Island Boy Grill Restaurant Dine In With Live Band At Coron, Palawan

The Island Boy Grill Restaurant gives you small servings of good tasting food, unlike the other restaurants in Coron. Most of their menus are Philippine dishes and cuisine, that consist of barbecue, seafoods, pork sisig, chorizo, and many more. The Island Boy Grill specialty are grilled meat skewers and sizzling dishes.


You will find the restaurant easily, because it is located in the middle of the town, that almost all tricycle and motorcycle routes pass through both sides of the corner street. No worries about getting a transportation, even if it rains.


From sunset to late nights, the restaurant entertains you with a live band music. This well-known restaurant is the favorite hang out of both locals and foreign tourists. However, if there are many customers, you need to be patient with your food cooking and waiting time.


Taken August 17 2017 at Island Boy Grill Restaurant In Coron, Palawan, Philippines


The Coron town is very safe for foreign visitors. You do not have to be afraid going around at night. There are a couple of bars opened to eat and drink, but if you want to chill, sit and listen to good music, I recommend going to the Island Boy Grill live band entertainment at night.



If you love listening to music, just passing time, staring at other people’s faces, and just sitting, the Island Boy Grill is the place for you. Recent research revealed the secret to being happy and maintaining a better wellbeing is listening to music while connecting with people. Well, you got these two factors of living life, right there.



If you are one of those who love to watch live music band eating seafoods and authentic Filipino cuisine, go for Island Boy Grill in Coron. Your enjoyment goes beyond listening. If the singer will sing the 80s song, they it will definitely take you back in time. This can put you in a good mood remembering friends, because you connected to the song.


Lost in Coron town? No problem, just go and eat at the Island Boy Grill when you get hungry. It is located at the heart of town!


Just a look of what you are getting… Come as you are or come in style! Any outfit is appreciated. Enjoy your meal to the max.



Travel is a very interesting option for me to see the world beyond my bedroom (I am a work from home mom), and to amplify my skills for photography. At Coron, one of the restaurants I’ve visited is the Island Boy Grill, which gave quite a remarkable taste test of their grilled recipes. In fact, I would want to go back to Coron Island again. Five days is not enough… See you sometime, soon!




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