How Do You Maintain A Social Fan Page For Small Business Marketing?

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As a small business entrepreneur, you have to learn doing small business marketing yourself before anything else. We all know that an online website without visitors can be dangerously costly and bad for business. As an online entrepreneur, you must have several social media accounts as one of your small home business tactics for brand exposure. While it offers huge opportunities for business, there is a danger that social media or too much of it can have the opposite effect.


These social media platforms are making more people as entrepreneurial as they can be. Although an entrepreneur’s online presence should span multiple social media platforms, the experts agree that less is sometimes more.


The more times your content is seen, the better chance you have of converting a person into a customer. Without understanding each channel’s point of difference can be detrimental to your online business.


It is time to pause and review what you have done so far. Too many sites can be overwhelming to manage and going full blast with your post at all the channels may not work in the same way, because truly, it is not just knowing how to share content, but understanding which network is right for your small business marketing.


It is important to remember that social media can indeed make or break a brand’s reputation. Posting as an individual and as a business are two separate things that will need very different approaches.



Each network has different individual demands. You cannot put the same content out in every stream. It is because every social network is designed for a different purpose.


Always keep in mind that having a clear vision of how you are going to use your social media is key to managing time, boosting productivity and attracting more profit.


Create a mission statement of how to use social media to reflect your brand. Identify key goals and metrics of success. Use tools to create a content calendar.


Expressing your brand and small business ideas clearly and effectively create virtual connections with potential customers, investors, employees and partners. The technique for getting opportunities online business support ideas is to find the best way to use these platforms so it can help your home business succeed.


Social media platforms are an indispensable part of entrepreneurship practices. They can definitely offer entrepreneurs a platform for business growth and development.


Because business creation is a process of identifying and exploiting potential opportunities, we can say that identifying and capturing opportunities that any social media may offer is fundamental to the entrepreneurship process.


online entrepreneurship facebook small business marketing


Post and connect

Strong social capital and networks facilitate finding business opportunities. The social media platforms and applications are often considered as useful tools for entrepreneurship because of the easy interactions and communications these platforms allow that may create more windows of opportunities in reaching target customers.


Share information using the social media so you build strong relationships. So, you have created and publicized the page and hope your Facebook or Twitter popularity grows each post you make on the social media.


Now you have to tend your network, start conversations, ask questions, elicit feedback, update photos and videos, reach out to fans whenever possible, invent contest or just for fun hashtags, upload and tag pictures from events, reciprocate other users’ kind mentions of your brand and watch out for PR opportunities.


Joining this jungle can be a nightmare, but necessary. Each and every area on your fan page is an opportunity to be funny, creative, smart or interesting.


Basically, you should include anything that makes members of the community feel that they are connecting to you and your brand in a way that makes the relationship worthwhile. The point of starting a Facebook fan page is to reach out and touch somebody.


It would be annoying to constantly post on your wall about things that don’t really matter. People get annoyed with too much content noise. I say put on your page only what is relevant to your business and to the followers you gained from past posts.


You can do better than others this way. Social media is a low cost tool that enables people to communicate with a large audience.


On platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you and your team can share pictures in action so you get your audience to connect as they discover what you do in the field. Just maintain a balance between communicating the goals and communicating the activity. Too much of one topic loses context and can be detrimental to your small business marketing.


Being consistent with your presence on Facebook is vital to the growth of your online social presence. However, do not go overboard and bombard your followers with numerous posts every minute of every hour of every day.


One post per day will suffice and will ensure it has as high a reach as possible. Posts need to be given time to naturally filter off the News Feed before another post appears.


Excessive post updates can be harmful to your brand and your business page in any social media platforms. Facebook can quickly mark content as spam.


Aim to reach people between 6pm and 11pm after work when most people are able to go on Facebook. Post when most of Facebook users are on online.


Make your post short and sweet. Make the text look interesting. Create the right tone to create the right mood.


Get straight to the point. Don’t ramble. Be casual instead of formal. Use exciting language that will entice and delight readers and show enthusiasm.


Define the voice of your page. Form a consistent voice. One technique is to act as a page on Facebook.



Act as a page on Facebook

Click on the Settings icon in the top right corner of your Facebook profile and you’ll see an option to Use Facebook As with a list of the pages for which you are an admin.


When you choose to Use Facebook as a Page, you are able to not only post and comment as that page, but also your news feed contains the updates from the businesses your page follows instead of your personal friends and page likes.



Attract people

Invite contacts and friends to become fans. Get started by attracting fans. Some contacts will become fans of your page, while others will ignore the request.


Send the request only once, or you risk annoying potential fans. You can also offer an incentive to like the page.



Email signature

Another way to get people to see you is to embed a link in your email signature. When you send an email, along with it your signature, allows recipients to see the link and out of curiosity, may make them visit your page.



Update your profile

A simple way to drive traffic to your website is to update the About Section under your cover photo. It is one of the few areas that you can use a hyperlink to your advantage.



Optimize for search engines

Your Facebook page is indexed by Google. You need to load the description with keywords, just as you do your website.



Design a strategy

You need a strategy. What is your tone? What are your goals? Do you want to increase brand awareness? You have to define what is there to be defined before you even start posting on your page. Focus is critical to small business marketing!

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