How Do You Create A Landing Page In WordPress?

create a landing page at Wordpress

A landing page that is properly implemented serves as your powerful marketing tool for traffic lead generation and website visitor conversion. Understand that the goal of your landing page is to convert more of your website traffic into paying customers or willing subscribers. You just need to learn how to create a landing page structure that converts.


At the very least, your website should host your forms and landing pages. Build better content and landing pages.


Landing pages are a good tool that won’t take much of your time and energy. Make a conversion focused website to help you grow your business.


Here is why you should think about building one landing page. Your homepage may not give you the conversion you seek.


Although your homepage may be one of the most visited pages on your website, it cannot give you the impression you want and the conversion you need. Do you know why? The page has many distractions and it stretched thin any visitor’s attention span.



Remove the distractions, navigate the focus and raise your conversion. Distractions divert the attention. Stay focused and just create sales pages that can make you look like a copywriting pro.


The online marketing is evolving. Clever content marketers have long known that well formatted content, including things like click to tweet quotes and highlighted boxes are getting much higher engagement.


Get more traffic, shares and comments with a beautifully formatted blog post, but get more conversion from a strategically built landing page. Get your ideas out there without limits to the imagination.


Build that glossy magazine look in a magazine style test layout. Make your title stand out and give it a unique look.


Create the perfect experience for your mobile visitors and make money without much effort! Ensure the best possible experience and turn your visitors into cash!


Of course, any page can bring some action but a properly executed landing page will always bring better results. Due to its single purpose nature, unlike the standard homepage, the simple structure with no sidebar and footer takes the visitor straight to the copy.


A landing page is designed to capture attention with its details. Depending on the product, the page should be designed highly targeted to a specific audience.


It can also serve as a squeeze page to redirect traffic to a specific page of your website or as an affiliate product landing page. Have as many landing pages you can create on your site.


The more landing pages you have, the more leads you are likely to get. Direct specific traffic to your specially designed product landing page.


The main idea is to create a unique landing page for every campaign you launch. Always follow these landing page basics

  • Specificity (be specific about what you offer)
  • Benefits
  • Urgency (explain why they should take it now and not later)
  • Conversion


Landing pages help businesses convert website visitors into customers and leads. You should not ignore the importance of a landing page in your internet marketing online advertising.


landing page at WordPress


Landing page inside WordPress

Plugins are the obvious answer and there’s a plugin for everything these days. If you want something that does not require coding skills and a quick way of building a landing page, then plugins are the best solution for you.


One of the easiest ways to build a landing page with WordPress is by using a plugin. After installing and activating the plugin, you can perform page customizations using its settings.


Plugins work more or less in almost the same way. To begin, you need to install and activate a compatible plugin with your kind of WordPress version.


Select a theme that would serve your goal. With them, you will be able to create sales pages, squeeze pages, membership pages, webinar pages, confirmation pages, course pages, thank you pages and more.


There are plenty of landing pages, but the best landing page plugin depends on what you need. Get a free plugin or a paid one, which is the simplest solution in creating landing pages.


Actually, you don’t have to be a web designer to build one landing page. They are not as complicated as the old style plugins anymore. Times have changed.


Whether you want to create a squeeze page to build your email list, create high converting sales pages using the plugins without the hassle. Focus on crafting products and offers, creating compelling content and move the needle on your business.



Using the Gutenberg Editor of WordPress 5.0

Once the website has been set up, you go to Pages and Add New.


Choose your page layout. A layout without a sidebar is best so you have enough space for customizations.


Think of the elements you need and plan how you want to arrange the elements. Use any design as long as it makes your message stand out!


Landing pages can accomplish many things for your business although optimizing for maximum effect can be challenging. The key is to keep it focused, specific and ultimately exciting.


With a carefully crafted path, you can use it as a compressed conversion funnel. Include the right information at the right moment and you would be able to win leads over with a powerful call to action at the end.


When it comes to marketing, sometimes less really is more. Build the landing page with a specific mindset so you may create a focused, effective narrative that will effectively persuade your readers.


The ideal content and structure of a landing page depends on its purpose. For example, a page intended to sell a product will be focused entirely on that product.


Your landing page should contain the following elements

  • A clear purpose
  • Highlighted customer benefits
  • Logical narrative and structure


Whether you are a blogger or managing a small business blog, you should promote your product or services with a landing page. Create a new landing page for each marketing campaign.


Observe, rinse and repeat. Make sure you get rid and remove all the links and navigation bars on your page that would allow visitors to leave. Optimize using color psychology for your CTAs. Embed a video and encourage your visitors to stay longer on your website.

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