more traffic in the long run.



Interlinking can be done using Related Posts or simply create an anchor text and link to the other post. Note that getting backlinks is getting tough nowadays. You can build the links, even thousands of them by writing more and interlinking your own posts.


You get people to stay more time and also, lower your bounce rates. Not everyone will click, but a good percentage will. If you did a good job at placing the links, some of the them would be opened up, just don’t overdo and put too many links in a single post.


Interlinking can improve your conversion rates, but it is not everything. You should learn how to create compelling content, so people will tune into your social media feeds and content. The key is to keep your content engaging and let your personality shine through them all.


Remember that while you are creating content and engaging with your audience, no one is going to care about what you write unless they feel they have a personal connection with you. Listen to what they say and respond appropriately.




The technique?

If you haven’t done any interlinking, don’t start adding links from your next article, but work your way through your archives or old posts. Focus on relevancy.


With your quality content, the traffic to your site will increase soon. You add more links when you add more content. Keep track of your stats and analyze where the traffic is centralizing.


Increase the internal links to these pages by adding extra links to the page. You can conquer all obstacles by taking the time to manipulate the search engines and increase the ranking stats of your site.


With more traffic heading your way, your odds for click throughs are increased. Again, keep everything simple. Simple is best!



Master this game and turn your blog into a lifetime income. If you want to use the Related Posts plugin for WordPress

  • Outbrain
  • Taboola
  • LinkWithin
  • RevContent
  • Monumetric



There are many ways to make money, but first you need to take care of your content. Create highly searchable quality content, and then perform interlinking between your old post and new post. Make sure both articles are related and relevant for interlinking. Interlinking your own posts can drive traffic and improve the page ranking of your specific article. Do this and start to earn money from your blog.

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