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Jollibee Cebu

Definitely, Jollibee fast food restaurant in Cebu is a healthier choice for the Filipinos’ pockets. With a well-thought menu and creatively formulated recipes, this cheap, quick, sociable, and famous fast food fried chicken is the number one favorite of the locals. With the perfect combination of affordable meals and just the right portions, I am certain you can have your fill picking up any items listed in their delicious menu. Eat with your hand or do it with your fork, passionately lick your finger and consume everything with gusto. All you need is to sit down and simply enjoy the crispy coating of the Jollibee chicken.


In the Philippines, Jollibee is truly the most visited fast food in the neighborhood. If you walk along the streets in Cebu, you will notice that the fast food restaurant chain has the most number of branches in almost all corners of the city and the provinces, and also, the most number of customers, kids and adults alike, compared with the other leading fast food brands.


What made Jollibee an icon fast food restaurant of the Philippines? The answer is actually very simple. It has captured the taste and the hearts of the Filipinos with its tried and tested formula of delivering great tasting food, especially their well cooked chicken.


The crispy Chickenjoy has been the all time favorite and the most popular item on their menu. Yes, their Chickenjoy recipe came from their secret well blended family formula.


If you look at the Jollibee fast food stores in Cebu, there are many people lining up from the morning snack time, lunch time, afternoon snack time, and to dinner time. In fact, you can also see the 24 hour stores of selected location, filled with customers for the after dinner family or friends hang out.



I must admit I love eating their chicken too, and that burger Champ. It is the largest burger size, but gosh, I can eat everything in one setting. That is how I am when it comes to eating at Jollibee eat out restaurant.


Besides the super tasty meals, the company has consistently tailored their messages and advertising strategy focus on family and community solidarity.


The company has spent millions of pesos every year marketing directly to the hearts and minds of the locals, managing the relationship, and reaching out potential customers.


This fast food restaurant chain has powerfully competed with KFC and MacDonalds, and is considered as one of the largest fast food chains here in the Philippines with over 750 stores and counting.


Their staff is so fast in serving hot meals. This is what I call a quality food served fast. The speed of service is commendable!


 Jollibee Iligan CityJollibee lunch Iligan CityJollibee family meal Iligan CityJollibee Iligan City near house

Photos taken October 18 2017 at Jollibee In Iligan City, Philippines

Jollibee Consolacion SM Mall Cebu PhilippinesJollibee SM Mabolo Cebu PhilippinesJollibee SM City Mall ConsolacionJollibee SM lacion Cebu


Just think of what they can offer you: fast service, respectful staff, quality and tasty food, and mascot performances. They have been very good and sustainable in maintaining the right size and level of their staff, training crew members, finding new franchising contracts, advertising viral videos, creating demand, perfecting new menus for more affordable but still tasty food, and really good in turning a one time visitor into a regular customer.


What more can I say? Jollibee got me! My daughter loves Jollibee too. Should I say, she loves it too much? She would always order the combo extra large upgrade French fries, burger, and a coke, plus the chocolate sundae.


Yup, fatty foods, but she did not get fat anyway. It is the mom whose stomach is getting bigger each moment we go eat at Jollibee ha ha. Let me give you an idea of how busy the store is. Can you imagine cars lining up at the drive thru too?


This franchised company’s brand has enjoyed an overall lion’s share of the local and national market. This actually started as an Ice Cream Parlor founded by Tony Tan and his family.



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The family oriented approach and management has grown the brand into what it is now – the icon brand of the Philippines.


Kids love Jollibee and you can see right on their faces and eyes the excitement of receiving their kiddie meal Jollibee toys and gifts.


The materials and advertising content of this giant fast food chain focused on the importance of Filipino family values. It never actually loses sight of its vision and goals.


With the customer satisfaction on the back of its delicious menu line up, Jollibee offered the superior tasting Chickenjoy, mouthwatering Yum Burger and Champ Burger, Choco Sundae, and Spaghetti.


They kept on changing their menu, but these four tend to stay forever. The Jollie Kiddie meals comes with gifts that kids love.


for all the good times Jollibee PhilippinesJollibee Cebu JMall fast food restaurant

Photos taken December 20 2014 at Jollibee In ParkMall, Mandaue City, Cebu


Jollibee offers the most affordable fast food meals in the country. It is the well-loved brand of the Filipinos where they hold most of their kids’ birthday celebrations.


Kids get truly amazed and jump in excitement watching the Jollibee mascot dance. The most loved meal by the Filipino children are the chicken joy and spaghetti combo with extra rice, palabok, large French fries, champ burger steak, the amazing aloha or big champ hamburger, peach mango pie, banana langka pie and many more best combo deals of the week.


Slowly, Jollibee is expanding to the United States, specifically in those states with many Filipinos. It does not follow the smell of money.


It followed the smell of their patrons who migrated abroad and are wishing they have a Jollibee fast food store to hang out with other Filipinos.


It follows where there are Filipino communities looking for their authentic Filipino Jollibee taste. That is how strongly connected Jollibee is with the Filipinos.


Jollibee Philippines menu


Here is the latest price list of Jollibee foods / menu. If you are a visiting foreigner, please convert the peso value to your currency


Jollibee Philippines Menu fast food tasty meals


Where to find Jollibee in Cebu

This fast food restaurant is practically located in every strategic corner of the Philippines. You do not have to worry where to find Jollibee.


Just walk across the street and if you see people lining up, that is our Jollibee Filipino icon for fast food. I do not need to list the stores, but for the sake of the visitors, I will give the addresses of some stores in the malls and in the city.


Visit Jollibee cafeteria fast food restaurant in Cebu Philippines


Here we are


Order Online for delivery:

You can go to http://jollibeedelivery.com/  (temporarily closed, but you can call #87000 to order)

And have your food delivered still hot to your doorstep, hotel, clinic, or hospital. Mode of payment is cash on delivery.


As of the moment, ordering online was suspended. You have to call #87000 through the landline and place your order over the phone.


Through text, just type delivery Cebu (if you are in Cebu) and send to 0917 868 7000 or 0908 868 7000.


When I am at home, I sometimes order Jollibee delivery. It is my first choice, because it is fast and hot, and easy to order online. This is one of the fried chicken fast food restaurants in Cebu that demonstrates a very professional service. I think they have a 20 minutes max delivery time. Just to let you know, Jollibee fast food menu prices rank on top of the list of the best fast food chains in Cebu.

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