How Lifestyle Can Make Or UnMake Your Beauty?

diet and lifestyle for beauty

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You can be beautiful or ugly largely depending on the standards of the person looking at you! Different people and different cultures have their own ideals of what makes someone beautiful in their eyes. If you care about what you eat and how you live, then you will radiate desirability in terms of glowing skin and keeping oneself slim and fit.


Modern living has changed the way people look nowadays. From pollution to poor food and lifestyle choices, including stress in an ever increasing busy life, many factors have contributed to the way a person may look now.


Is your lifestyle against the simple rules of aging skin care? For all you know, what you think is good for your beauty and health may be working against you!


Lifestyle is a no brainer, but it certainly has a huge impact on the way you look and how fast you age. Your lifestyle can transform your looks into either a beauty or a beast.


Can you connect any signs you see on your face with your current lifestyle? If you want to stay young, slim, and beautiful, you should review and rethink your lifestyle!



Pay more attention about how sleep deprived you are, how your fitness routines are almost approaching zero, and how your food choices are rapidly shifting to fast foods and junk foods.


Do you look tired or stressed? Your skin is one of the first things anyone would notice any day, any time.


That look in the mirror will impact how you face the world and how you feel throughout your day. It is important that you make positive lifestyle choices to help you enhance your appearance.


Your skin is a reflection of your inner health. Nutritional deficiencies plus the environmental toxins may result in a dull skin and untoned body.


Work your way to beauty! Eat pretty and change your lifestyle and crave nothing less than enjoying a beautiful life.


As you rethink your approach to beauty and aging skin care, empower yourself, but never skimp on the essential beauty nutrition.


Know that your skin, hair and nails are more likely to expose your internal imbalance. They all connect with your diet and lifestyle, which should be the top places to look for when you plan on nourishing your beauty from the inside out.


Being pretty is easier than you thought. It is yours for the taking, but you need to eat pretty and nourish it from the inside out. That is no secret.


The right diet and lifestyle can help achieve optimal beauty. You are shaped by your approaches to food and lifestyle.


Your body responds to all forms of nourishment. When you eat what’s right for you, pretty would be an understatement!


diet and lifestyle aging skin care


Why you age?

Aging is a woman’s worst enemy. To slow down the oxidation cellular damage, you need to rethink your lifestyle.


Oxidation can be accelerated by pollution, sunlight, alcohol, smoking, and sleep deprivation.  You do not need to be the model perfect to be beautiful.


Damaged cells called free radicals are oxidized unstable atoms that take electrons from their surroundings. Antioxidant diet supplements can be helpful in this part because it can offer their own electrons, thus preventing the electron imbalance in your healthy cells.


Attaining a timeless beauty may sound impossible, but it can be done if you eat the right foods, sleep with the right number of hours at night, and exercise every day.


Sleep and exercise have beneficial effects on your body and beauty. You just need to be healthy inside-out and benefit from it.


Consider having space, time, and fresh air all by yourself. Inspiration and persistence work well with a less stressful environment.


Unlearned what is not effective. A habit or a lifestyle is something that you learned in life.


Eat right by choosing fresh and unprocessed foods. Life is colorful so should be your food. Color your diet meal plan with lots of fruits and vegetables.


It is but fair to let yourself enjoy what you crave as long as you eat nutritious and balanced meals. To truly transform your beauty, you must first weed out the foods that’s pulling you away from your goals.


For example, caffeine. A cup of coffee may temporarily perk you up, but it also pumps out the stress hormone cortisol, which contributes to wrinkles and belly fat around your middle. Drinking caffeine prevents you from getting a deep, reparative beauty sleep.


You may not know this, but fried foods are high in fat. Oils heated in high temperatures during frying become major sources of free radicals that cause cellular damage.


Here is another thing. Meat products come from animals fed with antibiotics, hormones and other substances that can boost inflammation. After a meal of animal products, a person’s bloodstream becomes soiled with bacterial toxins called endotoxins.


Inflammation is evident after an hour of ingestion with meat, dairy and eggs. You may want to do everything to avoid increased levels of inflammation.


You can’t stop getting older, but you don’t have to get old. Foods can be inflammatory and initiate a chronic response if eaten over and over again.


Eating meat causes insulin resistance that may result in developing diabetes. One route in cellular aging is the development of insulin resistance.


A recent review found that one of the most consistent epidemiological associations between diet and human disease is the red meat consumption. Red meat can be the beef, pork and lamb.


While the quality of grain or grass fed may have a small impact on inflammation, understand that meats of all types will favor inflammation and aging.



Understanding how you look when you age

Genetic factors dictate the rate at which some processes of your body clock unfold in time. You can see this by the way your parent’s skin aged.


If one of them enjoys a youthful look at an advanced age, then I guess you are fortunate to inherit similar attributes. To clarify the concept of extrinsic aging, here are some examples that causes this type of the aging process

  • Genetic factors
  • Hormonal changes
  • Cellular decline


Hormonal changes could be the result of the drop of the estrogen levels associated to women’s menopause. Reduction of estrogen levels affects the skin health and should be taken seriously by women trying to improve their appearance and skin texture.


Substantial loss of estrogen and collagen will affect the protein makeup and structure of your skin, which results in wrinkles and sagging skin. Cellular decline are the sags, furrows, and wrinkles you see with older people’s faces.


Aging actually originates from the microscopic level, such as the person’s individual cell. The damage you experience during the process is actually a result of the cumulative loss of functions seen at the cellular level.


The cell’s capacity decreases its regeneration and metabolic activities and significantly affects the look and feel of your skin.


diet and lifestyle food matters for beauty


Society loves beauty

You will realize that society often equates beauty with youthfulness and desirability. You gain more contacts in your social circle if you stay radiant, energetic, and glowing.


Personality matters in any social sphere. Reversing the damage of your years and stopping the free radicals from adding wrinkles to your face require a lot of discipline and a definite lifestyle change.


On a daily basis, millions of women smother their skin and their bodies with a concoction of creams and lotions. You can never attain physical perfection, but yes, you have the power to delay time.


You can sculpt and reshape your body through proper diet and lifestyle. Inasmuch as I don’t want to repeat this, but you need to eat more fruits and vegetables so you can maintain your beauty!


You cut calories, spend some gym time, and never eat after 6 pm, but why you can’t still deflate that fat hanging around your tummy? You might be eating too many inflammatory foods. Figure it out.



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Your food choices and lifestyle highly influence how fast your fine lines and wrinkles appear on your face. Experts are more convinced nowadays that the best way to reduce inflammation is not the medicine cabinet, but the refrigerator.


One of the most powerful tools to combat inflammation and restore your vitality and beauty is not the pharmacy, but your grocery store. Foods that cause inflammation are refined carbohydrates, French fries, soda and sugar sweetened beverages, red meat like burgers or hot dogs, margarine, meat products and more.


Your diet and lifestyle can change the way you think about beauty and how you see beauty! A lifestyle change may help you achieve what you desire. Just learn how to stick with it!

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