Enjoy Rapid Weight Loss Program Eating Red Hot Chili Korean Noodles

Masitta Food Shoppe Cebu weight loss program

Spicy food Korean Jampong Noodles for free weight loss healthy diet programs? Does this chili hot soup with Korean noodles actually work to remove some pounds off your weighing scale? Some of us love a little spice, but the Masitta Korean Food Shoppe can give you more than that. Interesting rumors are starting to emerge in the shape up, lose weight fast world – spicy foods can help you lose some pounds off in a few weeks! If you can take your Korean spicy noodles challenge in one of Cebu’s Korean cheap eats, then you are on your way to removing a few inches off that tummy bulge. Literally get your body back fast and easy eating Masitta Jampong free weight loss healthy diet programs.


Do not resist temptation with food anymore, because this time, the Korean Jampong hot chili noodle indulgence, gives you the power to lose weight faster. These fast, easy, spicy, and addictive Korean recipes and Korean food noodles can rob you off your diet as they were tailored to fit your mood and tastebuds.


The spicy soup will leave your lips buzzing, but still, you eat more than you do in your life. Well, don’t worry, because they say chili foods can make you thinner than you think. What is it about the Korean Jampong Noodles that make them so irresistible? I think it is the idea of having to enjoy food and trigger weight loss the natural way.


My daughter was actually the first and only person who introduced me the Jampong red hot chili Korean noodle at the Masitta Food Shoppe in JCenter Mall, Mandaue. She loves spicy food and asked me to take a taste test and maybe I would like it also.


The idea sparked some imagination for the perfect place to take travel photography and selfies seriously this time. We went there to give it a taste test and taking better selfies indoors the chance of a lifetime.



Indeed, it was a love at first bite! The Korean inspired instant noodle with egg taste too good that I went back many times to the food shoppe just to eat the Jampong.


I even asked them to open at the mall nearer my place, so it would be easier for me to eat every day. Yes, that is how it got me.


At Masitta, you can choose several instant noodle creations. Almost all of it are served with the Kimchi and rice. The egg can be added upon request for a small additional fee of P10 to P12 pesos.


Once you place the order, the store attendant will cook it right there and then. Food is served in about 15 to 20 minutes. There goes one of your natural and free weight loss healthy diet programs.


Hot jampong for weight losseat super hot jampong noodles and lose weightLose weight the easy way eating hot Korean noodles

Photos taken November 20 2017 at Masitta, JMall, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines


There is no limit to how hot your food can get. Just make the request at the food attendant and they will cook it just as you want it. I advise you just let them do the appropriate chili mixture or you might not be able to eat it if it becomes super hot.


The prices at Masitta is only P120 for the noodles and that comes with the egg, rice, Kimchi, and a glass of ice tea. Good deal for your blog and earn Cebu food trip yeah?


You can find the Masitta at the JMall food court located at the 3rd floor and at the upper ground level near the other side entrance of the grocery. It is one of the kiosks at the left side of the main entrance.


They also sell kimbab in different flavor. There is an instruction you can read at the side of the kiosk about how to open the kimbab.


I really enjoyed every food trip visit I made there. A bowl of Jampong with egg is just enough for me. Large bowls of noodles can really serve as a good meal, and you can eat it without the rice. They are both carbs anyway.



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Here we are


If it’s fun for you to eat this way, you can slurp your noodles to your contentment. The taste really fascinates me.


The Masitta noodles are easy to make and delicious. They do not even require too many ingredients. You can see it yourself, because they cook right there at your front.


best weight loss food trip Cebu

Photo taken August 27 2017 at Masitta, JCentre, Mandaue City, Cebu

eat hot noodles and lose weight fast



How to get to Masitta Korean Food Noodles Kiosks in Cebu

Mandaue City

JCenter Mall Building, AS Fortuna Street

Bakilid, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

Telephone: 0916 521 2943


Lapu Lapu City

SM hypermarket, Kadaugan Avenue

Lapu lapu City, Cebu, Philippines

Telephone: 0933 299 1905


Grand Mall, Basak Sisi Agus Road,

Lapu lapu City, Cebu, Phlipppines

Telephone: 0923 673 9485


Food Court, Super Metro Opon

ML Quezon National Highway

Pajo, Lapu lapu City, Cebu, Philippines



Find spicy Korean noodles recipe in Cebu, and if you know of any other addresses of Masitta Korean food near my location here in Cebu, please leave a comment. Thanks.

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