Make Money Marketing Your Content Through Social Media

Creating content for your Philippine travel blog can be difficult, but you get paid blogging only when people find you, and the best way to promote your blog is through the social media. Successfully promote your content across top social media platforms and earn money from your blog even while you sleep. You should understand that how communities interact with each other may differ between social media platforms and can influence the way you manage your posts, such as using hashtags may work well for Twitter and Instagram, but won’t produce the same results with Facebook or LinkedIn.


Creating a blog that becomes a full time money making machine over time is not easy. How do you blog to get paid? Success has to start somewhere. Most bloggers don’t make it more than three months, because they think it is not returning any profits for their efforts.



Learn how to pitch your travel blog and get sponsored stays or trips. The agreement could be as simple as exposure of the sponsoring hotel’s brand through your social media and website. There is nothing wrong with blogging as a hobby, but if you want to turn your travel blog into a daytime job or an online business, you should work your way to building your audience through social media channels. Keep in mind, seek your readers first, money later!




Facebook, branded as the most popular and biggest social networking platform in the world with over a billion active users, allows you to create a Business Page. You cannot afford to ignore Facebook.



This social media giant actively connects small businesses with potential customers online. A good Facebook presence can help you engage your fans and grow your blog readership. This would mean sharing your worthwhile posts on your Facebook page.


What are you waiting for? Start making connections and share your post. What good would posting a content be without an audience? The key is to post quality content and then share the updates on your Facebook page. There are tools on WordPress and Facebook you can use to make your life easier.


For a fee, you can create a campaign and pay Facebook to push your offer on the news feed. Promoted posts boost page visibility. Connect with people and leverage friends of the people who connected with you.



Post with images work best. Consider uploading an image in each post and put your link in the text field to increase your reach. Hashtags may help turn your post into a searchable content, but they don’t work well on Facebook.


Hashtags don’t work well to initiate engagement on Facebook. The best frequency for posting on your page is once a day. You may share your post on your timeline, your page, and in groups, but at different times and with different text.


It is best to reshare your evergreen blog posts every 2 to 3 months, but make sure to mix them with other valuable posts. Create special events and limited time promotions. Keep in mind that when one of your followers interacts with your Facebook page, the friends of your friend will see the activity in the news feed.


There is a Facebook business tool for every business goal. You can market and set up a campaign through Facebook Adverts, Facebook Pages, Messenger Bots, and many more. FB is the most convenient way to get people to your website. The way the audience reacts to your page can be a deal maker.


Learn to take care of your community. If you do not focus on customers in a way that feels genuine and just focuses on itself, the community will see right through it. Look for ways to nurture the community and support their interests. Caring will make them passionately support your business and bring them back to you, instead of an audience targeted for promotion.


Make sure that the appearance of your Facebook page is consistent with your company culture and is in line with your business vision and goals. It should display the same personality as the business itself. It is important to reflect your identity as well as strive to maintain a balance between being casual and making them feel you take the business seriously.


Somehow, in the first few months of posting, you will find it difficult to capture the attention of your audience. Experiment with different kinds of post. I did some experiments and deleted the old posts. Just like what they say, try and try until you succeed.




Twitter was the first social network to introduce hashtags and the @ handles for better search and networking options. To get retweeted, make sure you include images and links. If you add at least 4 hashtags, it will make the tweet more search friendly. You can use trending keywords as hashtags to generate more reactions.


To give credit to or message a certain Twitter account, you can include the @ handle. A call for action can improve your results. The best times to post are 8 to 10am, 11am to 1pm, and 4 to 7pm.


The lifespan of a tweet is only about 18 minutes. It is helpful to share at different times of the day with different text and images. Post your evergreen content every 2 to 3 months, but always mixed with your curated content and other relevant content and retweets.


Your marketing efforts are contingent upon Twitter engagement measurements like retweets, and clicks. In short, the loose definition of Twitter engagement is the amount of interactions received for each tweet. Twitter engagement can include

  • Likes
  • Retweets
  • Replies
  • @mentions
  • Follows
  • Profile clicks
  • Permalink clicks
  • Tweet expansion clicks
  • Link clicks


The Twitter engagement rate is a key performance indicator (KPI) to evaluate just how well you interact, reach and become a presence with your audience. By continually engaging on Twitter, your brand’s presence will grow and more people will want to hear your messaging.


Humanize your brand as much as possible and build a personal relationship with your product and customer care team. Look at your Twitter analytics. It can be overwhelming, but very straightforward.


Look at the content that performed the best and try to replicate it in your future post. Once you find the right pattern, dissect your tweets and review the engagement rates for each post. Measure every aspect of your tweet on a per day or weekly basis.



Always consider visuals. According to Twitter, photos earn an average of 35% additional retweets compared to tweets without images. Visuals may include, quotes, photos, videos and gifs. Visuals help provide a storyline, as well as demonstrate the simplicity of your text while remaining visually appealing.


You can simply ask questions to turn your tweets into actionable CTAs, such as asking questions that are irresistible to your readers, so they get to follow through your sales funnel. Tweet consistently and seriously.




Stay on top and learn how to engage your audience with compelling content. The same as your blog and the other social media platforms, always share high quality, relevant content to get them talking about you. You can do this by sharing a wide array of content, which may include insightful articles, company news and more.


Demonstrate value and make sure your posts focus on thought leadership or industry trends. Maximize engagement using rich media, such as photos, videos, and gifs. LinkedIn offers unique opportunities to move readers from leads to paying customers.


Review your LinkedIn summary to position yourself and achieve measurable results. Leverage the LinkedIn feed to deliver content that demonstrates and helps establish your skills and expertise. Focus on the topics you want to be known.


You can share a mix of your content, as well as the content you had curated. LinkedIn is all about influence and not a number of followers. Mix it up. Avoid posting the same kinds of content over and over on your Company page. People will get bored reading the same promotional content.


LinkedIn consists primarily of a B2B audience, which is one of the reason the highest engagement usually happens during weekdays and business hours. The real value on LinkedIn is not the number of people in the network, but the influence you possess within your network. Having a voice and authority makes you sound influential and not the number of connection you already have.


Develop scripts for Inmail so you can move conversations into your sales pipeline. The key is personalized communications to make your connection feel valued. Never ever introduce any of your service or product on your first Inmail, this is a big turn off and others may ignore your message and that goes with your succeeding messages.


Make money blogging

How do you make money with your blog? For a start, you can place the Google Adsense, while you search and invite entrepreneurs and companies to put an ad on your blog. You can study similar websites under the same niche and list their advertisers.


You can send an email to one or two advertisers, while you still look for other advertisers who would be interested in placing ads on your blog. One thing though, you need to write more highly searchable quality content so you can increase your traffic.


The Simple Living Media blog just did this strategy. She sold her first ad at $30 each, with about 500 subscribers. That simple email she wrote to advertisers drove her some form of revenue.


The motivation to earn more made her more innovative in writing her content and sparkled traffic growth. Make extra few bucks without much effort – put a few ads on your site and wait for the cash to roll in. To make your site attractive for those looking for an ad space, you need to have tons of traffic. How do you increase your blog traffic?


In your lead generation goals, the only way to achieve what you want is to be consistent in writing and always try to increase your traffic. You can make a full time living writing. Just be patient in letting your income grow. Give it a little time, space to breathe, and it will grow!


Increase your blog traffic without spending dollars on it. Create a content that is inherently sharable and to which your readers can relate. In most niches, you will be competing with thousands of other blogs on the internet.


You need to do something remarkable to stand out of the noise – be serious in creating quality content and use it to improve your blog readership and traffic. Once you have decent numbers, you would want to clearly indicate you are accepting advertising on your blog. How much to charge? Look at the other blogs and ask what they charge for ad space.


Social media sharing can be useful in building a large traffic. Share the content once, and then, share it again after a number of days. For myself, I created three or four Google Plus accounts so that I can share once now and then share it again on the other accounts after a few days.


The thing is, you share it once, but what about those who missed it? Those people who missed the initial communication may be your potential subscriber. It is a better idea to share each blog post multiple times.




Testing the waters

If you want to test your niche and your following before you purchase a domain and pay for a hosting, then you may opt for a free site and hosting. BlogSpot is one of the best and easiest platform you can get for free to set up your first blog.


You can go to and sign up for a free account. You need a Gmail email or a Google Account to be able to create a Blogspot blog. When you enter the Blogspot URL, you will be asked to login using your Gmail login details.


You will find a “Create Your Blog” button. Click this, fill in your information, and accept the Blogspot’s terms of service.


Enter the name of the blog or title of the blog, and see if it is not taken yet. If it has been taken already, you can try another name until you get approved. After approval, you get a URL and the unique name of your blog.


The next step is to put a little description about your blog. The description is located right below the title. The description should say a little about the content of the blog.


The URL would look like this, if you name your blog as Shruv, then it would come out as This is the URL of your blog. When you create a domain name, leave no spaces between words.


You can change your URL anytime. You can also purchase a domain name right from BlogSpot itself, if you do not like the extension It is very easy to buy a domain from BlogSpot, but you may be having some problems terminating it.


The blogging platform is so big, customer service can’t be found around the corner. You need to do some search how you are going to contact somebody for the termination. The best way is to purchase a domain from another hosting company, and just redirect the domain.


However, I would not advise you to change your URL as this will affect your traffic and your social media efforts. It is not easy to change all links and then go back to step 1 in linking your posts.


A paid domain is best if you are already sure about your niche and your domain name. Or choose a domain name that can be applied in any niche and build the brand from there.


The template is the design and layout of your blog. BlogSpot offers free templates, but if you want to customize, you can do it later. Just set up the blog first.


There are also free templates on the internet you may want to use. Pick a theme and then start building your audience. Create a content, build your story, and make money blogging.


You can monetize your blog with Google Adsense. Click the earnings and then, just follow what it asks of you. It may take awhile before you get an approval.


The best time to apply is after 6 months from the day you started your blog. Post several articles first before signing up.


Click the new post and then start writing. It is easier to write first in a word document and just copy and paste later when you are done. After you have copied and pasted, click publish.


You may add an image or a video to make the look and feel of your blog more beautiful. Explore the platform and be creative.

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