Enjoy A Blissful Lunch At Maria Cristina Falls Lounge In Iligan City, Philippines

Maria Cristina Falls View Deck Groupie

The Maria Cristina Falls lounge provides a get up close and personal one of a kind lunch lounge venue for visitors wanting to enjoy a walk at nature and eating besides the roaring waterfall. This is the only waterfall lounge in Iligan City that has been jointly develop by the National Power Corporation and the Department of Tourism in Iligan City. Girl, you do not have to stick to the city life and shopping malls you’re used to. Go out and chase some waterfalls near you and get your fill of what nature life is really about soon.


Have you ever tried taking lunch in an arm’s length away from the rampaging water of the biggest waterfalls in Iligan City? You can sit at the side of the rushing water, enjoy your lunch, and experience the kamayan style, eat all you can bring (of course, you provide your own provisions), and get mesmerized with the beauty of the forest and the waterfalls in front of you. Front really means literally on your front.


If you can add the spectacular, plain and serene Maria Cristina Falls lounge that houses visitors and travelers for a warm lunch or afternoon siesta to your bucket list, then you are in for a big heartwarming few hours stay until early dinner at the lounge (they got a get out message we are close a few minutes after 5pm). Stay extension would mean asking the guard to let you savor the scenery at the lounge perimeter only and not going anywhere beyond 5 to 6 pm.


Maria Cristina Falls is located in Iligan City, which is on the island of Mindanao. This 320 feet (98 meters) high waterfalls is the most popular water feature in Iligan City. Being the primary source of electric power of the local area and some parts of the Philippines, sometimes the National Power Corporation (NPC) controls the flow of the water for hydroelectric purposes.


My advice? Call the National Power Corporation (NPC) and ask about the best time to visit the waterfalls, where the water is not controlled and you see a big blast of water falling from the edge of the two large rocks that seems to defy gravity as they stand and let the water flow smoothly from the top of the cliff.



The Maria Cristina Falls actually generates and supplies about 70% of the electricity in Mindanao. It is the second highest waterfalls in the Philippines and considered as the most popular landmark of Iligan City.


For sure, you would not want to miss visiting this spectacular view of the rapid water streaming right beside your seat, while you enjoy the company and take your lunch with your family and friends. The lounge is one best hangout you would want to be where the sound of the splashing water is like music to your ears that can make you sleep or rest with much peace and comfort. The perfect word actually is chill!


There is a canteen there, but no restaurant. So, if you plan to take a tour, just bring some food and drinks with you, because definitely the tour will take a whole day. As I have said, bring your own provisions (BYOP).


Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of unique, powerful stream of water that pours over two boulders and tumbles down into a wider natural deeper pool below that can make you imagine if you are ever going to survive standing underneath it.


Maria Cristina Falls LoungeBrunch! Maria Cristina Falls Iligan City

Photos taken July 28 2015 at  Maria Cristina Falls, Iligan City, Philippines

Family Outing Maria Cristina Falls

Photos taken January 2 2014 at the Maria Cristina Falls Lounge, Iligan City


Here is a video to watch


Don’t even think of challenging the rage of the water, because besides not being allowed to swim into it, nobody would jump to save you from breaking your skull below.


You can take a look around, but you cannot take a dip in the rapid water. For security and safety reasons, nobody would want to take the responsibility of rescuing drowning people down below that strong current. Yes, you do not need to bring your bathing suit, but you can wear sexy shorts for your photo shoots.


The best way to watch the waterfalls is to view it from the NPC viewing deck. You can zoom your cameras to take a good video and photos of the falls. Be careful of the drizzle coming from the falls, it would surely make your camera wet.


The best camera to use here is the waterproof types of camera. When taking photos at the viewing deck, make sure you have a good grip of your camera and phones.


If they fall, there is no way to recover them. The water is very deep below and the current is very strong. And girl, I am not joking!


Maria Cristina Falls Vacation Iligan City

Photos taken July 28 2015 at NPC Viewing Deck In Maria Cristina Falls, Iligan City


There is no slippery when wet sign, but the floor of the viewing deck is a bit slippery. This means wearing the right rubber slippers when you visit the area.


Search and discover the perfect spot for that most awaited travel selfie. Take a mental wellness self-selected retreat with the cascading water as your backdrop. The sound of the water is truly soothing to the spirit.


Coming here for a moment of chill can increase your mental clarity, create greater emotional stability, and provide an overall sense of wellbeing. You can easily and affordably reap the benefits of stress reduction and pain relief just by listening to the sound of the soothing water.


It is more fun to visit with your family or barkada. Bring some food and try to eat at the Maria Cristina Falls lounge rather than at the nature park.


Maria Cristina Falls Viewing Deck & LoungeBrunch at the Maria Cristina Falls Lounge

Photos taken March 23 2013 at the Maria Cristina Falls NPC Viewing Deck, Iligan City, Philippines



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It is so refreshing to take your lunch listening to the rushing water at your side. I love eating there and hope that when I get back for another vacation years from now, food would be served by a private restaurateur. Please Lord, I love good food, but am just a little bit lazy to carry a pack of things that would almost fill in one jeepney!



Entrance Fees

Adult is P35

Kids is P25

Shuttle ride is P10


enjoy your vacation at Maria Cristina Falls


How to reach the Maria Cristina Falls Lounge?


Maria Cristina Falls

Iligan City, Lanao del Norte

Telephone: 063 221 3988 or 063 221 9032 to 33

Email: npc_npark@yahoo.com


From Iligan City riding a taxi

You can ask the driver to take you to the Maria Cristina Falls and immediately ask how much he is going to charge you, because there is no taxi meter in Iligan City. They do not practice taxi meter. There is a 100% probability you are going to pay higher than what it can actually cost using a taxi meter!


Riding a jeepney

If you decide to ride a jeepney, you ask the driver if he would pass the Maria Cristina Falls and instruct him or the konduktor to stop at the crossing near the entrance. You can just walk from the main highway to the entrance.



Details of the jeepney ride:

Ride a Buru-un jeepney that usually parks near the Saint Michael’s College. Tell the driver to drop you off at the Maria Cristina Falls. The drop off site is right after the steel orange bridge you can similar to this image below. Fare is only P15.


Maria Cristina Falls Bridge where you stop


Need a personal concierge for your Iligan City Tour? Message me 0998 561 4066 and let us see if we can arrange an available tour guide for you.


On a budget and just want a text messaging instruction for directions? Message 0998 561 4066 and I will try my best to help you reach the place free of charge through text messaging. For thrill seekers, you can get a great zipline adventure in one of the nearest Philippine ziplines. Just ask the attendant where to fly by wire in Maria Cristina Falls nature park.



The Maria Cristina Falls Lounge is the closest waterfall you can visit in Iligan City. This lunch date venue is easy to get to, safest, and worth the walk. There is no real hike involved here, just a short walk from the highway. If you want to go explore more of the vicinity, you need to get your camera ready for the most breathtaking travel selfie view at the waterfalls lounge.

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