Maze Park And Resort Offers Biggest And Deepest Swimming Pools For Athlete Practice In Iligan City

Maze Park and Resort

Whenever you visit Iligan City, especially if you are an event planner that deals with both adults and kids, this place is something you need to consider as a critical piece of your event planning puzzle. The Maze Park should be written on your top ten list for places to go in Iligan City. This place is a very promising destination for fun and exciting adventures, but you need to embrace the lack of transport.


I would want to go there each time I visit Iligan City, but the only thing that is preventing me is the transportation availability. The place lies in a very remote area. You cannot even go for a hiking spree, because it is just too far from civilization.


You definitely need to rent a car or hire a driver with a car just to get there. Although the place is not that expensive, but getting the transportation can be the sole decision point for you. To go or not to go?


The Maze Park is a 7 hectare resort that provides facilities ideal for a family weekend getaway plus a lot more for the adventurous and sports minded. It is located at the upper portion of the Mimbalot Falls, so you can go to the Mimbalot Falls first and at the later part of the day, you can hangout at the Maze Park. Less mosquitoes and safer than an open forest!


The park promotes an eco-adventure lifestyle that is spacious enough to offer different pool sizes, plus the one big special Olympic size pool for the athletes. Actually, this very deep pool is fenced for safety purposes, so kids can’t just wander around and fall into the pool.



If you want to boost your swimming skills, go to the Maze Olympic pool and swim all day whenever you can. This resort is a self-contained establishment that tries to provide most of what you need and want for a vacation resort, such as lodging, drinks, sports, entertainment, and swimming pools. This place has the necessary guest attraction capabilities to keep you busy for a day.


If you want to spend quality time around the table with your family, then packed your barbeques and grilled fish, and eat out there until sunset. Fun can be never ending when you start exploring the pools and the wildlife.


The resort offers a picnic park, children’s playground, Olympic swimming pool for professional swimmers, regular pool for non-athletes, and a fishing park. Accommodations provided are the single unit cottages, double bedrooms, or dormitory rooms.


Set aside some time and give your kids, your full and undivided attention while swimming or even just cooking with them on the side with your bbqs. This is one part of my childhood that I have to thank over and over again. Being with a family that is closely knit by my parent’s love and devotion to each other.


Maze Park IliganMaze Park Travel VacationMark Park REsort Iligan City Entrance

Photos taken March 23 2013 at Maze Park and Resort In Iligan City, Philippines

Maze Park and Resort In Iligan CityMaze Park Resort Swimming Pools

Photos taken January 2 2014 at Maze Park and Resort In Iligan City


The resort also offers catering and function rooms for weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, training and seminars, and other important events and celebrations. So, if you get lazy and just want them to do the cooking for you, it can be done with great pleasure in less cost!


Work and relax! This is the Maze Park offer. This weekend family getaway provides wonderful amenities with an extremely affordable price. The resort is tucked away on a remote hill outside the Iligan City.


Being in a remote place means nurturing relationships without digital media interruptions, and just sitting there talking with your family, laughing, and enjoying cracked corny jokes. This place is perfect for individuals who appreciate nature and a bit of privacy.


Besides the big sized Olympic pool, Maze offered two smaller pools for the regulars and multiple kiddie pools for your kids. Yes, no quarrelling with the pool, there are plenty for you on here.


They also provided a playground for the small ones, so you do not need to bore them listening to your discussions. There is a basketball court and a small zoo just enough to keep you and your kids busy for the day.


Maze Park and Resort Iligan City


The mini zoo is a blast, because you can be doing some educational mini tour for the children out there. They can sit and just watch, while you cook and grill your meal.


Do not worry, the animals were safely confined within enclosures for public viewing. The mini zoo was especially designed for the tiny feet visitors.


Love to grill your meat and fish? Just go to the area specified for cooking and grilling. There are plenty of spots for cooking, so you do not have to wait and starve yourself. The cooking area is also bigger than the other resorts.



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Just in case, you forgot it is situated in a remote area and did not bring any food, you can order food from the restaurant at the entrance of the resort. This place is perfect for older people or seniors too. You can let them sit and relax watching their grandchildren and they would be smiling up to their ears, feeling happy and contented with that little activity.


Selfies? No worries. They had done a good job developing the facial makeup of the resort. Go to where you feel best fits your mood for the day and either take a selfie or a groupie.


Go there before sunset and take as many pictures as you can. When the sun goes down, it is too dark to recognize anyone in the photo shoots. I have to go back there the next day because all the pics that we took at sunset were not clear anymore.


This place is perfect for nature lovers. I would not hesitate to recommend spending your weekend here. I am sure you can hire a ride for the day or just make an arrangement to fetch you at a specific time of the day when you are done swimming and having fun.


The entrance fee is P30 for the adult and P20 for the child.


Maze Resort Iligan CityHappy travel vacation Maze part & Resort in Iligan City

Photos taken January 2 2014 and March 23 2013 at Maze Park and Resort In Iligan City


How to get to the Maze Park and Resort


St. Michael Heights, Buru-un, Iligan City 9200, Lanao del Norte, Philippines



Go to the city and take a ride going to Buru-un. Tell the driver to drop you at the Maze Park. They will drop you off at the highway leading to the Maze Park. You can ride a habal habal going to the park. I would not recommend this.


The easiest way is to rent a car there for your convenience. Then go to Mimbalot Falls and Maze Park for the day. These two places will give you total satisfaction.

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