Loose Braid Hairstyles To Sport Your Lazy Travel Days

A traveled life, much like an untraveled one is prone to its moments of me lazy. Sometimes, you just want to unpack and wish you were home. Amidst the adventure, there are times you feel nothingness. This is what I call as moments of exhaustion that leads to feelings of downright laziness and at times, moments of withdrawal.


Girl, you cannot allow this to happen, especially when you are still traveling. Calm down and get those camera lens out. Feel alive and do some selfies before you go. Taking snapshots of yourself can give you a good head start to keep those smiles coming and twinkle in your eyes glowing.



I find taking selfies amazing. In addition, a little makeup makeover can be motivating, especially if you see your face looking pretty for the day. Get a good comfortable shirt and skinny jeans and get ready for another dose of adventure.


What about the hair? Take a break from your daily routine and try something new for the day’s look – a messy loose braid. Give your face a flawless, oldie but goodie, uncaring look. Hair sometimes invokes a sense of adventure by itself.



When you lost that feeling of being adventurous, you can just walk across the street and explore wearing a messy loose braid hairstyle. The food can be delicious out there, but if you are really feeling overtired, then take the day off and just hang out on a café and watch people pass by.


There is a direct link between lack of sleep and the feeling of not being motivated. Your sleepiness is independent of sleep duration. Shake off your travel fatigue and get back to life before you destroy your moment.


Tight crown braids can definitely meet you up on a lazy day. Simply Dutch braid both sides of your center parted hair to achieve this ultra dreamy look. The wild and naturally messy look is attractive with any woman at any time, even sleepyheads like you.


While some people tend to comb or tease their locks smoothly into a completely unnatural look. This loose braid hairstyle came out to be an irresistible trend, that more or less, has been taken over by messy look sporting loose braids.


The messy loose braid hairstyle is suitable for any day or night wear, even for a short or long hair. All it takes is just the right combination of precision and messiness to look perfect. Do you want to look like you just threw your hair into some “I don’t care” hairstyle?


This no fuss hair gives you a wild look, which is just right on the trend for a lazy day feeling. Go for a careless look with the loose braids. This boho chic style is a timeless fashion.


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There are many ways you can get a trendy boho chic look with the loose braided hairstyles. Check out some fabulous hair inspirations at Beaute Best and just be Fab at 50!


There are tons of ways you can style your long hair. And please, stop thinking about being a skilled hairstylist, because you do not need to be a master stylist to achieve this look. These loose braided dos can make you definitely look effortlessly gorgeous.


If you are caught up in a routine of just putting your hair up in a ponytail or wearing it wavy and loose, you will find the loose braid hairstyle a great styling comfort.


These braids can be easy while some can be difficult. Sometimes, some of these hairstyles may need help to start or complete the braid. One thing though, messy loose braids do not require a particular hair length or texture.



Messy fishtail braid

What I love about this is its casual appeal. Pull just a bit of hair out or make a wider braid by pulling out more. It’s also an equal opportunity braid, working on both thin and thicker hair.


The fishtail has always been one of those braids that you have to stop worrying if it gets messy. In fact, you can go ahead and simply embrace the messiness and then mess up further when you are done with the braiding.


A messy loose braid adds life to the whole look. I must say, amazing how something so simple can be so beautiful! Messy loose braids are the ultimate cure for a lifeless mop of long hair or lifeless crazy tired feeling in any day.


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Waterfall braid hairstyle

This beautiful hairstyle provides a braid crown, starting on one side and ending at the other. Great for keeping your hair off your face. It is elegant and can be worn to work, play or for a more formal occasion, such as a summer wedding.


This romantic braid has a whimsical feel with draping pieces that make it appear to be more challenging than it really is. This simple waterfall twist can be easily pick at home.


This style allows you to weave a circle, horizontal or diagonal plait throughout loose hair with strands flowing through it like streams in a real waterfall. This braid can give a different look from style to style, but still looks super cute in any which way you choose.


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The Boho braid

This long braid hairstyle with a boho vibe is perfect for a music festival, casual date, or brunch with your girlfriends. This style works equally well without the bangs.


The Boho braid can make any lazy day pretty exciting for the travel selfie mania. It is pretty, loose, and boho, with an effortless look to it, but still looks nice and chic. Though the style is not something for a grown woman to wear, it can be used to recreate you and create that new travel look.


Pretty and chic, the Boho braids are an effortless hairstyle that can get you through your lazy travel days. This bohemian inspired look is great for your everyday wear. Now you have a simple, fun hairstyle to wear to brunch, happy hour, or anything in between.


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Loop braid hair

This dramatic braid works best on very long hair. The technique involves braiding both thick and thin strands at the same time to achieve a thick center braid framed by a thin outer braid.


This looks very much like the Celtic knotwork. This can be simpler to achieve than you think. No matter what your adventure looks like, you would want to make sure you look good getting there.


Keep yourself looking fresh and beautiful where ever you are. If you are feeling bored with your usual hairstyle, but just don’t want to go through all the expense and hassle of visiting a hairstylist, the loop braid hair can be perfect for you.


This braid is the perfect cute everyday travel hairstyle. Sometimes, it only takes a little work to get that effortless, romantic super look. While this may look complicated, this is actually one of the easiest you-can-do-it-all braids to create at home.


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Simple knot braid

This is a quick and simple braided hairstyle is best when you sport a thinner hair. You have the option to widen the braid, just like how a fishtail braid looks. This is versatile, fun, and appropriate for any occasions.


This mesmerizing knot braid can make any loop appear gorgeous. Are you forever on the search for new travel styles you can try on your hair? This knot braid technique is fast and easy, that brings all your hair into a pleasant looking knot on a fuller braid.


This simple but elegant updo can change the course of your travel interactions. People will tend to stare at your hair more than your face. Enjoy the unprecedented attraction!


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Interwoven 3 strand braid

This is an easy to do braid that can look smooth and chic or slightly messy. Depending on the occasion, all you need is a few clips to keep things in place as you braid away.




Ribbon halo braid

I love this look for weddings. It is also perfect for an afternoon garden party. Whether it matches your bridesmaid dress or a pretty floral frock, this simple and slightly messy braided hairstyle gets a subtle pop of color that adds a bit of elegance.




Untidy knot loose braid hairstyles


Choose a half-up half-down hairstyle with the loose braids. Enjoy the gentle caresses of some strands of hair.


You can even use your own braid as a headband. Just put them across your forehead. Make a loose and messy braid with the other locks. The shaggy look will be stunning on any woman.


Just braid your long hair from the shoulder level. Make the upper hair shaggy and messy. Don’t forget to tease your braid to get a natural and wild look.


This loose braid is much cleaner than the others and it will look great on the hot days.


Do a side swept bun with the loose braids. It will make the wearer voguish and elegant. How cool! This can be worn in any formal or casual occasion.


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I just want to say I love these two loose braid hairstyles. They look cute. The braid can be neat or messy, depending on your mood. Pick some strands out to create a careless look.



This loose braid is so adorable and can make the young women look more attractive and cute. The carefully teased loose braid can be pretty amazing on your long hair.



Owning a head of glossy and healthy hair is one of the luckiest thing in the world. Just tease your long tresses optionally and braid them into a so loose braid. This is gorgeous enough to catch other people’s attention.


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