Sneaky Travel Makeup Tricks For Women With Long Faces

Turn any trip into a life changing experience and look good in all your selfie snapshots wearing an ideal oval face shape. Shape your eyebrows, blend the makeup, and create the appearance. Find out what shades of makeup, that is very specific to your eye and hair color, that can make you look your best. Take away the irregular long face or long oblong shape by putting emphasis on your beautiful features. Just how are you going to do all that?


Make sure your makeup style and eyebrow shape is fairly suited to your long face shape so you can accentuate your cheekbones and make it appear more fabulous and equally proportioned. Long face can be classified as women who have an oblong face shape, which is relatively the same width across the forehead, cheekbones and jawline. The face shape is also longer than it is wide.



Having an oblong or oval face isn’t the end of the world. In fact, it’s actually the face shape that can tolerate the widest variety of hair styles and makeup looks. However, some looks just aren’t the greatest for oblong faces, and instead of flattering your defined jaw and cheekbones, they can actually make it look longer.


What works for someone with a round face won’t necessarily work for someone with a square face or narrow, oval-shaped faces. The trick is to remember to make the face appear both shorter and broader, thus lifting the eye and tricking it into thinking the face is wider.



While tutorials for people with round faces encourage the viewer to carve into the face with contouring to help create a slimming effect, that’s exactly the opposite of what someone with a narrow face should be doing.



Contouring tricks for long faces

With makeup, you can create an ideal oval using the technique of contouring. First, you need to apply foundation and then, put on a face powder. Understand that a well powdered face is necessary for achieving a properly contoured face.


You can use a darker pressed powder or a matte bronzer along the hairline at the top of the forehead and then blend downward. Add the same bronzer to the bottom of the chin so the face will appear slightly shorter.


Apply bronzer just under the cheekbones, in the hollow, blend up and out towards the hairline. To minimize the prominent forehead, you can contour the sides of the jaw, temples and hairline using the bronzer. This helps highlight the chin and cheekbones.


Contour in the right places. As for long faces, the standard contouring is focused on the top of the hairline, cheekbones, and jawline. They are the techniques for shortening an oblong face.



The easiest way to disguise a narrow face is using the bronzing powder trick. When you focus on areas like the tip of the forehead, the jawline, and the temples, you create the illusion that your face is shorter than it actually is.


Contouring just under the cheekbones (in the hollows) will help to add width and draw the eye to the center of the face, while shading just under the jawbone helps create the illusion that the jaw is less prominent.


Use a cream contour (or stick with the matte bronzer if you have an oily skin), and draw a line right under the cheekbones, halfway toward the mouth. This will define the cheeks, giving the illusion that the face has width. When you are done, blend up and into the hairline.



Highlight your cheeks

Get cheeky! Adding a natural, but pigmented color onto the apples of your cheeks helps widen the face. Using a fluffy blush in circular motion, apply blush just to the apples.


Applying a touch of highlighter just above the cheeks, to the very highest point of the cheek, will draw attention to the center of the face, and also, tends to widen the appearance of the face.


Highlight is the real key player in widening a narrow face. With a great cream, apply highlighter on the center of the forehead, below the eyes, and on the tops of the cheeks. Hitting these high points of the face will draw attention upward and out.


Apply additional highlighter or a shimmer powder to your eyelids and the bridge of your nose, but skip your chin, since that will make your face look longer.


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Bring out your eyes

Play up your eyes with colorful shadows and eyeliner, and create some bold lashes with a lengthening mascara. Similar to the previous cheek trick, drawing attention upward towards your eyes helps take away from a long face.


You can experiment on the cat eye makeup. Use bold eyeshadow colors and dramatic lashes. Extend the eyebrows outward toward your temples to soften your angular features. Playing up the eyes draws attention upward, taking away from the length of the face.


A good cat eye could be the perfect look for doing so, especially since the wing tips move outward, widening the face. Enhance and improve upon your features that you were born with, specifically the ones that you wish are a bit more prominent. Using sheer, lighter colors of eye makeup help make your overall look less severe.


When applying mascara, really focus on the center of the eye arch. You can build up more coats there. You can throw individual eyelashes at the center of the eye. It adds a third dimension.


The eyes are an ideal place to play with makeup. In particular, your lashes at the center of the eye bring more attention to the eyes. You may try finding individual lashes at the drugstore or even cut up a strip to just use a few at a time.


Build more coats there and make sure to add a bit of eyeliner at the lash line to conceal the look. You create a younger looking appearance when you lash out with mascara. Apply a lengthening mascara on top lashes only, which means lashes in the center of each eye’s arch only.


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Best eyebrow shape for long faces

You need to create bold brows. Grab a brow pencil and draw your eyebrows outward towards the temples using short strokes to mimic the look of brow hairs. A flat brow shape adds width to your overall appearance and makes the face appear shorter.


Drawing the eyebrows outward and extending them ever so slightly can widen the face. Just be sure to use short strokes when drawing in your brows to mimic the look of brow hairs, otherwise the look may come off a bit too drawn-in.


To balance out a long face that owns vertically stretched features, a flat and straight-across brow with an extended brow tail can successfully highlight and exaggerate the horizontal features of the face.


By constantly shaping the brows and going for regular threading appointments, you can gradually change your eyebrows and achieve this brow shape. You should be careful not to extend the eyebrow tail downwards, otherwise it will appear droopy and sad.


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Contour your face in 4 steps

First Step: Highlight

Upper Cheekbones: Give the cheekbones more volume by applying the product to the upper part of the cheekbone with the brush. Blend towards the temple.


Jawline: Apply the product along the jawline from the base of the ear to behind the chin by using brush. Blend in both directions with back-and-forth motions.


Eyebrow bones: Apply the product above and to the brow bone with the brush. Blend towards the temple.


Eyelids: Apply the product to the entire eyelid and the inner corner of the eye by using the brush.


Bridge of the nose: Apply the product to the bridge of the nose by using the brush.


Center of the lips: Apply the product to the center with the brush, just above the upper lip, in order to enhance the outline of the lips.



Second step: Shade

Cheek hollows: Apply the product with the brush at the edge of the face (at the hairline) and blend horizontally inward towards the nose. For a harmonious and natural result, do not go past the outer corner of the eye.


Forehead: To reduce the height of the forehead, start above the temples and blend along the hairline, going up towards the top of the forehead by using the brush.


Chin: To narrow the chin, apply the product with the brush to the center of the chin and blend it towards the neck.


Eyelids: Apply the product with the brush from the outer corner and go towards the inner corner following the eyelid crease, drawing an arch.


Slide of the Nose: Apply the product along the sides of the nose and blend downwards by using the brush.



Third step: Illuminate

Cheekbones: Apply the product to the upper part of the cheekbone by using the brush.


Brow bone: Apply the product to the brow bone by using the brush.


Center of the lips: Apply the product to the center and just above the upper lip by using the brush.



Fourth step: Color

Cheekbones: Apply and blend the blush with the brush #104 to the curve of the lips with circular motions. This technique will make the face appear wider by “cutting” it lengthwise.



Fifth step: Result

Finish your makeup by applying HD powder to set your contouring and matify the skin. Intensify the look by applying mascara and sculpting the lips.




Here are more tricks you should know to achieve that cover girl look

Make your lipstick last longer by placing a tissue over your lips and then brushing it with a translucent powder. Dab the powder on the tissue over your lips to make the lipstick stay put.


Avoid mascara clumps by putting some petroleum jelly between your fingertips and rub it on your lashes. This helps avoid clumps.


Opt to use a white eyeliner as an eye shadow base to make your eye shadow pop.



Makeup is an art. Create a masterpiece of your own self and let your imagination lead you. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


Simply start with an open mind and try something new as a way to express, rather than cover your true self. Consider makeup as a creative outlet to express your mood, personality, or style.


Regardless of the brand, color or texture of the makeup you choose, set your intention to truly enjoy the experience. Appreciate your beauty from the inside out and make your own self-perception as the ultimate tool for a soulful expression and creativity.


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