Kayangan Lake Ultimate Tour In Coron, Palawan

The Coron island hopping ultimate tour was more than I expected to see and experience for a short travel vacation. The Kayangan Lake’s serene yet magnetic beauty made me think that living in paradise can truly be real and happening on earth. The boat trip going to the lake has already bewitched me. The clear and very clean water plus the amazing shapes of the limestone islets mesmerized me so much I just stared and took photos of them throughout the trip. And yes, we were trying to take turns taking our photos at the edge of the boat.


The docking area of the Kayangan Lake was super impressive. You will be taking your photos right there with the boats and the island plus clouds backdrop. This is the part where you will really wish you have a nicer camera.


I never expected it to be so beautiful. There would be a short walk at the docking area before you reach the entrance to the lake.


You have to climb the cemented stairs to reach the Kayangan Lake. I thought it was just at the base of the mountain, but it was located at the top of the mountain, which is so cool. The total number of steps to climb is about over 300, so you must be prepared for this cardio climb.


Kayangan is very clean, even the steps and way up. I did not see a single trash, which is remarkable. All of those who went to see the lake were swimming like a child.



It was our first time to experience such kind of lake. You have to wear your life vest if you swim though. There are rocks underneath so you should be careful not to step on those sharp rocks because later, you still have to go over 300 steps again in going back to the boat.


Kayangan LakeKayangan Lake CoronKayangan Lake TourKayangan Lake swimmingKayangan Lake Photo by Shirley Chio



Kayangan Lake view deck

The small cave and the view deck was not really that beautiful you would think it defeated the cardio sacrifice of the last 150 steps. But, when I went to the viewing rock and looked below, I was so surprised I have to take pictures during my turn.


The view below was so awesome I cannot breathe. Mystical panoramic view! In this place, I had my best travel photography snapshots ever.


There is no need to look for a good background or a good view. Everything is right on your front and you only have to click your camera just to get mystified again when you view the photos later on your computer.


The rock layout and the trees plus the water are an overwhelming visual delight that made the trip, the cardio exercise, and the money spent for the island hopping boat tour worth every cent.


Kayangan Lake View Deck


The Kayangan Lake gives you a very beautiful view from the above. It would be wiser to bring your drone toys and get some good photos from the above. You can ride a bamboo raft at the lake or go for a deep dive.


This is a very unique diving experience. You can see marine life, rock formations, and mini caves underneath.


The best is to have a private tour and avoid the crowd. Take a lot of photos if you want, but it would be lonely too if there are only 2 or 3 of you out there.


The Kayangan Lake with the towering limestone rock formations is one of the best travel experience you can have here in the Philippines. If you are a foreigner and love nature, I would recommend the Kayangan Lake Island Hopping Ultimate Tour in Coron as one of your travel destinations.

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