Maximize Your Muscle Mass Growth For Quick Weight Loss

build lean muscle mass without looking like a man for weight loss

Lose weight fast by integrating fitness routines designed to optimize muscle mass growth. One simple way to build lean muscle mass is the resistance training, which brings an enhanced muscular endurance alongside muscle gain. All you need to do to lose weight quickly is to activate the hormones responsible for stimulating muscle growth so you gain muscle mass fast. Stimulating your hormones turns on the switch of your anabolic process. The secret to an effective weight loss is actually learning how to maximize fat loss through muscular development.


Achieve your best body and get into the best shape possible. Maximize your potential and reach your ultimate goal of being lean, fit and healthy.


One of the most important factors that determine the realization of a lean, muscular physique is muscle. It is what helps people get lean and stay lean.


If you want to burn more calories, then build more muscle. Raise your metabolism through resistance training. Stop counting the calories!


With a goal in mind to get lean enough to see your flat abs, you should learn some strength training exercises for fat loss and successfully transform your body forever. I know that most what you read about fat loss are diet books.



You should know that weight loss requires hard work and consistency, which involves picking the right food and being consistent with your exercise routines. It is because a weight loss plan should always go by with fitness training programs, such as resistance training, and diet.


You will never succeed without the other. An effective fat loss plan can help you run faster and jump higher. You can perform strength training exercises such as push ups, pull ups, squats, lunges and step ups or lifting free weights.


It is obvious that you’ll get tired and quit faster when you are carrying around extra weight than you would if you had less additional body fat using up energy.


Carrying excess weight makes you less comfortable being active and may lead you to a more sedentary lifestyle. To help you understand why you need to build lean muscle mass, think of the muscle as a metabolically active tissue.


Being a metabolically active tissue, it is the only physical location in your body where stored body fat is burned or used as energy. More muscles require more energy. Meaning, the more muscles you have, the more calories and fat you burn even while you sleep!


About 30 calories are burned per pound of muscle. Adding 5 pounds of lean tissue would result in losing one pound of fat every month without even changing your diet.


This is why strength training and maintaining muscle mass through proper training and eating strategies is critical for fat loss. Put simply, more muscle means a faster metabolism!


Now that you understand why you need muscle to effectively burn fat, you should start doing strength training a few times a week.


 lose weight fast through strength trainingkeeping your muscle mass, being lean and fit is sexy


Eating less

During fasting or under eating, a starvation like signal is perceived by the body as catabolic. To compensate for the missing food and protect your body from metabolic breakdown, the first response of your body would be to boost your anabolic activities.


Boosting the anabolic activities may increase the capacity of the body to assimilate protein and other nutrients for maximum nutrient utilization. Damage to the muscle tissue is prevented by inhibiting a protein breakdown.


When you eat less, you trigger the primal biological mechanism that helps your body adapt and survive in times of food deprivation. At the cellular level, the most powerful catabolic anabolic process is activated during fasting or under eating.


A dramatic increase of the IGF1 receptors happens in the muscle cell membranes, which creates a primal biological compensation mechanism that ensures survival when there is limited access to food.


In fact, most studies about growth hormone revealed a positive correlation between hunger and stimulation of the tissue building hormones. To take advantage of this powerful dietary under eating cycle, you need to avoid metabolic decline and muscle breakdown.


This means controlling the length of under eating, which should not exceed over 24 hours. Know that the incorporation of special recovery meals after exercise enhances the overall metabolic impact of the muscles.


Because most people are struggling with understanding the most basic activities of the human body, what we discussed just simplified everything and made it easier for you to understand how strength training may help you lose the flabs and become fab.


Resistance training causes the muscles to contract against an external resistance. The activity increases the strength, tone, mass, and endurance of the body.


You can ask for tailored programs and exercises to get optimal results. The external resistance often used are dumbbells, bricks, or any equipment that can make the muscles contract.


We’ve seen exercise trends come and go. Yesterday’s ideas seemed to have been freshened up with today’s research and knowledge. Today’s strength training involves functional, metabolic and weight training.


We usually want to lose the stored fat, but some of this fat is important too for energy reserves, which protects our internal organs and bones. You should understand that strength training is a very valuable tool in the prevention of osteoporosis and fractures.



Types of resistance training

  • Olympic lifting
  • Power lifting
  • Weight lifting
  • Resistance bands
  • Free weights
  • Weight machines


The strength training increases your muscle strength when it works against the weight or force. A beginner may need to train at least 2 to 3 times a week for maximum benefit.


Rest each muscle group at least 48 hours for optimum gain in the strength and size. For controlled impact, you may do the plyometrics.


We know a muscle will respond to stretching as a defense mechanism, but there are limits to the amount of stretching that will augment movement speed. As long as the muscle does not stretch too far past its normal range of motion, the stretch will contribute to more powerful movements.


Jumping in place is the simplest form of plyometrics. However, plyometrics are high intensity form of exercise that should be used after developing a good base of strength body control, balance and technique.


You may want to know this, just for additional information


Studies show a woman may lose up to one third of her muscle between ages 35 and 80. From age 40 on, a woman may lose 10 to 20% of her strength with each passing decade.


Having less muscle makes it harder to stay active, while less activity accelerates the wasting of muscles. As you can see, the downward spiral goes on.


Your bones need the load bearing demands of regular exercise to stay healthy, because inactivity allows bones to become thinner and more fragile.


Don’t you know that your muscle tissue burns calories day and night, regardless whether you are awake or sleep? If you lose muscle, you reduce the capacity of your body’s calorie burning engine.


This is when your excess calories get stored as fat. Dieting makes it worse by depressing your metabolism further. Preserve your muscles and prevent weight gain!


Let me tell you. You can’t trust the scale. For example, a lean 25 year old woman may weigh 125 pounds, with an 18% body fat. By age 40, the same woman may still weigh roughly 125 pounds, but now with 25 to 26% body fat. Because fat tissue is bulkier than lean muscle, the dress size may stretch from a 6 to a 10 during those years of muscle loss. As you can see losing weight is just one of the many reasons to lift weights!


resistance training weight loss program



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Strength training has been designed to maximize muscle growth along with the increase of connective tissue strength. Lift weight to lose weight is a very simple weight loss idea.


Reverse the trend of losing muscle mass and do everything to hold on to lean muscle mass and prevent the metabolic slump that leads to weight gain.


The thing that really keeps your metabolism cooking is muscle. You may have kept your weight under control, but your body is storing more fat as the age related loss of muscle slows your metabolism and makes it harder to burn calories.


The solution is muscle. Strength training is great for building muscle and in reducing fat. Everyone, by age 40, should be devoting at least 20 to 30 minutes 2 to 3 times a week for strength training. The sooner you start, the better, because the more muscle you have going into your 30s and 40s, the easier it will be to retain it.


If you are afraid to transform back the muscles to fat when you stopped training, then you are wrong. The muscle does not literally turn into fat, because they are completely different kinds of tissue. If you stop training, the muscle gradually wastes away and the fat starts to accumulate, simply because your body is using fewer calories. Do not stop your strength training!


Strength training is the fastest way to get your weight down and ensure a shapely, toned physique. Your body has only one way to get rid of fat and that’s to burn it. The more muscle you have, the easier it is for your body to burn fat. The solution of a sustainable weight loss is strength training.

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