J.Co Donuts, Your Lifestyle Café In Cebu Baked With Love

J.Co Donuts Cebu City

Do you love doughnuts and hanging out with your friends in coffee shops? Let me tell you where you can buy the best tasting, moist doughnuts in Cebu. The best doughnut flavors can be purchased in stores like the J. Co Donuts and Krispy Kreme in the city, specifically in SM City and Ayala malls. These best tasting processed foods you can indulge in with an experience, can really leave a remarkable trail off memory lane. With flavors designed and inspired in their Indonesian main market, the J. Co has successfully gained entry into the local market in the Philippines by offering more choices for doughnuts, yogurt, coffee and sandwiches.


Sometimes, I cannot find the difference between cakes and the doughnuts anymore. They all taste so good nowadays. They are sweet and squishy with mouth drooling flavors on a variety of toppings and fillings.


These delectable baked goods can pretty set your mood for that perfect morning or midafternoon coffee shop break. I say, just the perfect accompaniment! There simply is never a bad time for a doughnut.


Making the look and the taste of their products as their new benchmark, they ended up with a smashing success from having curated the business theme to become the locals’ favorite doughnut recipe in the Philippines. The beloved treat, surprisingly, not even short of perfection, fast became a benchmark for selecting soft, terrific doughnuts anywhere in Cebu.


Eating doughnuts have been a family tradition in most families around Cebu for some time now. People just love it when you bring the best tasting doughnuts during family gatherings, such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or New Year. The love for great tasting baked doughnuts shall be in the hearts of the Cebuanos forever. Who would not get drawn to good doughnuts?



The J. Co café has created a unique concept that changed the industry. They curated the selection of donuts and their other products in a way that suggests a certain lifestyle or theme for those who indulge in them. I tell you now. It has always been difficult to decide which one to get!


Why eat donuts? Typically, these products only appeal to a certain audience, but with the intermingling of their other offers and additional elements of accompanying services and events, customers meet with their families and friends or business associates here and enjoy a break from the heavy traffic and shopping.


J.Co used the designs of their donuts plus the sassy ambience of the café to lure their customers into the store. With their brick and mortar location at the heart of the mall, the café’s collaborative concept of lifestyle offering has definitely captured the charm and warmth of the shoppers. The J. Co specializes in doughnuts, coffee, and frozen yogurt.


J.CO Donuts & CoffeeJ.Co Donuts SM Mabolo CebuJ.CO Donuts CebuShirley Chio Eating J.Co Donuts Cebu

Photos taken July 2 2017 at J.Co Donuts in SM City, Mabolo, Cebu City, Philippines


It makes sense for the business to attract a distinct customer base that appreciates good coffee with colorful designed donuts on the counter. The longer someone lingers, standing and looking on the variety of doughnuts on the counter, the more interested they become in tasting each product on display.


The locals have been indulging in their coffee shops and just created these coffee stores into a meeting point for small chit chats or just to enjoy time with their family and friends. We couldn’t just personally grab the same superb tasting doughnuts in just any shop in the island.


How these little sweet treats happen to roll off so fast over the counter, I can just imagine! With so many doughnut options across the islands, it is still not that hard to find a quality treat near you that is truly mind blowing like the J. Co.


Lately, people now want to build personal feeling and relationships back into transactions. Some agents and even managers have taken it upon themselves to foster this sense of closely knit relationships despite the busy city environment.


J.Co Philippines, Cebu

Photos taken June 5 2016 at J.Co SM Mabolo, Cebu City, Cebu

J.Co Donuts, SM Mabolo, Photos by Shirley Chio

Photos taken November 4 2014 at J.Co SM City, North Reclamation, Cebu City, Cebu


I am one of those who, for three consecutive months, on every Sunday, hangs out at the J. Co with 2 donuts and a water on my table. I just can’t get enough of their donuts that I have to go back and savor that differentiated taste for 3 consecutive months.


Actually, their formula has been the sole reason their chain of stores has rapidly expanded from Indonesia to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. The J. Co is an international premium doughnut and coffee shop brand that offers unique flavors of doughnuts and beverages.


The customers randomly pick doughnuts that were made from the best ingredients and toppings of Belgian chocolates, Californian almonds, Japanese matcha green tea, and the Italian roasted coffee from their awesome selection of flavors. The handpicked ingredients gave the doughnuts and coffee a fine taste. Having said that. I definitely agree with the reference of fine taste!


Enjoy the fresh taste of the J. Club or just delight yourself drinking coffee and their fresh yogurt. You do not need to scour the city anymore for a taste of soft, fluffy donuts. Just go to the SM City or Ayala malls and get it fast!


J. Co Donuts Cebu Philippines


J. Co offers a white chocolate ring doughnut encrusted with toasted almonds Al Capone and the White Desert with a sweet creamy kaya filling topped with coconut flakes. You can even take a full bite of their Avocado DiCaprio, which is an intriguing combination of the avocado and chocolate crunch.


Unlike the other kinds of doughnuts sold in the city before, the J. Co provides fluffy and very soft to the bite donuts. The taste is just right for my sweet tooth, so I can assure you I can definitely eat 2 donuts in one setting.


Good, fresh, well cooked donuts have a soft fluffy interior. The fruit fillings definitely enhanced the flavor of their colorful doughnuts and can make you jump with joy. Who will fiercely argue with the charm and strength of cake doughnuts?


Just in case you haven’t known it yet, the J. Co offers cake doughnuts, which is the kind we do not see every day on the streets. That is why, eating at the café is a lifestyle. The cake doughnuts are lighter and won’t stick to the roof of your mouth or your palate.



They are more filling, dunkable, and more, well, taste like cake! They are not the old fashioned, self proclaimed doughnuts. The cake doughnuts have a fluffy and not sickeningly sweet with a delightful chewy texture.


Because of their cakey taste and texture, the J. Co has made it through the Asian market. Their cake doughnuts are much more moist and dense, not to mention the delectable filling.



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What about the staff? They are respectful and try to give the service you expect from them, such as taking their groupie with big smiles, and them taking your selfie, aww!


So, if in case you forgot to bring something from the restaurant or bakery for your kids at home, you can just pick several flavors and order a to go from the J. Co doughnuts and coffee shop. Nothing can be more exciting than seeing the faces of your loved ones tasting these more like homemade cake doughnuts, baked with love!


Shirley Chio at J.Co Donuts



Where to find J.Co Doughnuts in Cebu

SM Mabolo

Unit 076 SM City, Lower Ground Level, North Reclamation

Mabolo, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Telephone 032 234 3308



Level 1, The Terraces Stall F14B

Ayala Center, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

Telephone 032 401 2686

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