The Unforgettable Leona Cakes And Pastries Home Grown Gourmet Bakery In Cebu

Leona Cakes and Pastries Cebu

Have you ever tasted homemade, extra rich and moist cakes and pastries plus cupcakes sold on counters? Take a stroll down at Leona and quickly fall in love with their display of incredibly moist cakes and cupcakes. For your information, all their pastries stay that way longer. To increase your excitement, this is the guaranteed feeling you get the moment a slice of cake touches your tongue and do its magic on your palate – light and creamy, soft and moist, and realized you got so hook already. That’s just what happened to me!


I wonder how you would rate Leona specialty cakes and pastries in Cebu Philippines. I was having a difficulty comparing them to the other popular brands of cakes here in Cebu. The store offers a wide variety of sweet and delicious treats that were all baked fresh from the oven.


Visit the snack shoppe and satisfy your cravings of different sweet goodies that would delight your senses to the max. The awesome to the bite selection of cakes and pastries are surprisingly affordable. You can even get it cheaper by the dozen as a corporate gift to serve as your thank you gift basket.


Their cakes and even the cupcakes are so moist it would really melt when slipped into the mouth. Their cakes and pastries products are so excellently mixed and baked that you would not notice and feel the sugar separated and split into smaller granules on your tongue like the other cheaper cakes you can buy outside.


The sugar is whisked and homogeneously mixed with the other ingredients they came out flawlessly baked. When I tasted one of Leona cakes the first time, I was super indulged I carefully hand carried my takeout from the mall to my house.



Visit now and taste the difference of the Leona homemade cakes and pastries, and compare them with the commercial cakes. They are really delicious with great texture! This is something you can look forward to when you visit Cebu. Try browsing their cakes and pastries recipes with pictures or call them for custom cakes and cupcakes for your birthday, anniversary, corporate gifts and thank you gift basket, or wedding.


Their variety of products can very well fit the choosy taste buds of even the most hard to get person. The exciting flavors evolve with the changing times and the tastes of the locals. You are in for more surprises when you enter their shops and get to taste their newly introduced pastries and cake flavors. They regularly introduce new flavors at the store.


Their dessert shop is definitely perfect for those who really want to savor the taste of homemade moist cakes. You can sit and enjoy your snacks, because there are not so many people out there, the place is not so crowded, which makes it perfect for a little quite moment tete-a-tete with your bestie.


Have a private conversation and sit face to face with your best friend. I love the idea of food hopping and eating out with friends, but usually I spend my time enjoying and savoring food to myself.


Leona super moist cakes and cupcakes Cebu

Photo taken May 8 2016 at Leona in SM Mabolo, Cebu City, Philippines

Leona Cakes Cebu PhilippinesLeona Moist Cakes Cebu PhilippinesLeona Cakes Cebu Philippines StoreLeona super Moist Cupcakes Cebu Philippines


The reason? I am the only one who has the motivation to eat out, take selfies, and blog where I had gone! I was hooked with the idea of photography, selfies, and eating out on different coffee shops in Cebu with craziest doughnut creations and popular restaurants near my location.


The reason? I am the only one who has the motivation to eat out, take selfies, and blog where I had gone! I was hooked with the idea of photography, selfies, and eating out on different coffee shops in Cebu with craziest doughnut creations and popular restaurants near my location.


What’s more? My daughter love to eat with me and happily indulge with my sweet cravings at Leona specialty cakes in Cebu.


Leona Cebu eclairLeona menu Cebu PhilippinesLeona Moist Bread cakes and cupcakes Cebu

Photo taken December 20 2014 at Leona Cakes and Pastries In JMall, Mandaue City, Cebu (Closed Already)


Straight from the family kitchen comes a selection of delectable homemade bread, cakes, and pastries that made them popular in less time and also, made them the most preferred bakery that has successfully pleased many locals and visitors in Cebu Philippines.


Share every memorable moment with your family at Leona. I share mine with my phone camera. I eat out alone silly. This is my hobby –  travel and food blogging.


What made them the best? They baked affordable and high quality desserts using the freshest and finest ingredients. The taste has never been compromised. The products turnover is high so you will always expect something fresh every day.


Leona Cakes SM Consolacion Cebu Philippines

Photo taken June 3 2017 at Leona Cakes and pastries In SM City, Consolacion, Cebu

Super delicious Leona cakes and pastries for family get together or gourmet food gift basketLove Leona Cakes in Cebu PhilippinesLeona Cakes pastries Cebu Philippines



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Go and check their best sellers. It doesn’t cost that much, but I tell you, it is perfect for your taste. I would say, eating with them is one unforgettable bite that makes you come back for more.



Where to find Leona Cakes and Pastries in Cebu

SM City Mabolo

G/F North Wing, SM City, North Reclamation

Cebu City, Philippines

Telephone 032 236 1015

Banilad Branch

GQS Plaza, Banilad Road, Cebu City

Telephone 032 232 4450


SM Consolacion

G/F, SM City, Consolacion, Cebu

Telephone 032 384 0811


Main Mabolo Branch

65 Juan Luna Street, Mabolo, Cebu City

Telephone 032 233 0386


SM Seaside

G/F Mountain Wing, SM Seaside, SRP, Cebu City

Telephone 032 231 9582


Christmas cakes and cupcakes recipes & ideas can be obtained when you visit the store, especially when you look at some blogs in Cebu talking about their amazing cakes and pastries with pictures. Order custom cakes and cupcakes for Valentines or any special occasion at Leona – just your kind of place to taste some heavenly cupcakes in Cebu! The Leona cakes and pastries in Cebu Philippines is one in a million find for sure.

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