Is Being Fat Bad?

Is being fat healthy or you need a weight loss program

Being fat and even obesity has become so common in our society that people perceive this body frame as a norm rather than an exception. So, what is wrong with being fat? Many are asking if being a little bit overweight can lead to an untimely death. Actually, it is a simple question with real consequences. It is not fine to be fat and celebrating it can be damaging to the health and mindset of the young ones. The body positivity began as a powerful antidote to the media’s obsession with slim models and beachball breasted glamor girls.


With the rise of eating disorders, the government and a lot of organizations boost body positivity movements in order to make the public embrace different shapes and sizes. Beginning with plus size models and obese social media influencers, the fat acceptance movement aims to normalize obesity.


While nobody should be bullied for their size, it is important that the government and these organizations should make a distinction between social cruelty and health awareness. Obesity is now the second leading cause of lifestyle related cancers.


Not many people know that fat cells can turn into cancer cells later! A new study looks at how cancer derives fuel from fat cells and in the way tumors communicate with fat cells.


Don’t you know that prostate cancer is fast becoming the second leading cause of cancer related deaths among men? Obesity is the known major risk factor and predicts how aggressively the cancer cells may behave.



In UK, weight related hospital admissions have risen by 18% with more than a quarter 26% of British adults now classified as obese. Another study found that overweight people who classified themselves as fat but fit still had a 28% increased risk of heart disease compared to their slimmer counterparts.


The problem also goes with the risk for osteoarthritis, gout, breathing problems, high blood pressure and other conditions. While being thin is not a guarantee for a clean bill of health, there is no denying that health risks are far greater for the obese people.


Getting on a public health campaign that flatters people egos about models and bullies rather than to raise awareness about potential health dangers may put more overweight and obese people in real life danger.


The medical experts and nutrition experts are not into skinny models, nor are they into obese models. In a looks obsessed society, justifying being overweight can seriously impact a person’s health. We are not talking about the looks here, but the health!


With the trending weight loss diet meal plans and fat loss supplements, being overweight may not be that bad at all if you do not get the chronic related diseases that comes with the condition.


fat people are sick people who needs weight loss programs


As we all know, having an excess body weight significantly contributes to the world’s most disabling and serious diseases. People store fat for a reason. But, when being fat becomes a health problem, you should consider losing weight as soon as you are ready for the challenge.


Men and women across the world truly are not aware that eating anything can lead to an excess body fat and keeping the fat can put them in greater risks of developing painful, serious disorders, such as gout, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist and hand disorder, and sleep apnea.


Being overweight can also affect the person’s joints, breathing, sleep, mood and energy levels. When you eat more calories, you also store more body fat leading to excess weight.



What’s your QOL?

What is your quality of life (QOL) as an overweight or obese person? First of all, you lose your self-confidence. The society since the beginning of time has been straight with its definition of beauty.


Beauty has always been a combination of everything, and one of them is female aesthetics. Being slimmer can make you feel more beautiful and look sexy.


Social control over bodies has been in existence ever since the nineteenth century when women started wearing corsets. Just being honest, looking like the slim models with flat abs is a very good bonus in life. I would not deny I wish I had a body like that!


overweight and obesity gives you hypertension and high blood pressure


Today, the most coveted form is thin and toned. Although the ways and means to achieve this ideal form is as harmful as wearing a corset, many women go to extreme lengths to have a smaller waist. You should learn how to get in top shape the proper way.


Besides, all sale items are smaller sizes. Unfortunately, most trendy dresses and fashionable designs have been set to smaller sizes. In short, only the women with smaller bodies and waist can enjoy being fab!


Mostly, the nice designs were made for the slim ladies. Go to the different malls near your place and compare. There is a big difference between the designs of the slim and the fat ladies.


If you want to save and at the same time, wear fashionable tops and dresses, then you should start watching your waist and your weight. It would be a pity for a woman not being able to wear sexy underwear and dresses because nothing would seem to fit at all.


You should start thinking about slimming down and paying less. Some clothes you want to wear may not look good if worn by someone with a bigger waist.


Suppressed desires are hazardous to your mental health and pocket, because you might just buy a dress that does not fit you and then, just put everything in the closet. Yes, I had experience that, which is the major reason I started losing weight in 2013.


On the other hand, most overweight people suffer from metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, gallbladder, and hypertension diseases. Obesity also is the greatest contributor to increasing your risks for breast, colon, uterus, esophagus, and kidney cancers.


Individuals who were reported as overweight were found to die prematurely. In the US alone, there were at least 90,000 cancer deaths per year. Being fat can be acceptable in society but not good for your health.


No one deserves to be bullied, but no one deserves to get fake sympathy that would lead to more disastrous health conditions. Let us not be too flexible when it comes to health concerns.


Being fat is good if you do not get all the serious diseases ever created in this world. Most people with obesity issues were reported to experience stress joints because of the excess weight. The knees and hips wear out sooner from bearing the excess weight.


Individuals with too much fat have breathing problems. The excess fat may interfere with the lungs when it expands during the inhale and exhale processes.


Sometimes, obese people may find issues about fertility because they upset the normal hormonal balance of the body. Being over in weight means having a bulging tummy. It is difficult to get flat abs when you are overweight.


People today are gaining weight due to sedentary lifestyles such as prolonged sitting, watching TV eating unhealthy foods, and many more.


You get high blood pressure, high triglyceride levels, a buildup of gallbladder stones, develop fatty liver disease, a slipped capital femoral epiphyses (SCFE) painful hip problem and severe headaches. Ladies, I tell you it is not easy to be obese.



What about the fat cells?

Scientist discovered that fat cells play a significant role in maintaining your health and keeping you away from diseases.


Fat cells that are becoming too large would make you lose your ability to respond to the insulin hormone. This will lead to the development of diabetes.


The macrophages are cells contained within the fat cells. Macrophages play a significant role in protecting you from diseases. However, if these cells multiply beyond than what is needed by your body, then they start to malfunction.


Too much body fat causes the macrophages to produce certain chemicals that may deliver inflammation and damage to the heart and blood vessels. As much as possible, you would not want to have to do with any of these diseases.


Try to keep your weight to the ideal. Save cost on medical care by avoiding excess body fat. Obesity is now considered a chronic disease, much like in the level of killer diseases.



Factors contributing to obesity

You definitely have low metabolism. You need to perform some aerobic activities such as running, swimming, and even brisk walking for at least an hour a day to help your body shed off excess weight, build and repair tissues, produce and transport substances, and circulate and filter blood.


Age definitely influences the body’s metabolic rate. However, you are able to maintain or increase your body’s metabolic rate by simply performing aerobic activities or performing strength training.


One of the reasons people become obese when they are older because they continue to eat the same way they ate when they were younger. With a slower metabolism, you would surely store fat around the tummy.


The average American gains about 20 to 30 pounds between the ages of 20 to 50. Just imagine how your body metabolism could decline with that kind of weight gain.


When the body gets to the point where the amount of body fat creates a negative effect on a person’s health, you may have noticed other diseases related to excessive fatness start to appear.



Keep off the fat!

Your body size influences your motivation to perform and even your body’s ability to move. Health experts recommend at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity every day.


You may increase the amount of energy expended by your body if you decide to increase the intensity or duration of your physical activity. Remember that your metabolic rate only remains elevated for several hours after you discontinue any kind of vigorous physical activity.


This elevation will create an increase of your muscle cells metabolic activity that may occur directly after the physical exertion. To keep yourself healthy, you should first consider keeping a higher metabolic rate.


You may plan and carry out sports types of exercise or activity for the sole purpose of improving your health and wellbeing, such as

  • Swimming
  • Brisk walking
  • Lifting weights


Activities considered as movement for daily living refers to activities that you may do in your own leisure time. They are unstructured physical activities that are not associated with sports, such as

  • Housework
  • Gardening
  • Walking


Activities considered as spontaneous muscular movement are the non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) that can help reduce the risk of weight gain. One idea related to NEAT are people who are always busy and restless. They tend to metabolize more energy this way than people who are living with the sedentary lifestyle.




Alters, S. & Schiff, W. (2009). Essential concepts for healthy living. Sudbury, Ma: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.



NHS published an article to use the BMI or the waist circumference as a measure of fatness or being overweight. Women with circumference of 31.5 or more are more likely to develop obesity related health problems. For men, it is 37 or more.


It is important to take steps for this potentially life threatening condition, not because it can affect your looks, but because as experts say, it is life threatening. Start your weight loss program by eating more fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods. The best way to treat obesity is to change your diet and your lifestyle. This means you have to exercise regularly and reduce intake of calories. Walk, jog or swim. Know that there is no quick fix for obesity. Weight loss programs take time and full commitment.

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