Social Media Marketing Requires An Engaged Audience

social media marketing an engaged audience

Social media marketing in any platform needs an engaged audience. Without an audience, you cannot carry your small business marketing in Facebook or in any platform. You need to learn how to attract and build an audience so you can actively grow your business online. Most website owners do not know about the importance of building an audience first before selling anything.


Blog themes, Facebook and Twitter posts that don’t move the needle cannot help you market your business. You need to learn how to build a tribe and create traffic back to your website or landing page.


If you get the right amount of traffic to your blog or even one social media platform, such as Facebook or Twitter, converting them to cash and monetizing your traffic can’t be that difficult.


As your traffic grows along with your page impressions, and with a decent network like Google Adsense or Mediavine or AdThrive, you may net between $800 to $2000 per month. Just build your content so you may build your traffic.


The question is, just how do you keep the traction continuously working? Open up revenue streams and focus on topics or niche that can make the lives of your audience easier and better.



Consider blogging as your marketing platform. Look how the scholarships and health blogs or even personal finance blogs are getting more attention these days.


You can start a blog and create one social media account so you do not get overwhelmed. Observe how people interact with your posts. Rinse and repeat.


A 70,000 to 250,000 page views per month can bring you at least $1,000 with ads. When you add interesting and relevant bait articles that would easily attract traffic, you can easily grow your audience.


For example, if you are selling condominiums, you can post finance content or travel guide materials to your website. This trick would easily attract traffic while supporting your main niche as well as help you make money online.


The same goes with social media sites like Facebook. Get the right audience and Facebook followers so you can build a tribe by publishing relevant content that supports your overall theme.


social media marketing build an engaged audience


Build an audience

Distribution is an essential part of your successful content strategy and Facebook highly qualifies as one of the most useful platforms for B2B and B2C companies. The technique is to get your content in front of the right people and then grow your audience on your chosen platforms one at a time.


Make sure the content and publishing routine you had established dramatically appeals to your target audience. The focus for now is to build and engage!


Keep your content easy to read and speak the lingo used by your audience. You want your posts to be highly targeted, so make sure they fit with your target demographic.


Create something of value that appeals to your target audience. Maybe you can think of something to offer in exchange for following you on Facebook. If you are starting from nothing, the first step is to invite people to like your page or follow your page.


It may take time to gain your first 100 followers, just persevere and be patient. Do not expect magic to happen from a single post. Plan and observe responses.


In Facebook marketing, the best way to gain traction and increase your following is to produce quality content without being too promotional. Share content on a regular basis and try to keep your followers informed.


Just to let you know, relevance basically depends on what you want to achieve with your social media strategy. Think what you really want and build your content around it. Relevance is the key! Avoid posting overly-promotional content.


See it this way. When you like a page, you would not want to see a lot of sales offers from that business in your personal feed. People will probably unlike your page without a second thought!


You can focus on storytelling tailored to your target audience. However, you should still make each post look and sound relevant to your niche.


Based on several content marketing studies, storytelling is much more engaging, especially when it offers insightful tips and inspiration, rather than simply highlighting the product and making a sales pitch.


Dramatically increase your followers on Facebook by sometimes posting creative images with a short text. Well put together, the content provides value both visually and strategically. Try to focus more on the story and the concept, rather than a sales transaction.


Create your content, boost your posts and always target a defined audience. Treat your page and timeline like a community.



Define your target customers

Knowing the demographics of your customers is crucial when creating your content. It is critical that you focused only on those who are potentially interested in your product because anyone who won’t likely convert is a waste of time and $$s.


Interest based targeting can be a good way to target an audience. Remember the concept of hanging out with like minded people?


That is how you can go beyond what has already worked on your page. Target your posts organically. A good percentage of whom you reached with your targeted updates will start to like, comment and share them.


Post at the best time you can effectively connect and reach out to your target audience. Early morning and nighttime is generally the best time of the day to post updates.


Most people work during the day, come home and have dinner, then relax. Weekends can’t be that bad too.


If possible, use Facebook live video broadcasting for live stream events. Nowadays, there are so many pages competing for attention in the newsfeed. You need to plan and work on your plan. Execute well.


social media marketing set your tone right


Set your tone right

Now that you already defined your target audience, you need to communicate with them using the posts on your page. Speak like them. Think like them. Act like them.


Successful social media marketing takes time, hard work and patience. Continue building your page and try to maintain a strong relationship with your following.


Keep things real, relaxed and relevant. Do not blast promotional posts every hour or you will push your followers away.


Although consistency is important, quality should be a top priority. Establish your voice on your blog and on Facebook. Match your voice to your fan.


One of the finest techniques in expressing your brand’s voice is when you use a conversational tone, but without or maybe less marketing buzzwords. Friendly interactions are what makes a post stand out.


After you have established your tone, figure out the kind of updates you can post so your personality can shine through and make your followers want to be part of the conversation.


Share company updates and personal photos. Sharing content like this translates into an emotional connection with your audience.


Sharing personal stories combined with subtle selling usually works and gives you sales. Consider humor or posting funny pictures, but do not overload your feed with irrelevant memes.


Maintaining a balance of the variety of content you post will project a brand personality that is fun, friendly and professional. If they see hard selling, too many off topic updates and little engagement, they are going to perceive your brand personality poorly.


But, if they see a balance of humor and education with lots of comments, they are more likely to interact too. Internet marketing strategies may differ for each niche, but the trick is more or less the same as discussed.

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