Get Your Micronutrient Test For Speedy Tissue Repair And Cell Rejuvenation

micronutrient test for speedy tissue repair and cell rejuvenation

Micronutrients are the nutrients we need in small quantities such as the vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. They play a major role in the human body’s metabolism, including the maintenance of tissue function for efficient aging care. These micronutrients may occur naturally in foods, but may be present in different amounts and varieties largely depending on their food source. Deficiencies may result in inflammation and chronic diseases, such as diabetes, dyslipidemia, gastrointestinal health, ADHD, fibromyalgia, fertility, anxiety, fatigue, weight gain, hypothyroidism, depression, autism, adrenal fatigue, and hypertension.


Vitamin deficiencies are associated with chronic diseases and the overall condition of one’s health. Inadequate intake or subtle deficiencies in several vitamins are risk factors for chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and osteoporosis.


Vitamins are organic compounds that our bodies need to function properly as well as protect DNA from the free radical damage. Minerals are inorganic and naturally occurring substances that enable the cells to carry out essential functions.


Macrominerals maintain proper fluid balance and keep the bones and teeth healthy. In addition, they are required for muscle contraction, nerve transmission and the immune system health.


To get optimal sources of these micronutrients, you should consider high quality, whole foods such as organic fruits and vegetables or organic pasture raised animal products. Supplementation is another way to meet your micronutrient needs.



Having low micronutrient levels is linked to numerous health problems. The most obvious reason for a micronutrient deficiency is poor diet. The less obvious are low stomach acid and a leaky gut.


Stomach acidity causes poor nutrient absorption. Poor blood sugar balance and chronic stress deplete key nutrients and lead to micronutrient deficiencies.


Refined sugars and grains increase blood sugar levels, upregulate inflammation and create extra acidity in the tissues. Poor diet can result in numerous micronutrient deficiencies.


Blood sugars create massive fluctuations in insulin and cortisol, especially when you consume high glycemic foods. When the cortisol continually spikes due to blood sugar imbalances, it decreases the body’s ability to make digestive enzymes.


Digestive enzymes are critical to nutrient absorption from foods. Because of this, blood sugar imbalances lead to micronutrient deficiencies.


Chronic stress has been linked to numerous digestive disorders. It creates inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract impairing the absorption of nutrients.


Stress activates the fight or flight response in the central nervous system, which can slow down or even stop the digestive process as the body diverts its energy to face the perceived threat. Over time, the increase of cytokines can be damaging to the immune system.


stress can make you age


Aging care

You can improve your micronutrient levels only at the moment you healed your gut. To do this, you can adopt an anti-inflammatory nutrition plan, reduce stress and improve sleep, support stomach acid and enzymes, and through micronutrient supplementation. However, not many understand this concept.


Definitely, antiaging skincare is not about creams and makeups only. You must understand that you need to have a healthy functioning immune system to help you maintain a healthy body and glowing skin.


I admit this is true – you are what you eat! The result would be an awesome younger look with clear, glowing skin. Eating more fruits and vegetables guarantees you grow old sporting tighter less sagging skin and look years younger than your age.


Know that nutritionists and medical practitioners have only one choice in preventing and repairing oxidative stress. Take more antioxidants from fruits and vegetables.


Let food be your medicine. Heal your gut and boost your immune system! If not, you can always take the natural diet supplements.


You can repair oxidative stress taking the soy derivatives. There has been an overwhelming scientific evidence confirming vitamin deficiencies associated with chronic degenerative diseases, suppressed immune function, and cellular aging.


Nutrition and diet also have a significant impact on the length of the telomeres. Several studies have pointed out the relationship of telomeres length to a person’s state of health.


Studies have shown the direct link of the telomere length to the aging process and cardiovascular health. The length of the telomeres or its premature accelerated shortening comes with premature ageing modulated by oxidative stress, inflammation and lifestyle variables.



Micronutrient Test

Knowing your nutrient levels is necessary before you begin your nutrient supplementation. The Spectrocell’s telomere and micronutrient testing is one way to know how well you have done in keeping yourself healthy.


Supplementing with B12 can be damaging without the other B Vitamins because taking it singly can deplete the other B Vitamins.


The Micronutrient Test measure how the micronutrients function within your white blood cells. This is a nutritional assessment for micronutrient deficiencies, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, metabolic disorders and a variety of immunological disorders.


The Micronutrient Testing offers a unique means to scientifically assess the intracellular requirements of the micronutrients that play a very definite role in aging and wellness. This powerful clinical assessment tool measures the biochemical function of the vitamins and minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants.


micronutrient deficiency, eat more vegetables and fruits


Cell metabolism is determined and evaluated using the micronutrient media. This is the most accurate way to evaluate the capacity of the body to resist oxidative damage.


The cutting edge scientific tool allows you to have individualized therapies that can actually take years off of your actual age. It helps establish the age spectrum so you are able to optimize your wellness.



How your hormones work?

From the minute you were born, you start to age. The production of most hormones drops more than 25% when you reach 45. It drops to 60% by the time you reach 70.


If you can keep your body to produce these much needed hormones, then you can keep looking younger as you grow older. The best way to do this is being consistent with your fitness routines and diet.


Let nature work its way on you! Ageing is the result of excessive cellular free radical damage. Diseases are the accumulation of free radical damage in your cells.


Diet and supplementation can easily address these ageing problems. As the experts always say. Eat more fruits and vegetables!


The University of Utah demonstrated an association between the telomere shortening and mortality rate for people over 60 in 2013. Telomeres serve as the human genetic clock.


When you were young, telomeres were longer. However, as you age, the telomeres shortened. Each time a cell divides, the telomeres shortens.


The process continues until it reaches a certain length and stop dividing. When it stops dividing, it dies, become inactive, transforms into an abnormal cell, such as the cancerous cells.



How do you stop the telomeres from shortening?

The pH level of your body is extremely important. If you want to prevent premature aging and chronic diseases, maintain the ideal pH level of 7.35.


Turn back your clock a few years, delay aging and achieve joints that work without pain, mind that is still sharp, strong immune system, skin that is smooth, and an energy that could last all day.


Eat more fruits and vegetables to stimulate your cells so it can synthesize enzymes and prevent inflammation. Color is the key! You eat much, but are actually starving your body of the nutrients needed to keep you healthy.


The simplest solution is to make sure you are eating a healthy diet + diet supplements + sleep + exercise – stress – sun exposure – smoking. Avoid exposure from cigarette smoke, too much sun ultraviolet light, pesticides, and other toxins.



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Micronutrients have a major impact on your health. To maintain your immune system, your body needs a steady supply of many different raw materials, both macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).


Vitamin and mineral deficiencies or even the lack of a single nutrient directly results in a specific ailment. Eating more fruits and vegetables can supply the micronutrients you need in your day to day living.


Topical application of micronutrients can complement dietary consumption, leading to a stronger, healthier skin. The skin is often the first visible manifestation of ageing. The amino acids are essential for the production of both dermal and epidermal structures, but are poorly understood. The micronutrients are a quantum leap for aging skin care that may reverse cellular aging.

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