Massage Therapy Can Reduce Wrinkles And Firm Aging Skin

nonsurgical facelift massage therapy

Until the fountain of youth is discovered, you have to learn how to take care of your beauty using the natural aging skin care techniques. One of the most ignored beauty tricks is the stimulation of collagen by working the muscles in your face so you can boost blood circulation, improve skin complexion and achieve a more youthful look. With significant cosmetic and antiaging effects, the internal health of the human body can be influenced and balanced by massaging acupoints, meridians and trigger zones. Know that your wrinkles and sagging skin can be addressed by a simple pressure massage therapy.


The mechanical effects of massage are best for both men and women, especially when used as an aging skin firming treatment for women over 40. The massage therapy is great in firming mature women’s sagging skin. It enhances the elasticity of the muscles.


The mere touch triggers the sympathetic nervous system or the stress fight or flight response. Sustaining the touch or moderately increasing the pressure activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This is called as the relaxation response.


A sustained light stroke or fine vibration reduces anxiety and lessens the muscle pain, including pain. A massage warms the skin with friction and increases circulation of the blood and lymph in the skin.


The enhanced heat and circulation stimulate the sebaceous glands, thus making them produce more secretions that eventually will make the skin look and feel supple. Giving a massage also tends to increase the sweat production, which cools the body the moment the sweat evaporates.



Massage is a very effective skin care treatment for breaking down fascial adhesions and subsequent tissue restrictions so the body restores blood circulation and movement. The result would be a smoother glossy skin with reduced evidences of fine lines and wrinkles.


The massage enhances circulation to and from the muscles as well as stretches and compresses the various connective tissues. In addition, massage promotes circulation to and from the deformed sensory and proprioceptive nerve endings.


The Swedish, neuromuscular, and myofascial techniques target the muscular system to obtain both mechanical and reflex effects. This type of massage applies gentle, prolonged pressure to tight muscles, which stretches out areas of stiffness.


The Swedish myofascial therapy softens the muscles from the inside and helps restore movement. It focuses on the fascia, which makes up approximately 80% of the body.


massage therapy can reduce wrinkles



Massage is one of the most beneficial steps in the aesthetic treatment process. It has the ability to increase the microcirculation so it can bring oxygen and nutrients to the cells, induce the relaxation response, improve the lymph circulation for removal of toxins, and increase the epidermal hydration.


Massage can stimulate the cellular function, aid in desquamation, stimulate the sebaceous glands, and facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients. When the body is out of tension, it can be more productive.


The Chinese self-massage has been designed to help the middle age and older people. It works to strengthen the body and lengthen life. With the right pressures applied to the exact points, they can stimulate the senses and make anyone feel refreshed.


The massage manipulations delay the decline of health and retard the aging process. It gradually helps the body regain more youthful function as well as enhance the tissue’s elasticity and flexibility.


If you notice your skin is losing elasticity, you can use the massage toning movements. This can improve the condition of the skin. Regular massage where there has been a long period of immobility helps reduce the natural reduction in tissue elasticity.


Tissues begin to waste and are replaced by less elastic components if not utilized. A long term restriction of the movement due to pain, discomfort, bad posture or habit causes the elastic components of the soft muscular tissue to shrink and shorten forming inelastic fibrous tissue.


Massage helps improve the muscular inflexibility caused by the shortening of the muscle fibers. The metabolism is improved by the increase in circulation and increased availability of nutrients.



The condition of the skin is improved by the natural exfoliation that happens during the massage as a result of the friction of the massage therapist hand. With a regular massage, the skin elasticity is maintained and greatly reduced the visible effects of ageing.


The massage effectively reduces fat by accelerating its metabolism while regulating the absorption and excretion of the digestive system. The supply of blood to the muscles is proportional to the activity of the muscles.


This way the blood passes more rapidly through the muscles being massaged than with the muscles at rest. The massage or pumping action creates the kneading and compression movements that significantly stimulate venous blood and lymph circulation as well as brings a fresh supply of blood to the muscles.


Because of this function, massage has been perceived to aid in the removal of the metabolic waste products, nourish tissues, and increases circulation. The full body massage treatment makes you feel good and causes the release of the endorphins in the brain.


The usual beneficial effects are pain reduction and relaxation. The mechanisms of action come through the complex interplay of both the physical and the mental pathways.


This mechanism best explains the most established effects of the massage therapy, which is the reduction of anxiety. The therapy increases the person’s pain threshold by promoting the release of the endorphins and serotonin.


The part of the body being massaged responds with a more active circulation, secretion, nutrition and excretion. Massaging a particular area stimulates the large diameter nerve fibers.


It increases the local blood circulation, intensifies the movement of the lymph, and loosen the adherent connective tissue. The skin and all its structures are nourished.


The effects of the reflex help the tissues become warm and proceed to reset the muscle tone. It also makes the muscles relax.


Massage therapy is a very effective approach to relax the muscles, release muscle spasms, and reduce trigger point activity. It prevents and relieves stiffness as well as soreness of the muscles and quickly restores fatigue from work or exercise.


The activity of the skin glands is stimulated while the muscle fiber is being strengthened. A lymphatic drainage massage therapy helps to detoxify the skin, drain toxins, and promotes its renewal as well as to prevent premature aging.



Massage nonsurgical facelift effects

The number of collagen cells in the dermis also declines with age, causing the skin to sag and wrinkle. The skin has less natural lubrication.


Having a dry skin seems to become as one of the most common complaints with older people. Massage is a natural skinlift and facelift at your fingertips.


The salon facial treatments for aging skin needs to be done regularly. Begin by treating the skin weekly or bi-weekly for 6 to 12 treatments.


Slowly decrease it to once every two to four weeks. Aging skin needs treatment more often. Drier skin requires at least weekly or bi-weekly facial treatments.


Old skin is thin. The skin appears to evaporate with age as the subcutaneous fat disappears, cells become fewer and layers grow thinner and more fragile.


An aging skin should not be subject to microdermabrasion, brushing, or suction machines. After 50, the skin tends to become more oil dry, which means you will see oily or more often a combination. Old skin becomes thin and tears easily.



Not to do

Massage should not be done if you have a heart disorder, high blood pressure, inflamed and swollen joint, glandular swelling, skin disease and broken capillaries.




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Rejuvenate your skin and banish the wrinkles. Whatever your budget, lifestyle, age, ethnicity or skin type, you can achieve a complexion you can be proud of, so long as you learn to understand and respond to your skin as it changes through life. The link between our skin, our identity and our sense of self-worth is inextricable. The desire to feel attractive is hardwired into us all!


A facial massage is one cheap and effective way to combat the wrinkles. A regular face massage is needed once a woman cross the age of 40. The massage can tighten the tissues and muscles due to the increase of the blood circulation. The massage activates circulation, secretion, nutrition and excretion of the skin.


Several beneficial results, such as nourishment of the skin at all structures, reduction of fat cells in the subcutaneous tissues, increase of the skin flexibility and softness, stronger fiber muscles of the skin, and an experience of soothing and refreshing of the nerves are obtained from a simple massage.


Massage is one of the best aging skin care techniques you can have to prevent wrinkles. The facial massage is a time proven nonsurgical facelift at your fingertips.

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