Be Slimmer, Get Ready For Heart Pounding Thrills, Fly Through And Above The Maria Cristina Falls Zipline

Living in the Philippines, Maria Cristina Falls

Get ready for travel and look forward to thrill pack adventures that await you this summer at the Maria Cristina Falls Ziplines. You get a taste of this cutting edge new experience as you swing, zip and dip through the thick forest giant treetops. Fly through and above the forest habitat as you work your way around the mountain’s ecosystem in an array of ziplines. Put your bold self to a test and harness your inner adventure while you whip yourself up to new heights. Learn more about ziplining and renew your experience of nature in a bold way with the Maria Cristina Ziplines.


Step off the platform into this extremely thrilling and not even safety controlled freefall adventure. Definitely no provision of life and medical insurance when you race friends over the long single straightaway line at the top of those trees! The question is, are you a no holds barred thrill seeker who is brave and wise enough to jump into this crazy fun activity?


When you are as active as any other mountain hikers and international travelers, you may want to be slimmer and condition your body for any fun events that awaits you. The zipline may not let you swing across the lines if you are a bit overweight, because you may need to pull yourself at times using your upper body strength.


Does ziplining and maneuvering across suspended bridges exciting enough for you? For me, this could be a drooling adventure that taste like food. My advice?


Let fun drive you to challenging adventures up there. Hook to the cable, step off the platform, and fly through the air sitting or laying face down. Zip weightless!



Have fun zipping yourself through the line from platform to platform at the Maria Cristina Falls for only P250 per person. Try something different for a change. May not be good if you have a slipped disc, so clear everything with your doctor first.


The zipline adventure is a good way to boost your confidence and exercise some freedom up there. Do not worry if you are a first time zipper. The lines were built strong enough to hold you.


There is no breaking system, so you should brace yourself for the unexpected. Oh, by the way, they do not have any insurance pack for the zippers, so you know what to do – hold on tightly to the rope and try not to fall. The Maria Cristina Falls Zipline is the highest in Iligan City.


Didn’t I scare you yet? Your speed and safety might not only depend on the line and the hooks, but also on wind velocity and weight. Heavier people may make themselves through to the end with no problem.


Living in the Philippines, Maria Cristina Falls Zipline

Photos taken March 23 2013 at the Maria Cristina Falls Zipline in Iligan City, Philippines

Maria Cristina Ziplines PhilippinesLiving in the Philippines zipline adventureZipline Maria Cristina Fallszipline with family Maria Cristina Falls

Photos taken March 23 2013 at Maria Cristina Falls Zipline


The guides are respectful and trained to keep you out of harm’s way. This is actually a small decision for you to experience a high risk, really high altitude zipline adventure. The hospital is located in the city and far from this place.


Get this one in a million chance to experience a gravity defying thrill of flying through the trees. This is a perfect activity for you to give your vacation a touch out of the ordinary.


Bored going to the beaches and eating out on restos? Grab your shoes and go to the Maria Cristina Falls Zipline for a differentiated fun.


There is no better way to challenge yourself – just zip it! Pose for selfies and boast later you have been zipping through the trees.


No experience is necessary to take a Maria Cristina Falls Zipline adventure. Just remember to wear a shirt with sleeves, in case you do not want to show your dark armpits in your photo shoots.



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The activity is really impressive. My daughter, nieces, and nephews love it. I did not try it because I haven’t cleared with my doctor if my slipped discs are allowed to go zipping. But really, I want to give it a try.


The zipline is very popular and the visitors there are not even keen about the insurance and the first aid. Oops, there is no doctor on the spot. OMG, I just remember.


We went there in March 2013, maybe safety regulations are better now. Anyway, we went out in one piece and no broken bones. Try it!



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There is an entrance fee: P25 for kids and P35 for adults

Zipline is P200 per person

Shuttle ride is P10 per person


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How to get to the Maria Cristina Falls Zipline


NPC Nature Park, Maria Cristina Falls

Maria Cristina Barangay Road, Iligan City

Lanao del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines

Telephone: 063 221 3988; 063 221 9032 to 33


It is situated 0.3 km away southwest of Iligan City proper. From the city proper, ride a jeepney bound for Buru-un. Stop at the bridge and cross the road to the entrance of the NPC Nature Park. Take a walk uphill. You will reach the gate by 10 minutes max. Make sure you remind the driver and the konduktor that you are going to the Maria Cristina Falls, so they will stop at the bridge.


Call it a tree top zipline canopy tour, but the Maria Cristina Falls thrill pack open air zipline adventure is truly what you would call as an adrenalin fueled activity. Actually, ziplining in Iligan City is a fun filled gravity ride for all ages and abilities that teaches you skills, endurance, and confidence.

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