Craft A Marketing Story For Social Media Sharing To Increase Engagement

create a marketing story with core values

Content marketing for your small business blog can be as simple as sharing a marketing story that people would want to comment and share. The trick is simply to create a memorable marketing story that people would embrace and share with their respective social media network. Remember, marketing succeeds only when enough people with the same mindset and worldviews come together in a way that allows your content to reach them cost effectively. Gather the flock that thinks the same way as you do!


Content marketing allows you to reach these people by building your online presence slowly and carefully. Adapting this social media strategy allows you to create a long lasting asset with the kind of audience who really want to hear from you and may need your help.


In content marketing, patience and research is key because getting a huge following from real individuals who read your posts may not happen overnight. Your followers do not build up within 24 hours, but it would raise its numbers over time.


Business entrepreneurs hiring a social media company should learn to accept this fact.  There is no magic in social media optimization services.


You have to feed your audience slowly and get noticed based on the information you provided in your content. Marketing social media experts know this.



Don’t push them to pay just anybody and make your profile reflect a huge following. Pushing initiates the wrong actions and on top of that, it’s your business that suffers!


The time and effort spent with your audience increases in value over time and results in a long term business. Plan your content. Plan your story!


Storytelling has always been a part of our lives. Stories being recorded and published every day are being narrated through social media sharing or word of mouth for the consumption of many people.


We all know that the word of mouth marketing is the best online buzz marketing strategy you can use without expense, because they have the highest possibility to get viral without putting on much effort. Stories that were narrated through word of mouth notably evolved significantly.


storytelling captures your audience 6 seconds attention


Creating a marketing story

For the creative minds, designing a story to a whole new level of approach can simply be more on aesthetics. When you have already crafted a marketing story, the next thing would be planning about its design and aesthetics.


If you want to build a landing page, you can create a design that would suit your audience. If you want to test the water and just use social media sharing for your business blog selling affiliate products, then leverage on your images.


Storytelling combined with eye catching images can turn out to be something exceptionally interesting and engaging for your specific audience. What makes designing so popular is its ability to make any content attractive and engaging!


Many times, a story is always as good as the way a storyteller conveys it. Every story is not compelling and may not be relevant or appropriate in marketing your business blog.


If the narrative cannot accomplish or produce the impact and the results you have in mind, you should consider a different story. In order to spur some call to action and engagements, you have to be genuine in telling your story.


This literally means, you have to be comfortable with the content. Your marketing story has the ability to make or unmake you and make your audience follow or unfollow you!


Do not share personal stories and memes that are not appropriate for your readers. Tell a memorable and shareable story that would capture their attention and also make them follow you.


You need a goal for your story. It could be targeting challenges and interesting obstacles. What’s keeping them from attaining their goals?


Identify their emotional and psychological roadblocks and how you can help overcome these inner limitations. Your business marketing story should exist to guide, coach, and help them realize what they need to do to achieve what they want.


Your marketing story should be a real life event. Transparency is everything. It can help build trust and enhance relationships.


Storytelling is an art and as a person who handles internet marketing online advertising, it should transform you into a very creative person. Nowadays, internet marketers need to be good storytellers.


Humans are wired to appreciate a good story while stories make brands easy to remember. The simplest strategy I can suggest for startups is to simply create an easy to remember brand story for your internet marketing business.


A compelling story should resonate and connect with the emotions and desires of your audience. Make the message straightforward, shareable, simple and easy to understand.


Use emotions! Uncover it and talk about your role in helping your audience achieve their desires. Once you find a story, discover how you are going to narrate them at different angles.


Note how and when your audience accepts your marketing story. Note what part of the story they love most, then amplify!


Make the people remember you through your marketing story. Your brand inspiration, which is your marketing story, is the foundation of your online marketing brand strategy.


For example,

  • Brands that support the things important to them
  • Brands that make them feel good
  • Brands that align with their values
  • Brands that solve their problems


When you create a story, think about your brand’s personality and a little about market positioning because your brand story can influence the brand experience and you need to deliver the ultimate brand experience through your marketing story. Storytelling is a powerful element of your brand marketing strategy.


Pushing out marketing content without a clear story to wrap it around and without a story foundation may produce an inconsistent brand messaging. Think of your brand as a legacy. What do you want to leave behind?


Create high quality and effective content that can authentically connect you with the right audience. Humanize your brand and relate to your target audience. Create a persona when necessary.


Take each day as it comes but one step further each time that day ends! Share content designed to generate results in their lives.


For example, you need to have a core value with your brand story. If your business is fashion, then the core value is sophistication.


The core values will humanize the brand story by acting as conversation starters that initiate thoughts and trigger emotional engagements. The brand story with the core values should be the foundation of your content strategy.


Once the vision, target audience and core values are defined, you can develop the brand language, visuals and communication styles to cohesively tell the brand story.


Any content you create should funnel back to the vision and core values. The key is to treat each piece of content as a piece of the puzzle. When everything is clicked together, it should show the overall picture.


storytelling brand strategy, internet marketing companies focus on how and why


Be remarkable

Consumers often get bombarded with thousands of brand messages and stories every day. On the average, an individual is exposed to about 5,000 advertisements each day, which make it more difficult to gain a second of attention.


You only have 6 seconds to tell your brand story. Only 6 seconds to make a connection with your audience. How do you do this?


Success largely depends on the perceived value your brand brings to the customer. Most internet marketing companies focused on the “what” of the product and not the “how and why” of the product.


One way to stir emotion is to simplify a complicated issue or problem. Simplify why the brand matters and how it matters to them.


Customers don’t have the time and the inclination to figure this out on their own. That is why the question needed to be answered through the simplicity of a great story when you are marketing online!

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