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Travel , to blog and earn, goes beyond the snapshots! How can you make travel photography and selfies into a true narrative that would tell your a-day-in-a-life story into a very interesting piece of heartwarming news? As a travel blogger, you have the greatest opportunity to connect with people, including the influencers, and find a special niche which you can make a true and measurable impact or contribution at the highest level. It is critical to note that those influencers or people who have made a real difference may not be special, privileged or advantaged by any stretch. They may come from initially limited capabilities and crushing circumstances, but found ways to pick up and raise themselves above their circumstances.


There are powerful and constructive ways to shape the world around you, mostly depends on your approach to life. Dedicate to pursue what gives your life meaning and purpose. Maybe this way, you can turn your mess into a message.


People who had known life as they experienced it are driven, focused and committed. They got this inexhaustible drive to follow their purpose, and walk away what doesn’t support. Understand that the power of connection and engagement lies deeply in what you truly share to make a difference in other people’s lives, without the fear of someone stealing your ideas so they can make money online.


Positive influencers share and teach what they learned. Have you been familiar with the universal principle, “the more you give, the more you get”? The overflow of positive energy makes these people happy to help and support others.


In recent years, brands have been using these so called influencers as the face of their advertisements. These influencers endorsed opinions about products, which are shared on social media platforms to help spread viral conversations about the brand online.




Blog and earn, work on your photography skills

Follow your heart, regardless of the stares. Initiating a positive exchange of information and demonstrating goodness are the hallmarks of a difference maker. Anywhere you go, make it a habit to respect everyone – speak with tact!


Simply be just you and start travelling in your local area or even abroad, if your budget permits. You can be more involved with the world when you share your travel photography and selfies through your blog.


Share your best travel snapshots and earn money from your blog, regardless of what you do from tuning in your bike to taking pictures of the architecture of a building. Your blog may become the best Philippine travel guidebook in the years to come.


Leisure time well spent and documented makes a small difference about what people know of the place you visited. Maximize your visit and try to produce amazing travel photography and story. Your snapshots and story may show a different side of the Philippines that is valuable for solo Pinay travelers like you.


If your financial situation is a challenge, would changing your physical environment make a difference? For all you know, that small contribution may give you a big break to boost your income! Remember, you can also sell photographs online.


Snapshot memories are valuable. Indeed, when you bring them to life and share through social media, you can see how these travel selfies change someone else’s perception about the place. I believe this gives you more satisfaction in life.


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Photo taken July 9 2017 at Phat Pho Restaurant, Ayala Terraces, Cebu City, Cebu


Make travel photography and selfies a priority. This may mean being with like minded people. If you are traveling with friends who are not into photography, it may be difficult for you to find the time necessary to create amazing images. You need to break off on your own for a few minutes to take beautiful travel photos of yourself.


On the other hand, these snapshots of memories can be used by brands and secure your travel selfies groundwork for your future – a brand ambassador of your own rights. Take a snap and earn!


Even better is to rent a car for a travel photography road trip. How I wish I can have that luxury! This allows you to control when and where you stop for photos. There is nothing worse than being powerless to capture and take an epic photo opportunity while you are stuck on your travel tour bus ride.


Pitch your story and make a difference where you live or visit. It is always a good idea to look for something different when taking snapshots of a place or a scene and connect with other travelers.


Information about your trip can serve as a guide and an inspiration for others. Create a great travel selfie storybook when you get back home and give your followers a glimpse about local life.



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To be clear …


Travel can truly change the way you see yourself and your perception about the people around you, and the world. I would say, travel is educating in a fun way. You can completely change the storyline of a particular place, depending on your creative travel photo ideas and of your blog post or article.



Blog for money – Interested in street photography?

Street photography can be just an image of a stranger just walking down the street. Actually, street photography is a candid photography of life and human nature. You take snapshots of the people and things around you filter what you want to see and then find the moment that particularly intrigue you.


Photographs can be taken anywhere. Street photography is the most public and accessible form of photography. You do not need an expensive camera and anyone can do it. You do not need a big studio, professional lighting, or beautiful models.


With street photography, the best image of your life can just pop right in front of you on the way to get your morning coffee. Spontaneity is what street photography is all about. You wait for intriguing moments to occur.


travel goes beyong the snapshots, discover marketing blog


Doing this, you may be able to improve your ability to notice and bring them back with you. The decision can’t be taught, because they are spontaneous and instinctive. Most Filipina travel bloggers do this because they like people as well as exploring and capturing the culture. The camera is a way to bring back those moments you have seen and enjoyed!


Take note that all countries have different laws. In some places, street photography without permission is illegal in some places. Street photographers take candid images, but in most photoshoots the person’s face is unrecognizable.


The camera snap is something photographers do instinctively. Try it and take a photo. You can also capture an image this way. Just hold the camera until the subject leaves your scene. You can do it well with even a camera phone.


Traveling light will give you more flexibility, which is the reason I opt to bring at least 3 smartphone cameras anywhere I go. Smartphone cameras allow you to take images more easily, especially in places where a large camera would standout too much. They are lighter and more fun to shoot with.


Consider photographing within your everyday life, near where you live. Go and figure out how to take good photographs. Can your photography bring our a positive change?



Whenever you decide to start street travel photography, TRY

2GoTravel Destinations


As you can see, I have been a Virtual Assistant Philippines since 2006. I retired from the bank in 2007 and continued my life’s existence within the 4 walls of my room working as a remote, outsource worker.


Over 10 years of working and I lost many of my local friends and increased my circle of come-and-go sort of virtual friends. And yes, I must admit, I lost my social skills.


It is not that I do not know how to speak to you anymore, but I have to learn how to connect with people in the real world again. I cannot bring my laptop and text chat with them, right? Nor can I email you when you are at my front, or that would be funny and weird.


I got used to emailing and just WhatsApping clients from morning to evening, besides being fully engrossed with my research and blog, that I kept myself within the 4 walls of my bedroom.


Most of the time, from day to night, you will see me reading articles and books online, watching YouTube videos to learn more, and then completing my tasks and in between writing my own articles.


Reading informative articles and journals are more fun than going out with new acquaintances who does not have the same interest as me. I get bored! I do not certainly want to talk about other people (that is rumor mongering) and I certainly do not want to talk about me.


I want to talk about things that can enrich my knowledge, such as search engine optimization, travel to anywhere, anti aging latest news, and increasing website visitors. So, I find life outside my bedroom exasperating and decided to make a difference.


Life is about experiences and I guess my efforts to connect with the locals again is not that successful or not quite interesting, that I decided to try taking my own selfies, at first inside my room. After the snapshots, I make it a point to review all of the photos and see if I had any fine lines or wrinkles. Womenn!


create a story for small business marketing blog


The first step to making a difference in your life, actually is to know how and when to get a good selfie. Learn how to snap amazing selfies every time you feel like it, or when your background compels you to really do it.


The rise of the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest has led to an explosion of interest in how to take the perfect travel photography and selfies. Here are my tips for you


Light it right. Some light improves the way a selfie turns out and some background makes you look old and drab. The key to a good solo travel photography is the natural lighting. With snapshots, good lighting is everything.


Perfect that angle. Know which face angle works best for you. Taking a picture from slightly above your face is most flattering, but not really looking up with a wide angle feature that makes the background somewhat unnatural.


Get a 6 inch phone camera. I have worked with many sizes of phone cameras and the one that I really like is the selfie that a 6 inch phone camera takes, because it includes almost your waist. The 4 to 5.5 inch phones most of the time, includes only a little bit below the shoulders. This is if you take the selfie with the phone positioned sideways.


Choose a good smartphone camera. I used the Huawei, Vivo, and the Samsung phones. Be the most memorable person through your selfies. Pick a good phone camera before you start your travel.


social media is good for internet marketing blog


Do what it takes to get the perfect travel selfie adventure mug shots, because uploading them on your travel website later can be simply awesome. Travel photography and selfies, especially the selfies on the road, can help you earn money from your blog!


You are what you were made of. Individuality is the quality or character you may have that distinguishes you from others of the same kind, especially when the uniqueness is strongly marked. Embrace your individuality! Do not be afraid you are different.


I do not try to fit in, but save myself the stress of being just who I am. There are so many ways to express individuality, from the clothes you wear, the activities you do, and the way you speak. Don’t be afraid to be bold.


Our lives are defined by our choices, but often reclaiming your uniqueness can be much fun and comfortable. I shut down and stop listening to the clamoring demands of those around me and find a way to listen to the voice inside me.


This is the life I was born to fulfill, and maybe being a Philippine travel and food blogger, I may stumble and find what I seek. Imagine being able to have a choice and act on that choice. I love taking the best travel photography and selfies of my life’s timeline.


I really took the time to see how this can impact my life, and I am comfortable being just me. Going in the right direction, even from a dead stop, is always better than making good time, while going the wrong way. Besides, your individuality and travel selfie ideas can truly help you increase your website traffic and as a result, earn money from your blog.

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