Earn Money With Medium Partner Program

earn money writing with Medium partner program

Share a story, share an idea with Medium and earn. It is as simple as writing an article on their editor, adding an image or embed a YouTube video or tweets and clicking publish! Select the option to allow the curators review and distribute the story via topics on the Medium website. If they decide to distribute your story, it means that your post is eligible for the site’s metered paywall. If you are in the Medium Partner Program, this option also enables your story to earn money. Not selecting the option means it will be distributed only to your followers.


All your stories can be seen on your public profile page and stories page. Clapping is a way that the readers show appreciation and recommend it to their respective followers.


The clapping actually helps determine the amount of money you may earn per story. When members clap for a specific story, a portion of their $5 membership goes to you as the author.


You earn money from any stories you submitted, but only those that were set eligible for earning. Medium recognizes quality thinking and connects you to a highly targeted audience.


Publish your best work on their website and join the Medium Partner Program so you can earn money sharing your story and expertise to the world. The program compensates you for the quality of your post.



Write something good and share your thinking about anything that actually matters to you. It can be short or long, serious or funny, reported or opinionated. What truly counts is your perspective!


At the end of every calendar month, Medium will deposit your earnings to your bank account or debit card. Broaden your readership. Continue writing. Earn more!


Here are the basic editorial guidelines

All your writing and images must be your own or used with permission or citation.

Do not advertise or market yourself or your products.

Publish your best analysis or ideas.


earn money writing at the Medium partner program


Stories publish on Medium should foster thinking that educates and inspires, because their readers crave for smart and insightful thinking.


You can read more information about the Medium Partner Program at the Medium.com. It is the only platform right now that allows anyone to post an article and get paid immediately.


You are paid per clap on Medium. The more claps you receive, the more money you make. Each reader is limited to 50 claps per article with no total clap limit across all articles they read.


Your Partner Dashboard is updated every Wednesday with what you’ve earned until the previous Sunday. The earnings are deposited into your bank account on the last Wednesday of every calendar month.


Topics that do well on Medium are life learning, business, entrepreneurship, startups, culture, technology and politics.

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