Raise Your Metabolism And Get Fab Abs

Have you ever wondered why you still are gaining weight instead of losing it? Well, if you want to show off your flat abs wearing a midriff this summer, even at 50 (yes, that’s right!), you have to learn how to eat right. When you eat the wrong food stuffs, it goes straight to your stomach. Right now, shrink your belly fat and get amazing six pack abs by focusing on your weight loss diet program. Getting tight abs is possible only when you learn how to properly combine diet and exercise.


It is important that you manage your weight loss goals effectively. Melt your belly fat fast simply combining diet and exercise. Rev your metabolism and lose that sagging stomach in a few weeks.


Stop storing extra calories and get a stomach that’s tighter and more toned. Experience higher success in losing weight by building lean muscle mass that burns the fat away.


Are you excited about the idea of getting flat abs and a smaller waist in less time than you thought can be done? Here is a hint. Your metabolism includes all the things your body does to turn food into energy and help you sustain your weight loss program.


The best approach to get in shape with a smaller waist and an hourglass figure is to create sustainable changes in your weight loss diet plan. Speeding it up is actually all up to you.



Rethink your lifestyle. Try to stick to your weight loss plan and you will see the weight falling away as the weeks go by. Shape up and build lean muscle mass when you boost your metabolism and start burning more fat.


In a few weeks, you will see a significant drop on that weighting scale. Be happy to see the visceral fat storage finally burned to fuel your energy and out of your system.


As you grow older, your diet and exercise becomes even more important. You naturally lose muscle mass with age, which tends to slow down your metabolism. By exercising an hour a day, you can definitely stop that slide!


Most weight loss systems fail because they are not sustainable, especially the diet part. It is true that keeping the weight off is quite difficult if you do not understand what you do.


This can be very disappointing. I advise you do not start eating just anything so much, because you would just end up having problems later of an excessive weight gain.



Easy dieting tips

Remember that nutrition and lifestyle habits are the two major factors that affect performance, rapid weight loss, age related problems, wellbeing and health, and most especially your beauty skin care.


Whether it be for minimal or fast weight loss, a good understanding about diet and nutrition is truly crucial in achieving a safer fat loss. Eating the wrong foods and following an unsustainable diet leads to a bad metabolism.


The food you feed your body highly impacts your insulin and cholesterol levels. The key to developing a sustainable weight loss program is eating smart.


Reset your metabolism. Just figure it out by simply listening to how your body responds to your chosen diet plan.



Basic metabolic rate

The relationship between the metabolic rate and the body mass is a function of its metabolic weight. People expend energy when they are physically active, but also expend energy when they are resting quietly.


In general, the more a person weighs, the more total energy is expended on basal metabolism, but the amount of energy per pound of body weight may be lower.


What makes it difficult to shed fat and lose weight? Genetics may play a good role, but usually, it is always the wrong approaches in how you reset metabolism. The basal metabolic rate or BMR is the rate on how you burn energy doing nothing.


A normal weight adult may have a metabolic rate one and a half times that of an obese adult when compared to body weight, because lean tissue is metabolically more active than body fat.


One way to increase the BMR is to participate in endurance and strength training activities regularly to maximize lean body mass. The larger the muscle mass and the heavier the weight of the body part being moved, the more energy is expended.


The physical activity’s duration, frequency, and intensity also influence energy expenditure. The longer, the more frequent, and the more intense the activity, the more kcalories expended.


When a person eats, the GI tract muscles speed up their rhythmic contractions, the cells that manufacture and secrete digestive juices begin their tasks, and some nutrients are absorbed by active transport.


The thermic effect of food is proportional to the food energy taken in and is usually estimated at 10% of energy intake. The thermic effect of food is greater for high protein foods than for high fat foods and for a meal eaten all at once rather than spread out over a couple of hours.


On the other hand …


The metabolic pathways build, rearrange, and break down organic substances in a series of activities to produce energy that will be used by the cells different functions. The body’s ATP (energy), enzymes, and other molecules interact during metabolism to help the cells utilize and conserve energy and resources.


The body’s cellular metabolism is effectively directed by the enzymes. The first thing that you need to know when developing your weight loss program is learning how to regulate the metabolic rate.


The enzymes are biocatalysts consist of conjugated proteins responsible for the coordinated reactions of the body’s living systems. They are usually found in the membrane structures of other cellular components, such as the tissues, liver, kidneys, and other important systems that boost the immune system.


They have the ability to facilitate certain processes in the body’s organs or act as a catalyst to meet cellular requirements. Some enzyme-catalyzed reactions regulate or control cellular metabolism. The regulation of the body’s cellular metabolism comprises of the following


Alteration of cellular concentrations of enzymes


Production of substrates or enzyme inhibitors


Modulation of the activity levels of the regulatory enzymes


Select your food wisely, lose weight smartly



Obviously, based on a lot of studies, you cannot successfully lose weight without mastering your metabolism first. This should help lose belly fat fast.


Regulatory enzymes respond to metabolic signals. They regulate the flux of reactants through the metabolic pathways.


The only way to control the regulatory enzymes in the metabolic pathways is monitoring the availability of the substrates, which is the utilization of the products and the overall needs of your cells.


The enzymes operate on both chemical and biological levels, which make them the cornerstone of your healing and free radical destruction. They are providers of power antioxidants and the foundation elements that strengthen your immune system.


As you age, your internal enzymes become depleted. For example, a 60 year old has 50% fewer enzymes than a 30 year old does.


Unless you do something to restore your enzymes, your lifespan shortens and also, weaken your digestive eliminative capacities that results in obesity and the occurrence of chronic illnesses.


The signs of low enzymes are fatigue, weight gain, and premature aging. Select your food properly. Practice wise and smart eating habits.


Eat 2 full meals and 2 mini snacks in a day to keep your body continue burning fat. Exercise to create a high energy need for your body.


Do you have the right amount of enzymes in your body to boost your metabolism? Most nutrient deficiencies result from the lack of enzymes to absorb them.


When you do not have sufficient enzymes to digest, your body pulls out the enzymes reserved for the metabolic process, including the enzymes from the pancreas and liver.


Low enzymes result to undigested food in your blood, which make the white blood cell immune defenses pulled out from their normal jobs to take care of the undigested food.


Your immune system then becomes weak and provides the perfect environment for an onset of several chronic diseases.




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The secret to weight loss is actually diet and exercise. When you follow the correct diet program, it gives you the opportunity to boost your metabolism so you can burn more fat. Weight loss programs can support weight management if and only if, when you follow the right eating habits, change your lifestyle, and do some fitness routines or strength training to build lean muscle. You can never shed fat off without these two important components of reducing your visceral fat.

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