Can Eating Papaya Help You Lose Weight And Look Younger?

Consuming papaya can be just your plane ticket to an effective weight and fat loss remedy. Its high dietary fiber content helps lower cholesterol, promotes digestion, and reduce fat absorption. The papaya extract does a good job in reducing fat absorption and flushing out some calories. Indeed, a very cheap way to boost weight loss. There are many benefits you derived from using the papaya extract, such as healthier looking and beautiful skin, improved digestion, reduced inflammation, stronger hair, and increased energy levels. However, you should understand that eating a papaya fruit is not the same as using the papaya extract!


Got a little warning. Make sure you are safe using the papaya extract in your case, because there are certain contraindications, such as pregnancy, thrombosis, and hemophilia. It can also interfere with coagulants and provoke occasional rashes and swellings, especially when you are allergy prone. Papaya may have an abortive effect, because the fruit stimulates the uterus.



A serving of papaya only contains 20 calories. There is an enzyme in papaya that aids the body in breaking down the proteins, called papain. The papain in papaya helps relieve digestion.


Papaya is a rich source of Vitamin C, B Vitamins, folate, potassium, magnesium, and fiber that promotes the health of the cardiovascular system. The nutrients also provide protection against colon cancer.



The fruit’s seeds are anthelmintic, which helps in expelling any worms that you may have in your body. This might surprise you, but the seeds can incredibly eliminate toxins and protect the liver, especially if you are suffering from cirrhosis.


The seeds also have the ability to prevent the body from absorbing fats, or making fat in excess. You can blend the seeds, take them like pills, or diced them. Eat at least 8 to 10 seeds during breakfast.



A papaya contains 1% of the daily recommended calories intake, which makes it best to incorporate the fruit into your diet, if you are trying to reduce your calorie intake. There are 43 calories in 100 grams of papaya. They say the papaya fruit is a magical weight loss program guaranteed to make you slimmer in a few days.


The papaya fruit is an antioxidant and a wonderful diuretic that possesses large amounts of fiber, but little calories. It does two very important things for you – detoxifies the body and burns fat! Fiber is about 2.5 grams per cup.


To effectively lose weight, you can choose to replace less healthy food that are high in calories, such as eating a papaya. Just find a papaya that is not over ripe, but nearly mature.


Trying to remove that tummy bulge and get a gorgeous looking skin? Try the amazing benefits you get from eating papaya. Get life changing benefits with this fruit’s unique enzymes and nutritional value.


Eating papaya regularly can help aid weight loss, protect your heart, and keep your skin looking young, fresh and glowing all year round. The papaya juice also helps relieve infection in the colon.



Papain is anti aging

Papain is a protein degrading enzyme found in papaya. It is sometimes called as the plant based pepsin. The cosmetic industry uses papain in exfoliating treatments to remove dead skin.


It is responsible for skin whitening, reducing unwanted hair, exfoliating dead skin, and anti aging. The papain enzyme is present in maximum concentration just under the peel of an unripe papaya.


Papaya has the capability to reverse skin aging owing to its skin repairing, exfoliating, and hydrating action. The papain enzyme can reduce your wrinkles by modulating the collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis.


Haven’t you known that papain keeps the bacteria away, heals cuts and burns, and prevents scars from getting bigger? Simply put the flesh of papaya fruit to promote a speedy recovery.


A papaya face mask helps get rid of acne and skin infections caused by clogged pores. The papain leaves the skin fresh and glowing. This means, more papaya = less wrinkles!


One recent study on individuals between 40 and 50s, have shown incredibly smoother and younger looking complexion with furrows and wrinkles not a numerous or as deep due to its high carotenoid levels. Researchers claimed the high concentration of provitamin A carotenoid phytonutrients in papaya is found circulating the bloodstreams of the younger looking group.


Create more youthful looking skin

Regain a more youthful look by reaping the anti aging skin benefits of papaya. Papaya can work wonders on tired, old looking skin, because of its significant antioxidant value.


The papain lightens the skin and work well with your skin blemishes. It is a good facial skin care regimen useful in reducing the visible signs of aging. The fruit is a good anti aging skin care solution for older women on a tight budget.



How to choose

Pick those that are slightly soft to the touch and have a reddish orange skin. Avoid papayas that are really soft, including those with bruised to the skin.




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Maybe this is true, because I noticed in about over three years that I have been eating lots of papayas, mangoes, avocados and oatmeal, I looked younger. Just three months ago, my doctor changed my diet and I got fatter plus wrinkles.


It was like, what is going on? Just been three months and I can pinch my bulging tummy already, and see the signs appearing on my face. So, two weeks ago, I slowly got back to track and hope I can do the same trick and get the same magic back again for weight and fat loss, as well as the bonus of having a younger looking skin.  The papaya fruit or maybe the combination of them all, truly is an anti aging skin care solution for older women on a very tight budget!

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