Go To Jonie’s Sizzlers And Roast Resto For Cheaper Every Day Lunch & Dinner Meals In Cebu

Jonies sizzlers Cebu Philippines

Are you looking for native Filipino cholesterol friendly foods and cholesterol healthy recipes in Cebu with quality grilling services, sizzling and delectable meals that are cheaper on a dime? Spend less and eat more as you enjoy budget friendly, delicious Filipino dishes at the Jonie’s Sizzlers and Roast restaurant. Who says delightlful dishes have to be expensive? At Jonie’s, Grilled and sizzling recipes in appetite appealing food presentation are offered with less money to spend and more value received. Cholesterol management can be just a hot sizzling plate away.


Jonie’s Sizzlers and Roast is lovingly referred to as simply Jonies by the local Cebuanos. The place has a variety of local dishes in their menu that literally caters to the Filipino taste. If you are into sizzling dishes, you can count on Jonies to serve you the cholesterol friendly foods and meals you want without inclusive drinks in the price. It is one of the best places for grilled meat and seafood in Cebu. Absolutely no need to spend in expensive fine dining Cebu restaurants.


The variety of sizzlers and other Cebu food specialties in the menu were carefully picked and combined with different sauces and dips to give you an awesome experience. The dipping sauce is a common condiment to the sizzling platters. It adds flavor and texture to the pork or chicken.


Whenever I feel like eating a sizzling steak, but not in the mood to battle the long traffic on my trip to the city, I would just go straight ahead to Jonies at SM Consolacion. The restaurant offers delectable, fully cooked meals that can be served in a few minutes after you place the order and paid for it.


Describing their menu is not as easy as it seems, especially after you take the first bite. How many ways can you say something was really hot and tasty to the bite?



All the meals were designed for convenience, affordability, and were all dietary restriction friendly for better cholesterol management. If you feel that something should be tweaked at the last moment (doctor’s order), then you can inform and request the counter so they can cook your meals right to your diet. Yes, they understand and allow that kind of impromptu request.


What I like in Jonies is that they serve their food hot and taken right out from their burning gas stove. As my obsession to polish my travel blog writing style and food photography skills grew in intensity, I would never hide my appreciation to eating foods that were consistently served hot!


Other restaurants out there were already adapting to the modern and fast paced environment by serving foods that were already cooked hours before you order them, and just heating them up when you order them, which is one reason that they tasted bad.


Jonies sizzlers and roast Cebu PhilippinesJonies sizzlers mealJonies brunch Cebu PhilippinesJonies sizzling hot food Cebu PhilippinesJonies fried rice Cebu PhilippinesJonies promo meal and lunch Cebu PhilippinesJonies sizzlers snapshots Cebu

Photos taken June 11 2017 at Jonie’s Sizzlers, SM Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines


Ever imagine heating and eating leftovers? That is the very first thought that came to my mind when I ate at other restaurants that do not care about their clients and just go on serving ready-to-eat foods, which I can literally describe as leftovers.


At Jonies, you can be assured all the food in their menu were properly cooked fresh and served hot. Their products actually taste much better than what is being served at most common restaurants.


How would you compare the meals of Jonies? They are like home cooked foods. I do not think they are even close to microwaved.


You can really see the value of your money on their dishes. They cooked them good, but of course the serving portion may not be as you expected.


They do not waste food, which is one reason they measured the serving portions. This policy reduces food waste and make them able to offer cheaper prices.


Jonies SM CebuEat out, no need for fine dining, get sizzling steak at Jonies sizzlers and roastJonies SM Mabolo Cebu Philippines

Photos taken June 4 2017 at Jonies In SM Mabolo, Cebu City


Selling larger portions can be expensive, especially if they go to waste. People always wanted to receive massive amounts of food when they eat out, but they cannot eat all of them anyway.


If you eat in large amounts, I think you are better off eating in a karenderia or BBQ stations, because their portions are served for those who eat just enough and not much.


When it comes to portion sizes, bigger is not better. It increases the prices due to waste. Were you not advised to use smaller plates and dishes for weight control? Well, you got it now.


In the Filipino’s mind, a sizzling pancit canton is still just plain pancit or noodles. Pansit is a traditional dish that most locals can live without. Every restaurant serving the average locals has the pancit in their menu. Jonies cooks the pancit canton in a sizzling plate and serve it hot.



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The kangkong with pork is just a sautee kind of food preparation. Kangkong sautéed with pork adds flavor and makes the dish complete to the taste.


The pork belly is one of my favorites at Jonies, besides the sizzling sisig. There is nothing special with the food ingredients and sauce really, but they are what I call as the way you cook in your kitchen. The porchops are real cool to the taste.


So, what makes these people coming back to the resto again and again. I think it is the familiarity of the dishes, the convenience, the prices, and the ambience they offer. The foods are also served very hot!


Jonies wall menu offerJonies pansit and rice mealJonies sizzling sisigsizzling sisig mix at Jonies Cebu PhilippinesJonies sizzling kangkongJonies sizzlers riceJonies store at SM Mabolo Cebu Philippines



One thing …


You can view the whole menu at the wall near the cashier. So, you can stand there and see the large images and prices right on your front.


Here’s a glimpse of their menu …




Where to find Jonie’s Sizzlers and Roast in Cebu

SM Mabolo

Upper G/F, SM City, North Reclamation,

Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Telephone 032 231 5021


Insular Square

31 JP Rizal, Mandaue City, Cebu

Telephone 032 505 5904



JMall, A. S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City, Cebu

Telephone 032 266 8912


SM Consolacion

Cebu North Road, Consolacion, Cebu

Telephone 032 514 7492


Jonie’s offers great Filipino food for an affordable price, such as its sizzling pork sisig recipe and fried rice. Being one of the top Filipino restaurants in Cebu that serves authentic Pinoy cuisine, you can see that most people wanting native Filipino food in Cebu often get their fill at Jonie’s sizzlers. If you are looking cholesterol friendly foods to keep your cholesterol at its best level, then you can request a good sizzling Filipino dish with a little tweak.

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