Why Your Lifestyle Is Making You Fat, Prevents You From Getting Slim

The battle of the bulging waistline is on, why your anti aging fat loss program seems to make you fatter? When you are not losing fat the way you expect your body to work and you are in your 40s, the solution is pretty simple – eat less and just chill!


The classic causes of obesity are poor diet and limited exercise to no exercise at all. As you continue with your lifestyle, you might notice your pants feeling a little tighter each month, and still you are unable to work out where those extra pounds came from.



Have you ever wondered why your weight loss diet seems to make you more fat? Research has shown that obesity and other metabolic diseases are linked with a chronic low grade systemic inflammation. Researchers found out that following a diet high in saturated and trans fats, sugar and high glycemic index foods, and modern processed or modified foods, is associated with this inflammation.


In the US, obesity is an epidemic that the nation should have declared a state of emergency. The sedentary lifestyle, access to fast food and processed foods, and technology have been successful in promoting inactivity and deviating healthy eating patterns.



It takes determination to stare at a culture that wants you to sit down and eat and watch TV. To maintain this new trend, it helps to know how the food industry has created their special formula to manipulate and profit from your cravings. How do you fight the fat back?



For those who get big and bigger each day, should learn how not to use the remote controls, power steering and power windows. Besides that this saves you money and prevents you from saving far too many calories not doing anything anymore, power can make you lazy and fat. But, who would give up such a lifestyle?


Your lifestyle is terribly making your stomach pop out of your pants. Bad habits last longer, because they are more fun. Go ahead drink your chilled rich chocolatey chips melted with espresso and combined with mocha, infused with milk and 4 cups of sugar! They are a good addition to your visceral fat.


Most people eat way more than they think they do. Don’t you just hate it when you diet as hard as you can, and not lose a single pound at all? Well, it is because …


You eat like you are still in your 20s and that stored fat is piling on top of each other. Makes sense? You are not losing weight because you eat too much even when you don’t think you are.


When you eat, just eat. Do not eat while you watch TV or read a book. Stop eating when you watch a movie or when you drive your car.


Stop eating when you are walking down the street. Walking is a good exercise, but crunching those petty snacks while doing it totally defeats the purpose.


Break the association between boredom and food or between passive actions and food. This is getting you nowhere. Eating when you feel bored, can make you eat more.


Actually, it will make you a total fat wreck! Why do you eat more than you are supposed to? When you eat sugar and salt it triggers the production of your brain’s natural opioids, which makes you happier, but addicted and tend to eat more.



Just enjoy your food and try to eat only during mealtimes if possible. When your waistline is not improving at all, you should know it is high time to address your eating habits.


If you think you have been exercising more, but still you are gaining weight, then you better review your weight loss diet meal plan and see if you have been efficiently counting your calories.


The amount of calories your body exactly needs largely depends on how many you can burn in a day. Gaining weight while trying to lose it is creepy.


Maybe you begin to think there is something wrong with the scale now that it has difficulty going down. Funny, but you may not know it.


Girl, you have been picking up the low fat options in the grocery that are actually high in sugar and are instant calorie sources for you. Sometimes, you just pick things up mindlessly you even failed to read their labels.


Keep in mind that gym time is not a fix for all solution to your weight loss problems. When you train hard, you have to eat right.


Get that sexy, fabulous abs in less time following a simple rule – eat less, eat smart. Gym time may not effectively combat that middle aged spread.



Most people hit the gym and then indulge in unhealthy food, thinking at the back of their mind they have powerfully burnt off the calories and can now eat whatever they want.


Have you really burned them all or are actually starting to bulk up with a new stored fat atop the old one? Don’t you think it is time to break some cycle and start to get ripped?


Uncover some simple, devastating mistakes that ruin your progress and stop your body from turning into a fat burning surface.


The average human stomach can handle between 1 ½ liters of food, but can stretch to accommodate 4 times as much as it can handle before rupture occurs.


When you eat too much, you have just trained your stomach to expand as well as cause your body to produce more of your leptin hormones, because the leptin levels are directly related to the amount of body fat a person has.


In such cases, most people build up a resistance to leptin, which disrupts the brain’s ability to recognize when you are full, thus making you overeat and put on more weight.



Stress gets in the way

You are experiencing stress that makes your body secrete cortisol way too often and stay in your body for way too long, which results in more abdominal fat. Research has shown that cortisol, the major hormone secreted by the adrenal glands during stress, actually promotes belly fat.


When you are under stress, a portion of the brain shrinks and affects your memory, thinking and cognition. One reason most women indulge in binge eating is when they are caught up in a situation stressful enough to increase their cortisol levels big time.


When you feel tired all the time, it means your body is not recovering enough. In situations like this, try to chill out and let your body rest and have a good break.


Do you drink coffee in the morning so you get going? Caffeine is a form of stimulant that actually enhances cortisol production. Try switching to green tea with natural stimulants to boost your energy levels and fight fatigue.


Besides, if you need a stimulant to keep yourself awake, then you must not be getting enough rest and is suffering from fatigue. Get enough sleep or bloat your fat!



Not getting enough sleep at night

When you don’t sleep 7 to 8 hours a night and your body starts to impact your ability to burn fat while at sleep. To keep your anti aging fat loss as effective as you want it to work, you need to revisit a few of your lifestyle and healthy eating habits in place.


Have you known how sleep can make you lose those visceral fat in your tummy? Sleep is a great weight loss tool.


During sleep you rebuild the important neurotransmitters associated with reduced cravings, such as the serotonin. During sleep you manufacture hormones that help you burn fat and gain muscle.


Try to increase your sleep to at least 7 to 9 hours a night. Uninterrupted, you manufacture more HGH, repair your body efficiently, and increases your body’s ability to burn more fat.


Sleep deeply with lights off. Hide your clock and make your bedroom a timed free environment.


You will find yourself sleeping better without being pressured by time. Besides, if you rise and shine at the same time each morning, it will definitely set your internal body clock.


Sleep has a profound impact on the size of your waist and the size of your appetite. It is very important in losing body fat and for maintaining optimal health.


Take note that as few as two sleepless nights can already damage your metabolism by increasing the ghrelin hormone levels, thus stimulating hunger and decreasing levels of the leptin hormones.


When sleep deprived, you feel hungrier and tend to eat more food, especially carbohydrates, sugar, and junk food. In addition, a sleep debt causes insulin resistance that further interferes with fat metabolism.


Just a few nights of poor sleep can make your cells resistant to insulin, which in turn triggers higher insulin levels and increased body fat. Sleeping less than 8 hours a night is definitely counterproductive to fat burning.


The HGH is secreted during sleep and vigorous exercise, where the optimal secretion depends on deep, restful sleep. It helps prevent aging, promote muscle growth, burn fat, and boost your immune system.




Lack of discipline is recklessly driving fat in

You should learn how to keep that discipline and motivation anywhere you go and in whatever you do. Bringing fitness and a good bowl of healthy eating habits into your life is a matter of discipline and determination.


You should know when to eat and when not to eat.


You should eat breakfast within 90 minutes after walking. Make sure you do not eat after 7pm.


You do not want to imagine a surge of blood sugar and insulin right before you go to bed. This practically turns off fat burning. Avoid eating before going to bed.


The later you eat, the less time your body has to digest food. Midnight snacking of late night snacking can cause stagnation of the intestines.


Eating a high fat meal at night when your energy expenditure is low is the best way to put on weight. Never eat late at night.


Eating too late at night interferes with your body’s self-healing process. Dinner should be eaten before 7pm.


Food eaten too late at night takes time to digest. Calories from food digested during sleep are not utilized for energy, but are simply converted into glycogen and fat stored away resulting in an excessive weight gain.



Ignorance is a mortal sin and needs an idiot’s repentance

Shopping nutrient dense wholesome meals may make you think you are following a good healthy diet meal plan already, for it being costly to the budget. Actually, it requires careful planning on what you need to eat and prepare for the week.


The trick to staying on your budget and diet is actually very simple. You only need to prepare your meal in advance.


Cooking is easy, but thinking what you are going to cook is quite stressful. A subscription with one or two food magazines would be nice to help you expand your horizon about meal preparation.


You need to work on the art of controlling your eating habits to be sustainable in your weight loss. Lifestyle management is a must!

Easy solutions to keep those fat off

You can challenge yourself to go meatless in a week by finding unique vegetarian alternatives to meat, such as eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, beans, nuts, tofu and protein-packed grains like quinoa to fulfill your protein requirements.


Do not go near the food court. The smell of the food can make you hungry.


Avoid getting near the window display of cakes and ice cream. They are very tempting and can make you drool in less than a minute.


Try not to go out with your friends if they only want to hangout around bars and fast foods. Fast foods are quick and reasonably priced, but they give you a lot of trans fat.


Try to eat three meals a day only and if you go hungry, eat a banana or an apple for snacks.


Avoid sleeping late. As much as possible, sleep at 10 pm so you do not go hungry beyond that. Late snacking can make you fat in less time.




What your body tells about your lifestyle

If you are feeling heavy, then you must be gaining weight. Not exercising can make you feel lazy and fat.


Also, you may not know it, but you may be suffering from nutrient deficiency. Feeling fatigue most of the time is a symptom of nutrient deficiency.


Understand what your body is trying to tell you. How do you feel lately? Or maybe how do you look lately? If you feel sluggish and fat, then maybe you need to stop and listen to what your body is telling you.


A change in your food choices and lifestyle is needed to create one important element of balance. You need to balance life choices and count your calories! You need to learn how to befriend your body.


One way to know how you look is to take a selfie. Do you still like the way you look?


Restore your body before it becomes impaired. Eat organic foods and start preparing wholesome meals.


Lifestyle change, especially eating habits, can effectively address weight concerns, binge eating, overeating, obesity weight management, and other body image challenges.


You may want to read the story of Katie Hopkins who is a British columnist and a businesswoman. She wanted to prove her point that obese people are lazy.


Her fat and back journey was documented by the TLC special. Sometimes, you become lazy because of lack of motivation and your body feels tired.


Being fat can make you lazy. Being out of shape can make you feel unmotivated.


You may have noticed that most fat people feel tired even before they start the exercise.  Make sure you are highly motivated and determined in pursuing your anti aging fat loss goals.





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