Delicious Authentic Grilled Pinoy Cuisine Served Hot At Mang Inasal Restaurant

Mang Inasal fast food and restaurant in Cebu

Mang Inasal fires up the grill and makes it possible for you to have dinner on the table super fast with their Asian inspired, grilled Filipino dishes. Shake up your grilling routine for once, get out, and learn how to mix and match easy grilled meals and recipes in their menu for a stomach filling lunch or dinner treat. If you don’t own a grill, now is the right time to taste a highly seasoned marinade, slow grilled food, with a touch of over the top, outdoor sizzling steaks and grilled chicken served indoors at the Mang Inasal fast food restaurant in Cebu.


What to do when you are not in the mood to cook and you want to eat an authentic Filipino cuisine, grilled to the bones? What if you are hungry, but haven’t got the appetite to dine with mom’s cooking tonight, do you think a grilled chicken or pork barbecue at the Mang Inasal can make those eyes pop out?


Mang Inasal is very famous for its money saving grilled chicken. Chicken inasal paa (drumstick), pecho (breast), and pako (wings) can be ordered in value meals price range of P79 to P150. The restaurant can practically get you in the mood to eat almost anything they offer.


They best marinate the chicken before cooking on a grill, which makes it taste super delicious. The chicken simply picks up all those flavors to the bones. Ever seen me nibbling on chicken wings?


Grilled chicken is also called as chicken inasal here. In some homes (you can’t find restos cooking this way), you can see moms marinating the chicken in lemongrass, calamansi, salt, pepper, garlic, and then brushed with achuete oil.



I love home cooking, but unfortunately, the whole idea of cooking and the time it takes to finish one meal amazingly makes me weak, that I just get a taste of it en pronto at the Mang Inasal. Flawless! No hassle right?


The term inasal is the Hiligaynon term for barbeque. The business started in December 2013 mostly offering a barbeque quick service at the Robinson’s Mall car park in Iloilo.


With the support of the founder’s family, he had expanded nationwide and offered franchise contracts to interested entrepreneurs in the country. It has successfully penetrated the local market and as of April 2016, Jollibee has 100 percent control of the Mang Inasal.


Mang Inasal SM restaurant in CebuSM Mang Inasal restaurant in Cebu

Photo taken April 21 2017 at Mang Inasal, SM Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines

Mang Inasal fastfood and restaurant in CebuMang Inasal Cebu Mang Inasal brunchMang Inasal dinnerMang Inasal family lunch

Photos taken February 2 2017 at Mang Inasal, SM Consolacion

Mang Inasal Consolacion grilled chicken

Photos taken February 2 2013 at Mang Inasal, SM Consolacion


Mang Inasal Sulit Meals consists of the SM 1 and SM 2. The SM1 offers a 1 piece chicken, skewered and grilled the Mang Inasal way.


Mang Inasal menu grilled chicken


The SM2 offers a savory hot, off the grilled bbq served with a cup of rice. The SM meals come with one cup of rice only.


Mang Inasal menu pok bbq


Mang Inasal Paborito Meals consists of the PM 1, PM 2, PM 3, PM 4, and the PM 5. The PM1 offers the paa with rice. This marinated chicken paa has been skewered and grilled the Mang Inasal way. This comes with a cup of rice, but since the store offers unlimited rice, you can ask for more cups of rice until you burp.


Mang Inasal menu pass with rice


The PM2 offers the chicken pecho with rice. All PM meals come with an unlimited serving of rice.


Mang Inasal menu pecho with rice


The PM3 offers two sticks of savory hot, off the grill pork bbq.


Mang Inasal menu pork bbq


The PM 4 offers the bangus sisig chunks served with a cup of rice.


Mang Inasal menu bangus sisig


The PM 5 offers the pork sisig prepared in peppered tender pork chunks with crunchy chicharon and white onions.


Mang Inasal menu pork sisig


The PM6 offers the char grilled bangus inihaw with the cup of rice.


For the merienda or snacks, Mang Inasal offers the palabok noodles in thick rich sauce seasoned with chopped spring onions, hard boiled egg slices, shrimp, chicharon bits, meaty pork, and tinapa.


Mang Inasal menu palabok


The dinuguan at puto merienda is one of my favorites. It consists of tasty real pork chunks in pork sauce stewed to thick goodness and served hot with a steamed puto.


The pancit bihon merienda is prepared with stir fried noodles sautéed with seasoned pork strips and vegetable with calamansi on top.


Desserts offered are turon espesyal, leche flan, halo halo, and crema de leche. The turon espesyal dessert was prepared with a wrapped saba and strips of jackfruit and ube halaya.


The whole serving is drizzled with chocolate syrup and serve with an ube ice cream.


The leche flan is prepared with rich custard glazed with caramelized sugar.


Mang Inasal menu leche flan


The halo halo is served with the creamy shaved ice milk topped with red sago, buko pandan jelly, langka, ube halaya, yellow beans, red mongo beans, leche flan, macapuno, banana, ube ice cream, and barquillos.


Mang Inasal menu halo halo regular


The crema de leche is prepared with delightful, creamy milk and shaved ice topped with caramelized banana, macapuno, and leche flan. I love the taste of the crema de leche. Of course, drinks offered are the sago gulaman prepared with special syrup, gulaman, tapioca, and nata strips.


Mang Inasal menu, crema de leche halo halo Mang Inasal menu lumpiaMang Inasal menu, sago at gulaman Mang Inasal menu, softdrinks Mang Inasal ice tea menuMang Inasal charcoal grill menu


The traditional Filipino cuisine of grilled chicken, pork barbecue, sago and gulaman you usually find being sold by the on the street by the street vendors are being served at Mang Inasal with a much better dine-in concept and improved native style cooking.


With a cleaner place and good seating, people flocked at the native charcoal grill restaurant to fulfill their desires eating an authentic Pinoy cuisine that tastes like mom’s home cooking, which made this native restaurant an instant success.


The chicken inasal or the grilled chicken is the most bought item in the menu. Variations in the menu are being made consistently to meet the changing taste and demands of the customers.



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With its unlimited rice offer, the customers were more than satisfied to add more cups of white rice on their plates. Most Filipinos love to eat more rice up to 4 or more for a piece of grilled chicken, especially the kids.


The locals love its distinct taste of Pinoy home cooking. Here is the Mang Inasal sample price list to guide your budget


Mang Inasal Grilled Chicken MenuMang Inasal Barbeque and Grilled meat menuMang Inasal unlimite rice offer plus grilled chicken


Just in case you are wondering, maybe you passed them by when you shop at SM City Mall in Cebu …

Mang Inasal Cebu Philippines


Here we are, enjoying our meal with Mang Inasal Manok


Where to find Mang Inasal in Cebu

You can visit any of the Mang Inasal branches at SM City Malls anywhere in Cebu.


You can also see some of the stores located near the malls in Cebu. Eat cheap and save on food while traveling on vacation with money saving tips for saving on travel food costs you learned at the Mang Inasal Filipino cuisine fast food restaurant. How much money to budget on food when you travel actually depends on how fast you can figure out the best Filipino cuisine restaurants in Cebu that serve hot meals in affordable prices, which can be less than a P100 lunch or dinner.

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