Lead Generation Using Data Mining For Land Surveyors

lead generation using data mining for land surveyors

Data mining is the art of extracting previously unknown but potentially useful knowledge from the large amount of databases. To increase your company’s emphasis on the market segment in which your firm can prove exemplary expertise, you may want to network with real estate agencies for a mutually beneficial partnership. Prepare a PDF and a video presentation about land surveying so you can ask the agency to present it to their next most potential client for you. Then, simply reinforce your initial contact by regularly sending land surveying tips through social media.


Consider participating in a regional home and garden show, search for those agents that frequently host presentations like this and request for permission to distribute your brochure to their complementary business and show attendees. Marketing online can be difficult at first. Be patient!


Think outside the box when planning your internet marketing online advertising. Which company can give you the most referrals?


To give you a clue, the real estate agents are one of those who can give you the best segmented referrals that would really 80% hire your services. Build a sustainable network marketing online.


You can add these groups to your target referral marketing or online referral system. The public works projects, boundary surveyor, developer and entitlement, appealing to lawyers, realtors and architects.



Start to create value. Generate a list of things that are valuable to your target customers.


Know what your primary drivers are and connect with the people who can deliver business in some ways very related to your business, such as business referrals.


One example to successfully market your company or search for customers to get in front of people who influence the decision makers, such as the civil engineers, realtors and the local planning commissioners.


Research the organizations they belong to like the local chamber of commerce and building associations. Search for civil engineers, contractors, architects, realtors, attorneys, real estate appraisers and property development companies for referrals to land surveying projects.


lead generation build connections foster relationships


Introduce your company to the local planning departments, municipal officials and county commissions in your area. Look for organizations and community groups that sponsor geocaching activities.


Build a connection, foster relationships and create a good rapport with people who may need your services down the road. Look into the social media platforms where your clients are most likely to search for information.


When you do something right, word gets around! Sales leads for business do not knock on your door. You have to find them and contact them first.


You can even read from the testimonials published on the websites of your competitors. Try to search for their contact information and send them your PDFs and prices.


In order for a business to be successful, there must be a demand for your service. However, if you haven’t reached out to the people who want your service, then it would be quite difficult to sustain profitability.


Another way to mine data is through LinkedIn. Connect with realtors and other land surveyors registered in the website and ask for referrals.


Just to give you more idea about data mining is to consider real estate agents. The type of mined data available are

  • Bank-owned real estate (REO)
  • Wholesale sellers
  • Short sale listings
  • New builders
  • Real estate auctions
  • Updated foreclosure listings
  • FSBO lists (for sale by owner)
  • Divorce finalizations
  • Bankruptcy filings
  • Probate homes for sale


Data mining helps uncover deals. The key component to reaching out potential customers is accurate information. Being the first to capitalize on a market deal can largely benefit your company.


Deals come and go on a daily basis. Savvy land surveyors must use more than one resource to find customers in any market.


How does your marketing strategy look like? If you still engaged in passive marketing campaigns, placing your picture on bus stop benches, or buying leads, rethink this strategy.


Qualified land surveying leads don’t come from buying lists or sending out volumes of cold emails. The better method is to take the time data mining your own network and nurturing your contacts to find qualified leads.


Take the time to build relationships in order to generate leads. Old school methods are expensive ways to market your services. You are a professional offering personal services atop an excellent personal relationship.


Build your relationships by networking. This may take time and is not easy, but the more successful real estate agents who did this actually displayed an awesome record of sales through their network.


Most of the land surveyors located their customers through a referral from someone they know. That is why you have to spend time building your network.


Buyers and sellers are most likely to find you through recommendations from people they trust rather than from your advertisements. The sales leads for business of this type most often come from referral leads.


Tomorrow, start joining clubs, associations, organizations, groups, blogs, forums etc. Don’t forget social media. Set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn.


Join groups in investing, hotels or entertainment. Learn what kind of spaces work best for you. You may want to focus on an area in your neighborhood.


The shortcut to success is data mining. The internet is a good place to start. It gives you inside secrets to getting the best deal. Repeat business and business leads almost always come from your established referral lead generation system.

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